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AIDS is a life and decease issue. To hold the AIDS disease

is at present a sentence of slow but inevitable decease. I & # 8217 ; ve

already lost one friend to AIDS. I may shortly lose others. My ain

sexual behaviour and that of many of my friends has been

deeply altered by it. In my portion of the state, one adult male in

10 may already be transporting the AIDS virus. While the figures may

presently be less in much of the remainder of the state, this is

altering quickly. There presently is neither a remedy, nor even an

effectual intervention, and no vaccinum either. But there are things

that have been PROVEN vastly effectual in decelerating the spread

of this horridly deadly disease. In this essay I hope to

nowadays this information. History and Overview:

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Defficiency Disease. It is

caused by a virus.

The disease originated someplace in Africa about 20 old ages

ago. There it foremost appeared as a cryptic complaint afflicting

chiefly straight persons of both sexes. It likely was dispersed

particularly fast by chiefly female cocottes at that place. AIDS has

already go a crisis of STAGGERING proportions in parts of

Africa. In Zaire, it is estimated that over 20 per centum of

the grownups presently carry the virus. That figure is increasing.

And what occurred there will, if no remedy is found, most likely

occur here among heterosexual folks.

AIDS was foremost seen as a disease of homosexual males in this

state. This was a consequence of the fact that homosexual males in this

civilization in the yearss before AIDS had an norm of 200 to 400 new

sexual contacts per twelvemonth. This figure was much higher than

common pattern among heterosexual ( consecutive ) work forces or adult females. In

add-on, it turned out that rectal sex was a peculiarly

effectual manner to convey the disease, and rectal sex is a

common pattern among cheery males. For these grounds, the disease

spread in the homosexual male population of this state vastly more

rapidly than in other populations. It became to be thought of as

a & # 8220 ; gay disease & # 8221 ; . Because the disease is spread chiefly by

exposure of 1s blood to infected blood or seeds, I.V. drug

nuts who shared acerate leafs besides shortly were identified as an

affected group. As the AIDS epidemic began to impact

progressively big fractions of those two populations ( homosexual males

and IV drug maltreaters ) , many of the remainder of this society looked on

smugly, for both populations tended to be despised by the

& # 8220 ; mainstream & # 8221 ; of society here.

But AIDS is besides spread by heterosexual sex. In add-on,

it is spread by blood transfusions. New born babes can get

the disease from septic female parents during gestation. Gradually

more and more & # 8220 ; mainstream & # 8221 ; folks got the disease. Most late,

a member of Congress died of the disease. Finally, even the

national intelligence media began to fall in in the undertaking of educating the

populace to the impression that AIDS can impact everyone.

Basic medical research began to supply a few spots of

information, and some aid. The virus doing the disease was

isolated and identified. The AIDS virus turned out to be a really

unusual kind of virus. Its familial stuff was non DNA, but

RNA. When it infected human cells, it had its RNA direct the

synthesis of viral DNA. While RNA viruses are non that uncommon,

really few RNA viruses reproduce by puting up the flow of

information from RNA to DNA. Such contrary or & # 8220 ; retro & # 8221 ; flow of

information does non happen at all in any DNA virus or any other

populating things. Hence, the virus was said to belong to the rare

group of virues called & # 8220 ; Retro Viruses & # 8221 ; . Research provided the

agencies to prove donated blood for the presence of the antibodies

to the virus, astronomically cut downing the opportunity of 1s acquiring

AIDS from a blood transfusion. This was one of the first existent

discoveries. The same finds that allowed us to do our

blood bank blood supply far safer besides allowed us to be able to

Tell ( in most instances ) whether 1 has been exposed to the AIDS

virus utilizing a simple blood trial.

The Types of AIDS Infection:

When the AIDS virus gets into a individual & # 8217 ; s organic structure, the consequences

can be broken down into three general types of state of affairss: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

disease, ARC, and symptomless seropositive status.

The AIDS disease is characterized by holding one & # 8217 ; s immune

system devastated by the AIDS virus. One is said to hold the

*disease* if one contracts peculiar assortments ( Pneumocystis,

for illustration ) of pneumonia, or one of several peculiar

assortments of otherwise rare malignant neoplastic diseases ( Kaposi & # 8217 ; s Sarcoma, for

illustration ) . This *disease* is necessarily fatal. Death occurs frequently

after many hebdomads or months of expensive and painful infirmary

attention. Most folks with the disease can convey it to others by

sexual contact or other exposure of an clean individual & # 8217 ; s blood

to the blood or seeds of the septic individual.

There is besides a status referred to as ARC ( & # 8221 ; Aidss

Related Complex & # 8221 ; ) . In this state of affairs, one is infected with the

AIDS virus and one & # 8217 ; s immune system is compromised, but non so

much so that one gets the ( finally lethal ) malignant neoplastic diseases or

pneumonias of the AIDS disease. One tends to be plagued by

frequent colds, enlarged lymph nodes, and the similar. This

status can travel on for old ages. One is likely to be able to

infect others if one has ARC. Unfortunately, all those with ARC

are presently felt to finally come on to acquiring the full

blown AIDS disease.

There are, nevertheless, many folks who have NO obvious marks

of disease what so of all time, but when their blood serum is tested

they show positive grounds of holding been exposed

to the virus.

This is on the footing of the fact that antibodies to the AIDS

virus are found in their blood. Such & # 8220 ; symptomless but

seropositive & # 8221 ; folks may or may non transport plenty virus to be

infective. Most unhappily, though, current research and experience

with the disease would look to bespeak that EVENTUALLY about

all folks who are seropostive will develop the full blown AIDS

disease. There is one beam of hope here: It may in some instances

take up to 15 old ages or more between one & # 8217 ; s going seropositive

for the AIDS virus and one & # 8217 ; s developing the disease. Therefore, all

those 1000000s ( shortly to be 10s and 100s of 1000000s ) who

are now seropositive for AIDS are under a sentence of decease, but

a sentence that may non be carried out for one or two decennaries in

a significan fraction of instances. Medical research holds the

possibility of transposing that sentence, or change by reversaling it.

There is one other fact that needs to be mentioned here

because it is extremely important in finding recommendations

for safe sexual behavior which will be discussed below:

Presently, it is felt that after exposure to the virus, most

folks will turn seropositive for it ( develop a positive blood

trial for it ) within four months. It is presently felt that if

you are sexually exposed to a individual with AIDS and do non go

seropositive within six months after that exposure, you will

ne’er become seropositive as a consequence of that exposure.

Merely to confound the issue a small, there are a few folks

whose blood shows NO antibodies to the virus, but from whom live

virus has been cultured. Therefore, if one is seronegative, it is non

absolute cogent evidence one is non exposed to the virus. This class of

folks is really difficult to prove for, and presently felt to be rather

rare. Some even speculate that such folks may be rare illustrations

of those who are immune to the effects of the virus, but this

remains guess. It is non known if such folks can besides

transmit the virus.

Transmission of AIDS:

The AIDS virus is highly delicate, and is killed by

exposure to mild detergents or to chlorox, among other things.

AIDS itself may be transmitted by existent virus atoms, or by

the transmittal of populating human CELLS that contain AIDS viral

DNA already grafted onto the human DNA. Or both. Which of these

two mechanisms is the chief 1 is non known as I write this

essay. But the fact remains that it is Very difficult to catch AIDS

unless one engages in certain specific activities.

What will NOT convey AIDS?

Casual contact ( agitating custodies, caressing, sharing tools )

can non convey AIDS. Although unrecorded virus has been recovered

from spit of AIDS patients, the techniques used to make this

involved concentrating the virus to extents many 1000s of

times greater than occurs in normal human contact, such as

caressing ( including & # 8220 ; deep & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; French & # 8221 ; snoging ) . Therefore, there

remains no solid grounds that even & # 8220 ; deep & # 8221 ; snoging can convey

AIDS. Similarly, there is no grounds that sharing nutrient or

eating utensils with an AIDS patient can convey the virus. The

same is true for transmittal by sneezing or coughing. There merely

is no current grounds that the disease can be transmitted that

way.The same may be true even for BITING, though here there may be

some increased ( though still remote ) opportunity of conveying the


The above is really of import. It means that there is NO

medical ground WHAT SO EVER to urge that AIDS suffers or

AIDS antibody positive folks be quarrantined. Such

recommendations are motivated either by ignorance or by sinister

desires to put up concentration cantonments. Combined with the fact

that the disease is already good established in this state,

the above besides means that there is no rational medical footing for

in-migration Torahs forestalling visits by AIDS suffers or antibody

positive individuals.

The above besides means that friends and household and coworkers

of AIDS patients and seropostive individuals have nil to fear

from such insouciant contact. There is no ground to non demo your

love or concern for a friend with AIDS by encompassing the individual.

Indeed, there appears still to be NO rational footing for

excepting AIDS suffers from nutrient readying activity. Even if

an AIDS suffer cuts his or her finger and bleeds into the salad

or soup, most of the cells and virus will decease, in most instances,

before the nutrient is consumed. In add-on, it is highly

hard to acquire successfully attacked by AIDS via material you


AIDS can non be transmitted by the act of GIVING blood to a

blood bank. All equipment used for such blood contribution is

sterile, and is used merely one time, and so discarded.

How is AIDS transmitted?

Sexual activity is one of the primary ways AIDS is

transmitted. AIDS is transmitted particulary by the transmittal

of blood or seeds of an septic individual into contact with the

blood of an clean individual. Sexual activity affecting incursion of the

phallus into either the vagina of a adult female or the rectum of either

a adult female or a adult male has a really high hazard of conveying the

disease. It is felt to be approximately four times MORE likely for an

infected male to convey AIDS to an clean adult female in the

class of vaginal sex than it is likely for an septic adult female to

transmit AIDS to an clean male. This likely relates to

the greater country of damp tissue in a adult female & # 8217 ; s vagina, and to the

comparative liklihood of microscopic cryings to happen in that tissue

during sex. But the bottom line is that AIDS can be transmitted

in EITHER way in the instance of heterosexual sex.

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