After her marriage,Virmathi has a very cold welcome from each and every member of Harish family. Inher later days Virmati accepts that it is her biggest mistake of marryingHarish. Harish is the best example of patriarchal male dominated society.Harish keeps Virmati under his rule and she is expected to follow only hisguidance. Virmati is not even given the choice of naming her daughter and it isonly the decision of Harish.

Virmati feels as if she is freed from one cage toget into another bigger one. Virmati loses her family as they do not accept hermarriage with Harish who is already married with children. Virmati is not eveninvited to her sibling’s marriage and they totally neglect her. Virmati daresto cross the patriarchal threshold, but she is again caught in another and allshe has to do is just to adjust, compromise and adapt to the needs of thepatriarchal family.

Virmati becomes totally a loser as she gets herselfalienated from her family and in addition that she also fails to get her ownidentity for which she is struggling. Virmathi who breaks the rule when askedby Kasturi, forces Ida to do the same. Virmathi shows her disappointment on Idaand tells her to live up to her father’s expectation.However, it is actuallyVirmati’s difficult daughter Ida, who in her determination to live a life,despite all odds, represents the real situation of a modern woman struggling inthe patriarchal society. Ida becomes the typical daughter of a difficultdaughter Virmati, as she could not develop an understanding with her mother. Idawants to decide on her own and make her decisions herself and live as per herwish. But she is not allowed to show any signs of intellectual decision making,but only to follow her father’s orders.

Ida protests against her mother, when sheasked her not to disappoint her father. Ida thinks why she should please himwhen he doesn’t show concern and love towards her. Harish, being the perfectexample of patriarchal a male dominated society controls both Virmati and Idato follow him and live as per his wish.

Harish imposes too much regulation onher and his expectation on Ida ultimately pressurizes her. Ida is burdened withso many skills. She is sent to classical music and dance classes and she isexpected to bring the best results in her academics. Harish wants Ida toexpertise Classical Literature and to discuss it with him elaborately.

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