The impending coaction between Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) and AirAsia Bhd ( AirAsia ) is a positive move as it would extinguish irrational competitory pricing. allow economic systems of graduated table. higher dickering power and synergisms. Hong Leong Investment Bank Bhd ( HLIB ) said AirAsia. as Malaysia’s merely low-cost bearer participant. would hold better control over supply and outputs without competition from FireFly. MAs-owned low-priced unit. “There are higher opportunities of AirAsia providing for paths. which were antecedently sole to MAS. “Hence. AirAsia will be able to increase its path and heighten its web connexions. ” it said in a research note yesterday. HLIB besides raised AirAsia and MAS’s net incomes on potentially higher outputs and lower costs. The company forecasted AirAsia’s net incomes to increase 5. 9 per cent and 13. 5 per cent. severally. for fiscal old ages 2012 and 2013 while that for MAS was projected to increase 50. 4 per cent and 24. 9 per cent. severally. HLIB. nevertheless. maintained both airlines’ net incomes for the fiscal twelvemonth 2011 as the trade would merely be completed by November.

It besides maintained a ‘buy’ on AirAsia and raised the mark monetary value to RM4. 50. from RM4. 24. antecedently besides upgrading MAS to a ‘hold’ from ‘sell’ and raised the mark monetary value to RM1. 55. from RM1. 27. made earlier. Meanwhile. HwangDBS Vickers Research Sdn Bhd said MAS could be back in the black as the trade was expected to let the assorted air hoses to join forces in different countries. leveraging on each other’s strengths and optimise efficiency. “We believe these enterprises will profit MAS particularly in accomplishing cost synergisms in position of its high cost per available place kilometer ( ASK ) . The impact could be immediate and important which could potentially ensue in MAS turning profitable. ” it said.

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