Airplanes often trigger lightning when flying through a heavily charged region of acloud which then flies through the lightning flash, which reattaches itself to thefuselage at other locations while the airplane is in the electric “circuit” betweenthe cloud regions of opposite polarity.A lightning strike usually hits an extremity of an airplane, like the wingtip or its nose,travels through the conductive exterior skin and structures of the aircraft, and then exits throughanother extremity, such as the tail.Most aircraft skins consist primarily of aluminum, which conducts electricity very well, butsome modern aircrafts are made of advanced lightweight carbon composite materials that isthen covered with a slim layer of copper and embedded layer of conductive fibers or screenswhich are less conductive than aluminum.An airplane is designed in a way that it can withstand powerful bolts of lightning withoutcompromising the safety of the people inside, a lightning bolt may exert an enormous amount ofenergy, but in essence, just like any other circuit, it’s just a flow of electrons in a particulardirection.Therefore, the airplane becomes a Faraday cage of sorts, ensuring the absolute safetyof the people within itElectrically speaking, at lightning’s higher frequencies, currents are carried mostlyon the outside of conducting objects that carry most of the lightning on outersurfaces.The same holds true for lightning when it hits a car with a metallic top: the outer surfacecarries most of the electricity and the majority of the current flows from the car’s metal cage intothe ground below.In essence, a car acts like a mobile Faraday cage, an enclosure formed by conductivematerial or by a mesh of conductive material, which can block external electrostatic andelectromagnetic influences.When a spark of electric current strikes the cage, it conducts electricity and passes it ontothe ground, leaving the inhabitant of the cage completely unscathed by the powerful electriccurrent such as lightning.However, ‘Faradayness’ of cars can be compromised by a number of factors, such as substandardquality metal used in car’s frame and convertibles don’t have metal roofs which impedeselectricity’s ability to flow through the car

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