Aidss Essay, Research PaperGonzales 1 The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS ) was foremost discovered in 1981 as a unique and freshly recognized infection of the organic structure s immune system ( Mellors 3 ) . The name AIDS was officially know as GRIDS ( Gay Related Immune Defiance Syndrome ) . The first instance of AIDS was discovered in Los Angeles, where scientists from the CDC ( Center for Disease Control ) were called in on a half twelve instances. The CDC was convinced what they were seeing was a new strand of virus. None of the staff members had of all time seen a strand of virus that could make so much devastation to the immune system like this one did.

Many theories about this disease were in inquiry. Many scientists believed it originated in Africa. Many thought the virus existed in worlds in South Central Africa for 100s and 1000s of old ages, doing merely minor symptoms in stray groups until it spread more widely. AIDS could besides be traced back to 1959, where a blood sample was taken from a adult male from Zaire and so stop dead. Labs subsequently indicated that the blood sample had the AIDS virus strand in it.

Some eldritch theories besides arose in the scientific discipline sphere, where some scientists believed that the virus was caused by a mutant of an bing virus. Others thought it was a creative activity of God to penalize iniquitous people. A former authorities worker claimed it was a secret plan by the CIA to extinguish the population. One scientist thought the virus was brought here from outer infinite.

One more theory about this virus was this was nature s manner of stating us we have to many people. Gonzales 2 The AIDS rate was known to be really high in homosexual work forces. It was believed that the AIDS virus was carried from Africa to Haiti.

Haiti was known as homosexual Eden, because it was a popular holiday topographic point for homophiles. Bathhouses were the bent out for many homosexual work forces and a topographic point where harlotry flourished. Some bathing machines reported that more than 1000 work forces would see each twelvemonth. Since many work forces from all over the universe visited these bathing machines, research workers believed the spread of AIDS could be linked to this type of behaviour.

There are many symptoms that are associated with the AIDS virus, such as HIV ( Human Immundodeficiency Virus ) . HIV is subdivided into two related types, HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is persons at high hazard for developing the AIDS virus. HIV-2 is among people in West Africa and a few other metropoliss that have the strand of the virus called SIV ( Simian Immundefienciency Virus ) which is found in wild African monkeys.The form of the HIV virus normally lasts up to ten old ages before any symptoms are detected. The first phase is the Primary HIV infection phase. This is where the disease is foremost detected. Following 3-6 hebdomads after the initial sensing, the Acute HIV Syndrome phase boots in.

Some symptoms to look for in this phase are fever, concerns, sore pharynx, roseolas, and diarrhea.The following phase is the Clinical Latency phase. This phase normally lasts for several old ages. Some symptoms to look for in this phase are fever, weight loss, weariness, dark Gonzales 3 workout suits, and diarrhoea. Some infections to look for in this phase are Herpes Zoster ( Shingles ) , Herpes simplex, and lesions on the organic structure. Following the hurting and agony that comes with all these symptoms ; decease eventually takes its toll on another victim. The decease toll that AIDS has inflicted on America today is incredibly high. Within the past decennary, the pandemic of HIV and AIDS infections has spread all across the universe.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimated that by mid 1996 about 28 million people worldwide would had been infected with the HIV virus, of whom 8 million have developed the AIDS and about 6 million, including 1.3 million kids had died ( Mellors 4 ) . It is estimated that about 22 million grownups and kids are infected worldwide from the HIV virus, and of the 22 million people, about 1 million are in the United States, 5 million in Asia, and about 14 million people in Africa.

By the twelvemonth 2000, the figure of AIDS infections will make about 40 million people across the universe. Of all these instances reported in the universe, work forces comprise about 50 % of all AIDS instances, adult female history for 40 % , and kids born with this disease comprise of 10 % . In the United States, sum of more than 500,000 instances werhenium reported to the CDC in 1996. Of those, 500,000 people, 62 % of these persons died from AIDS.AIDS is now the taking cause of decease in male s aged 25-44. The figure of instances have increased through the old ages, as shown here: & # 183 ; 1985- 4,445 instances were reported. & # 183 ; 1986- 8,249Gonzales 4 & # 183 ; 1987- 12,932 & # 183 ; 1988- 21,070 & # 183 ; 1989- 31,001 & # 183 ; 1990- 33,722 & # 183 ; 1991- 41,595 & # 183 ; 1992- 43,672 & # 183 ; 1994- 78,279 & # 183 ; 1995- 71,547The reported instances by sex were 40,080 work forces, and 6,255 women.Homosexuals and I.

V. drug users account for 81 % of instances in work forces. Heterosexual users account for 84 % of instances in adult females ( Key 4 ) . Between the old ages 1994 and 1995, there was a bead in instances reported to the CDC. This is chiefly due to the consciousness and instruction of the populace to the dangers of AIDS. Spreading the word of bar is really dearly-won, but the word has to acquire through to the immature coevals turning up. High Schools around the state should be educating immature teens on this deathly disease. Between 40,000 to 80,000 American s have the AIDS virus, statistics show that one out of four adolescents have the disease.

Today, President Clinton is reding the White House Office of AIDS Policy to speak to immature grownups about AIDS and the effects that come with holding the disease ( Washington 2 ) . Surveies have shown that teens that had sex instruction are less likely to be infected through sexual intercourse. Education is the key for bar Gonzales 5 among adolescents, since it causes them to recognize the dangers of insecure sex and endovenous drug usage.

One of the major obstructions in sex instruction is that many grownups refuse to believe their kids are sexually active and do non desire to look as if they condone sex.When it comes to HIV position, do non take anyone s word for it. Researchers found out that 40 % of AIDS infected people do non state their spouses, and about half of them do non even utilize rubbers ( Brietzke 88 ) .

Testing for HIV is the most of import facet in forestalling AIDS. HIV testing is helpful because if a individual is cognizant that he/she is infected, they can be more careful about non distributing the deathly virus. Peoples are frequently afraid to acquire tested, for the fright of cognizing they are infected. Home trials are now available for easier entree and privateness. Researchers worry about immature adolescents taking their ain life if they were to happen out they were infected with the HIV virus.

The most of import thing to retrieve about HIV bar is, you areresponsible for your ain actions. If you have to utilize endovenous drugs, make certain the acerate leafs are ever sterile. Practice safe sex and avoid sex with person who might be infected. Get tested for HIV if you think there is any opportunity you may hold contracted the HIV virus from person. Ten old ages ago AIDS was discovered. To this twenty-four hours, researches still do non hold a vaccinum for this deathly disease. It took scientists three old ages after the virus was discovered to happen out how it truly works and operates ( Key 11 ) .

The limited intervention Gonzales 6 available back in 1985 is non about every bit affected as it is today. Today s intervention is more advanced, but it is really dearly-won and demanding. The lone cheap intervention that we can give today is bar. AIDS dropped a arresting 44 % in 1997, due to three new potent drugs ( Mellors 5 ) . These three new drugs are suppose to revolutionise AIDS attention in the hereafter. Typically people start taking these drugs when they learn they are infected with the virus, or when they start demoing symptoms of illness. Peoples who were deathly sick were used to experiment with these new drugs.

Calendar months subsequently the patients started demoing marks of betterment. Still these drugs are non for everyone. One tierce of the patients did non better and subsequently died. The most common ground people stop taking the drugs was that the patients have to get down 20 or more pills a twenty-four hours, and take them at a precise clip. Missing a twosome of pills may do the virus to go immune to the medicine. There are many patients that rely on this intervention because this is the lone intervention that is doing them experience better.

To this twenty-four hours in America, the CDC estimations between 400,000 to 650,000 people to be infected with the virus within the following two old ages. The state needs to draw together and assist educate the American people on the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

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