All about KiwisGuess what this is. Brown on the outside and green on the inside with black seeds and a light green center. You also eat it. Did you get it? They’re kiwis. Where do these magical fruits come from and how do they grow? My name is Banny and my speech is going to be all about kiwis.

What are kiwis? Kiwis, short for Kiwifruit are a type of fruit. Many people believe they’re a hybrid fruit, but in reality they’re perfectly natural. They’re green, scattered with black seeds encased in a thin brown fuzzy layer of skin in the shape of an egg. The whole fruit is edible but people usually prefer to peel off the brown fuzzy skin and eat only the green sweet flesh. The taste varies from being sweet to sour. It can also be described as tasting somewhat like a strawberry. Kiwis were introduced by New Zealand in the 20th century. The US called them Chinese GooseBerries but it didn’t seem very fitting.

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Later the “Chinese Gooseberry” was renamed to kiwi. Wondered why there is also a species of bird names “kiwi”? You might think it was a coincidence but the fruit was named after the New Zealand bird. Today the main exporters of the kiwi are New Zealand followed by Italy and Belgium.

There are a lot of Kiwi types ranging from seeded, seedless, brown fuzzy skin to purple skin. The ones you probably eat are from the supermarket which are usually fuzzy kiwi. There are also hardy kiwis. The fuzzy kiwi are the type of kiwis you find at the supermarket. They’re usually grown in commercial farms. ¬†Hardy kiwis are usually grown in backyard gardens instead of commercial farms. The reason they’re called hardy kiwis is because instead of a fuzzy and soft skin, they have a smooth, green skin.

They’re also smaller in size, about the size of a grape. Hardy kiwis differ in taste by being somewhat sweeter than regular, fuzzy kiwis.Kiwis are surprisingly nutritious. They provide 273% of daily recommended Vitamin C in one cup of serving.

In comparison to an Orange. It has 88% of the daily recommended Vitamin C. It is also a natural immune booster and a good source of Vitamin K, A, E, and Vitamin B6. Eat the skin too and you can have even more dietary fibre.

In short kiwi has tons of nutrients but don’t eat too much kiwi. They contain fructose which is basically fruit sugar. All these nutrients can mean a smaller risk of getting cancer and many other health benefits. Now, suppose you’re in a supermarket and you decide to buy some kiwis after hearing the health benefits. How do you tell if one is ripe? For fuzzy kiwis, the one you would usually find in supermarkets, you just feel how firm it is. The soft ones are the ones ready to eat.

If they have nothing but hard and firm kiwis just leave them for a few days. If you put a kiwi in a paper bag, it will ripen faster. It will ripen even faster if you put other fruits in with it!In conclusion, you can call kiwis a superfruit. It has most of the vital nutrients you need. A  small little fruit that makes your day better.

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