After reading articles and researcheson body mechanics and Ergonomics, I realized that it is possible to have work-relatedillnesses, and may affect the medical radiography workers’s life Healthily orphysically. So, I will keep my body health and strong, even if I am in hurry todo something, I will keep practicing the prober body mechanics. If I need tolift something, I will push it instead of pulling it.  I believe that the health andstrength of our body is a right to ourselves must be nurtured. First, this bodyhelps us to work, and helps us to do many things, so the least we can do forourselves is, to maintain our bodies’ health and strength.

And to provide our patients with good health care. DECISIONAL:                 The place where we work is anenvironment ,where we live for at least 40 hours a week. the environment inwhich we live, whether the office, school or medical clinic, a lot of factorsmay be hidden from our eyes and cause us health problems and may we do not bayattention for it.

This is what draws our attention to  Ergonomics. Medical radiation technologist spendsmost of the time with machines, computers and patients, and improper body mechanicscan cause psychological stress and back pain. So, body mechanics plays asignificant role in promoting the health and well-being of the person, not onlyto reduce the risk of work-related illnesses, butto take advantage of the times they spend in the workplace to promote theirhealth. Moreover, good body posture is important to good body mechanics. Back pain may be a cause of absenteeismdue to the wrong body posture or disorders of the musculoskeletal system.Sitting incorrectly and misaligning the body, both causes back pain andmusculoskeletal disorders. In this case, the best treatment for such cases is proberbody mechanics.

To stand properly without stressing the spine can be done by standingwith chin tucked in, and shoulders held back, while they should line up with theeardrop . One of the biggest causes of back pain that affects medical radiationworkers is lifting things up or carrying them wrong. Therefore, learning and followingthe right body postures when carrying or lifting things, helps the person toprevent back pain or injury. when carrying things: A health care provider shouldthink before he  holds things and knows the limits of his ability tocarry things. To know the position of his body is correct, he must make theweight close to his waist. Also, he should carry the weight evenly on bothsides of his body. Curvature of the back or tilt to one side should be avoided.And always, push the things and not pull it.

the health care provider should becareful to sit properly in front of the computer; if his job requires sittingfor long hours in front of the computer like the radiologist, or if he does notknow the correct way to sit in front of the computer screen, he must ask his supervisorabout it. If the radiologist’s work requires frequent use of the computer, heor she must take a short break of at least 5 to 10 minutes per hour. INTERPRETIVE:               Upon reflection, I agree that everyhealth care provider should keep themselves healthy and strong, but noteveryone follows this rule. Sometimes health care providers injure them selvesbecause of neglect, even if they did not do an accident, improper bodymechanics can be worse than any accident. Ifwe did not keep our selves strong? If I injure my self and I did not care aboutmy health, would I be considered a professional health care provider?  Would I be able to do my job? would I be ableto help my patients?.

This makes me wonder. Does everyone realize how importantit is to maintain prober body mechanics and what the consequences may be whenthey violate it? REFLECTIVE:    Usingbetter body mechanics must be a daily habit. Ergonomics is a key component fora medical radiation technologist as it helps them stay healthy and strongthrough the course of their career.OBJECTIVE:              Instructor: Nicolette Brewster/Cyril Butlerkathirenkeats Topic:ErgonomicsAssignment:Reflective JournalMX325060079807MunaHagar   ReflectiveJournal # 1   

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