Almost always, efforts are made to prevent crime; after
they have already happened. At most cost, implementation of policies are
erected due to the types of crime and how they take place. No two events happen
to be the same, neither are any two officers. The bottom line is that police
officer’s discretion of when to use force and excessive force is extremely
important. Time and place of when excessive force is used, has a significant
relationship with the city. The goal of this research paper is to propose and
justify new and relevant research to advance one’s knowledge on whether police
use of force is influenced by the frequency of its use, according to the racial
demographics of a neighborhood.

we see that police departments have multiple ties to the African American race.

But why? Bias; police bias and implicit bias. Bias wouldn’t be a measurable
factor but it does play a part in the issue and all police citizen encounter.

Implicit bias describes the association people make between groups of people
and stereotypes about the specific groups. These
kinds of stereotypes may affect the speed and/or accuracy of officers’ judgments
whether suspects are armed or pose a threat. Under certain conditions, those associations can
influence behaviors. Making individuals (police or citizen) respond in biased
way, when they are not explicitly prejudice.

            Law enforcement should only use the
amount of force needed to mitigate or de-escalate a situation. Time may also be
a relevant factor. Officers have such but a few seconds to decide on the amount
of force that is use in any specific encounter. Widespread patterns of
systemic racial bias affect police officers’ conduct, including their use of
force.  African Americans are more likely to be stopped, frisked, and arrested,
and are two-and-one-half
times more likely to be shot by police than whites, differences that
have not been adequately explained by crime rates, level of threat, or bad
neighborhoods (Armacost,
B., 2016). Together, it must be
remembered that surrounding citizens and the officers themselves may be in
danger if excessive force isn’t used. But when is excessive force justified?
Police use of force is necessary and permitted. But excessive force may be
questionable, especially to the population on which it is applied

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