All through the entire poem
Beowulf can be identified as a hero-like figure who spares numerous lives. In
the line “Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not
already marked”(572-573), Beowulf shows his heroic quality and proves that anyone
can succeed through courageous behavior. Although Beowulf’s characterized all through the lyric as a legend
figure, he demonstrates his arrogant nature by looking for eminence just for
himself, rather than offering credit to the individuals who help him in his

Beowulf portrays many
characteristics such as great strength, courage, honesty and accountability,
although he can lack many, which makes him come off as presumptuous. Although
Beowulf is an incredible warrior, he puts his particular infamy at the
beginning of his mind when battling the dragon; and influences himself to
appear like an all-powerful figure. Beowulf tends to come off as overconfident,
for example, in his speech to Hrothgar he states, “They had seen me boltered in
the blood of enemies when I battled and found five beats, raided a troll-nest
and in the night-sea slaughtered sea-brutes”(419-422). Furthermore, Beowulf is
raising himself above others keeping in mind the end goal to convey a possible
radiance to his name. For instance, Beowulf stated “We are retainers from
Hygelac’s band. Beowulf is my name”(340-343). Beowulf truly reports himself,
broadcasting his name and conjuring the notoriety he has developed for himself
in the past through his extraordinary deeds.

Beowulf again demonstrates
his conceited qualities by disclosing to Unferth that nobody is superior to
him, and he is worth more to others and dependably would be… “neither you nor Brecca
were ever much celebrated for swordsmanship or for facing danger on the field of
battle. You killed your own kith and kin” (584-587). He couldn’t give it a
chance to stop there, however needed to bring back a weight that Unferth would
never reclaim. He rubbed it in his face and attempted to put down him.

Beowulf has numerous accomplishments,
as he battles Grendel and different enormous creatures, however, he was certain
of himself. Beowulf had qualities that other man had, yet he did not struggle
to achieve them. He doesn’t indicate nurturing others besides himself, as he
created and demonstrated excessive pride for his identity.

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