Al Areen is a new big graduated table. epicurean assorted usage. desert watering place and household touristry development spread over 2 million square meters. It is located on an elevated desert tableland in the South of Bahrain. The current undertaking is divided into two distinguishable countries:

„The lost Eden of Dilmun Water Park“ with an country of about 80‘000 M2s and a entire cost of approx. $ 150 million. This magni?cent first H2O park brings to life the spirit of the Arabian yesteryear. animating the ancient universe of Dilmun. with artefacts and reproduction from existent historical sites.

„The Banyan Tree Desert Spa and Resort“ is located on the highest point of the site and will be unparalleled in the part. With its usage of sophisticated techniques and advanced engineering. the Banyan Spa will be the de?nitive finish to loosen up and get away the tests and trials of a feverish modern life style.

The Problem
The building of these reproductions historic edifices in the Dilmun Water Park was preponderantly in block walls covered with rendition of about 10 centimeters overall thickness. The surface features which included clefts. stone formations. animate beings and many other inside informations and designs were carved. This artistic work was undertaken by a specializer Malayan company. They started 10 proceedingss after the application of the sprayed howitzer was ?nished and all of their plants had to be ?nished within 8 months. In add-on to these edifices. many other constructions including H2O channels. lakes. moving ridge pools etc. had to be constructed during the same period utilizing the same building technique.

The Sika Solution
To ful?ll all of the coveted application and public presentation demands of the sprayed howitzer Sika Bahrain provided a „full package“ to the contractor which involved the followers:
Aliva howitzer spray equipment. modi?ed to accommodate the speci?c applications Free proficient preparation on site supported by technicians from Switzerland Optimized Mix Designs to back up the contractors

Accessories. modi?cations and trim parts for the Aliva spray equipment Sika Admixtures Sigunite® and SikaCrete®-PP1 TU to better the workability of the sprayed howitzers With this full Sika bundle all of the undertaking demands were ful?lled to the complete satisfaction of everybody involved. In add-on to this successful “package” a batch of extra Sika merchandises were besides provided to the contractors on site. In the tabular array below is a sum-up of the most of import merchandises supplied: Merchandise


Sika Separol -FP15

25 membranophones

Sika Antisol -E15

40 membranophones

Igasol® Emulsion BA

35 membranophones

SikaGrout -114


7000 bags
3000 bags

Sika Aliva-263 ( shotcrete )

1 machine

Sika® Aliva-263 ( stick oning )

2 machines

Spare Partss

value = 22‘000 $

Sigunite Powder BA

Sikacrete -PP1 TU

2000 bags
8000 bags

SikaLatex Emulsion

30 membranophones

SikaTop® Seal-107

2000 sets

Sika® Waterbar V-20L

1300 l. m

Sika Rugasol -2 Liquid

20 membranophones

The entire value of Sika merchandises used was about $ 210‘000

Work in Progress to Recreate Replicas of Historical Sites at the “Dilmun Water Park”

Grouting Sikadur®-42 under the base home base of tower columns

Pancho villas at the „the Banyan Tree Desert Spa and Resort“

Al Areen Water Park. Bahrain

Aliva Spray Equipment Application Instruction and Training on Site

Mr. Roger Zutter. Sika Switzerland Sika General Manager. Middle East. Ashraf Wahib. and the Sika Gulf Gross saless Manager. Amin Halaseh. sing the Site during the plants Application Instructor

Application of Sikadur®-42 grout under the base home base of the tower columns

Sika Services AG
Corporate Construction
CH-8048 Zurich
Phone +41 44 436 40 40
Fax +41 44 436 46 86
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Waterchannel at “Dilmun Water Park”

Corporate Construction 06. 06 / 01 / 01 / Ar

Mr. Islam Besar. Sika Gulf
Project Technical Gross saless Advisor

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