Aim of the study: The chief focal point is on how they improve the public conveyance system for local.Though this analysis, we will acquire to see the betterment of the public conveyance system like coach, trains, taxis, menus and the installations in both coach and trains including coach halt, trains station and cab base.



Introduction on LTA


How the planning of rail system does act upon the land conveyance system?2.1 ) History and enlargement of paths2.2 ) LRT2.

3 ) Maps2.4 ) Facilities in and out of the station

5- 10

How does supplying more coach and cab along the route benefit to us?3.1 ) Bus service provided3.2 ) cab3.3 ) menu


SWOT analysisstrengthfailingchanceMenace


5 ) Recommendation6 ) mentions




LTA which is known as Land Transport Authority was formed in 1 September 1995 after unifying with 4 authorities bureaus:Register of VehiclesMass Rapid Transit CorporationRoads & A ; Transportation Division of the Public Works Department of SingaporeLand Transport Division of the then-Ministry of CommunicationLTA has the duty to take the overall public conveyance system in Singapore like rail, coach, taxis and route ( for illustration: freeway ) The purpose of LTA is to supply a public conveyance web that are effectual, time-saving, economical and sustainable to run into local ‘s demand based on overall fiscal ( economic ) status.Secondly, to put up a environment-free while making the best usage of our conveyance steps and to supply security for the wellbeing of the local that travel by public conveyance.


How does the planning of rail system influences the land conveyance system?

2.1 ) History of trains system and enlargement of path

MRT ( mass rapid theodolite ) is the anchor of the Singapore railroad system. There are presently 87 Stationss in operation.31 Stationss on East-West line, 25 Stationss on North-South line, 15 Stationss on North-East line and 16 Stationss on Circle line. It was operated by these 2 companies: SMRT and SBS Transit. Trains frequence for peaks hours is between the scope of 1-2mins, for non-peak hours is about 4-8 mins.

The planning of path was began in the twelvemonth 1967, it was portion of an urban reclamation and development undertaking which aimed to explicate a long-run comprehensive construct program for easing the Singapore ‘s hereafter development. The trains paths are expected to run in the twelvemonth 1992.It consist of 67A kilometers of path to be constructed, with 42 Stationss, of which 26 would be elevated, 1 at class and 15 resistance. It was managed by MRT Corporation which is presently LTA.The building of train path began in the twelvemonth 1983, and the first phase of train path was completed and operated in 7 November 1987 and the last phase was completed in July 1990 which marks the completion of train paths 2 old ages in front of schecules.Each way was determined by TWO COLOUR at that clip.

hypertext transfer protocol: // q=mrt % 20map & A ; imgurl=http: // & A ; imgrefurl=http: //commons.wikimedia.

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Sequel Extension:

Due to more towns was being developed in the early 1990s, more lines were be constructed to make the people ‘s demands and comfortss. One of it were be Woodlands line, it serve the occupants populating in Woodlands, Sembawang straight to the metropolis and Jurong East alternatively of reassigning coach at Woodlands Centre or Yishun.

Construction get down on the twelvemonth 1993 and completed in 1996.It replaced the northern end point, Yishun to show, Jurong East.Next, the undermentioned extension were made:



North-East Line ( SBS theodolite )To function a fast, comfortss, clip salvaging paths from the new develop topographic point like Punggol and Sengkang to the metropolisChangi Airport Extension ( SMRT )To function a direct train service from other topographic points and metropolis ( tourer and local ) .Serve an other conveyance options for man of affairs, exhibition organiser to Changi South industrial park and Singapore ExpoCircle line ( SMRT )To function a time-saver path to one topographic point to anotherServe as a intent of conveying riders to the bosom of Marina Bay, for illustration Marina Bay Sands.Reduce the crowds at the busy interchange like City Hall and Raffles Places.

Downtown Line ( future lines )To function a time-saver path to one topographic point to anotherBesides functioning to the bosom of Marina Bay, it serve the busy Central Business District from east and north-west side of SingaporeReduce the crowds at the busy interchange like City Hall and Raffles Places.Thomson line ( future lines )Shorten the clip from Northern side of Singapore to Central Business DistrictReduce the crowd on the North South LineEastern Region Line ( future lines )Serve the residential country in South-eastern side of SingaporeIt connects the Marina Bay countries bypass the residential countries to Changi.Extension of East West Line and North-South Line & A ; the JEMPEast West Line:Serve as the connectivity between the Jurong West residential country to the bosom of TuasReduce the clip travel by trains alternatively of coachNorth South LineServe as the direct connexion between Marina Bay to upcoming development in Marina south country.Shorten the waiting clip and the crowd at jurong east station ( JEMP )

2.2 ) LRT

LRT ( Light rapid theodolite ) consist of 3 lines, Bukit Panjang LRT, Punggol LRT and Sengkang LRT.The intent of building LRT is that to function a feeder service to associate to MRT Stationss. It reduces the traffic congestion on the route and in add-on, the LRT train is environmental free. The LRT system is operated by this two operators: SMRT and SBS theodolite.

2.3 ) Maps

Due to more line being built, the old map can non be used because it is really hard to determined and they are run out of coloring material to stand for the line. Alternatively of utilizing 2 colorss, they use one coloring material to stand for a line:Green represents East West lineRed represents North South LinePurple represents North-East lineOrange represents Circle lineBrown represents Downtown Line.Grey represents LRThypertext transfer protocol: //www.lta.

2.4 ) Facilities in the station

For the benefits for the all rider, LTA set up a route mark to each of the MRT issue in order to let the riders who alight to happen their right manner out. As for the convenience for the aged and wheelchair riders, barriers and lift will be built on the issue, multitude and platform alternatively of escalators and stairway. A broad menu gate was installed for wheelchair riders.

It is to let them to hold a safe journey.

3. How does supplying more coach and cab along the route benefit to us?

3.1 ) Bus service provided

More roads was built, more basic coach were diverted to new bus terminus or widen the distances of the trip. It is to function a direct convenient service from town to the metropolis. Due to the heavy traffic congestion during extremum hours, Express coach and premium coach are provided to provide the riders from town to metropolis within a shorter clip.

Express buses operate mundane from 6am to latest 11.30pm but as for the premium coach, it merely operates during forenoon extremum hours.Premium coach cost more expensive as express coach and other basic coach because it serve as a comfy and direct coach service to CBD.

It merely have one trip every Monday to Friday and cost about $ 3.50.Night rider coach and Nite owl coach serves a direct and comfy service from metropolis to town after the last train and basic coach has ended. It usually operate at 11.30pm to 4.30am for Night rider service which operate by SMRT and 12am to 2am for nite bird of Minerva coach service which operate by SBS on every Friday, Saturday and eve of public vacation. Night rider cost about $ 3.

50 per trip and as for dark bird of Minerva, if it is between each HDB town or from metropolis to town will be $ 4, if within HDB town, it will be $ 1.50 per trip.

3.2 ) Taxis

Nowaday, acquiring a cab is much simpler.

You may name cab through the hotline engagement, hail along the wayside and line uping at cab base outside shopping promenade, mrt station or hotel.Taxi can be hail anyplace on the route every bit long as it does n’t do any traffic congestion or waiting for a cab at the cab base.Taxi stand normally located at the topographic point where there is high demand of cabs like mrt station, outside shopping Centre or CBD. Taxi can non be hail or halt along the route where it is following or close to the cab base, coach lanes during their operational hours, lanes with dual zigzags lines, and at coach Michigans, all public roads and side roads in the CBD.LTA has put up a mark board around the cab base in the CBD country so that driver and commuters can take note of the mark board.There is less taxi available during forenoon and eventide extremum hours. Long waiting line can be seen in high demand location.

Passenger may see booking a cab half and hr to one hr before to look into the handiness of the cab.

3.3 ) Menus

Distances menus were introduced on 3 July 2010 by Public Transport Council. Bus and train menu will be charged harmonizing to distances you have travelled, and it will non enforce any extra charged and no transportation punishment on every transportation trip within your journey. You besides may besides take the path that you feel comfy when you travel.There are regulations to follow when you are utilizing distances menu:Menus must be paid by ez-link and NETS FLASHPAY cardTransportation must be done within 45 proceedingss and maximal transportation can merely do up to 5 transportationYour journey must be complete within 2 hours.

Train web is merely allowed one entry and issue in one journey.Same coach figure is non allowed to board and ablaze twice within a journey.It has the criterion charges of first 3.2km of $ 0.71 and above 40.2 of fixed charged $ 1.94. As for Senior citizens, they will bask 25 % price reduction off grownup menus and pay a fixed charged for travel beyond 7.

2km of $ 0.86.Standard charges for first 3.2km for senior citizen is $ 0.

53. Senior citizens ‘ grant menu is applicable for all twenty-four hours on weekends and public vacations but they have to get down their journeys after 9am on weekdays to bask grant menu.As for pupils ( except engineering schools and university pupil ) , they will bask they will bask 50 % price reduction off grownup menus and pay a fixed charged for travel beyond 7.2km of $ 0.

58.Standard charges for pupil for first 3.2km is $ 0.

36. Polytechnics pupil, university pupil and NS adult male will be charged harmonizing to grownup menu. Student and NS adult male grant is applicable in monthly footing. Concession is divided into 3 classs: coach grant ( limitless drives on footing coach services per month ) , train grant ( 4 drives per twenty-four hours ) , intercrossed grant ( combination of coach and train grant per month ) .

Monthly Bus Concession Passes

Card HolderConcession cost ( per month )Primary school pupil$ 22.50Secondary school pupil$ 27.50Third pupil$ 52.00NS adult male$ 61.00

Monthly Train Concession Passes

Card HolderConcession cost ( per month )Primary school pupil$ 20Secondary school pupil$ 25Third pupil$ 45NS adult male$ 50

Monthly Hybrid Concession Passes ( for both coach and train )

Card HolderConcession cost ( per month )Primary school pupil$ 42.50Secondary school pupil$ 52.50Third pupil$ 97.00NS adult male$ 111.

00But there are some coach service that does n’t applicable for distances menus and grant like Premium Bus, Night rider coach, Parks, Chinatown direct and niteowl.This coach has its fixed sum. As for Express, it does bear down harmonizing to distances menus but grant is non applicable. For pupil, which is similar to basic coach service, they will bask they will bask 50 % price reduction off grownup menus and pay a fixed charged for travel beyond 7.2km of $ 0.88.

For senior citizen, which is besides the similar to basic coach service, they will bask 25 % price reduction off grownup menus and pay a fixed charged for travel beyond 7.2km of $ 1.31.Express coach has its standard charge of 3.

2km of $ 1.31 and maximal charge of 40.2 kilometer of $ 2.54.

Standard charges for first 3.2km for senior citizen is $ 0.98 and standard charges for pupil for first 3.2km is $ 0.66.Taxi menu is charge based on the metre.Additional charges on Midnight, Morning and flushing peak hours, Public Holiday, trip to Central Business District ( CBD ) during extremum hours and other location related surcharges are besides applicable.

4 ) SWOT analysis


As above debut reference, the purpose of LTA is to give commuters more pick of transit manners, heighten the effectivity of the conveyance web and its handiness.Based on the graph above, the mean day-to-day ridership has increased in MRT and LRT in past 15 old ages due to more MRT and LRT lines has built and it helps to salvage more clip from each way of town in Singapore to the metropolis countries.For coach and cab, it shows that the figure is fluctuated in these 15 old ages. This may due to more coach services is created and more new roads and freeway has constructed that makes more pick of conveyance manner that causes the fluctuation.LTA has won a Singapore Quality awards in 2009, the award is to honor to the whole administration that put in more attempt to better and present advanced and choice service to the commuters. The chief key of success is the cooperation between spouses like public conveyance operators ( SMRT, SBS ) , engineering/construction contractors to better the service they provide.It strongly believes that advanced services may supply satisfaction to the populace. Convenient and user-friendly, client touch-points such as ONE.

MOTORING, 77LTA SMS service and the Integrated Feedback Management System are established so that clients may bask a less-troublesome, convenient and pleasant experience with LTA.Innovation services helps LTA to function a faster, one-stop and convenient electronic information like Public Transport Portal and real-time coach reachingInformation via SMS ( Applicable in every coach halt or through Handphone GPRS or GPS map. )It besides launches the LTA MASTERPLAN in the twelvemonth 2008.Aim of the LTA maestro program is to oversee the development on land conveyance system in following decennary.


Because there is more rail self-destruction accident in elevated mrt station, a certain crowded station has already installed the platform screen doors since 2009.It is best to put in platform screen doors in every elevated mrt station every bit shortly as possible in order to forestall any accident happen and ensures the commuters safety.Till now, the overcrowding state of affairs during Peak hours is still unsolved. Even through SMRT and SBS has provided more train running during peak hours but the job still exist.LTA program to work out this job by JEMP, and edifice more mrt lines like Downtown line that base on balls by the metropolis country.When Distance menus were launched on 3 July 2010, there was mistake in menu charges due to the wrong distances detected.

Alternatively of paying less, the commuters need to pay more. As at 15 August 2010, TransitLink has given refunds to a sum of 80 claims due to distance mistakes.


3 ) Opportunities

Public Transport Council has been partnership with LTA, SMRT, SBS, and Singapore Kindness Movement to advance proper behavior in public conveyance by Dim Sum Dollies ( DSDs ) as the embassadors for the whole run in Sept 2010.Song will be played in crowded MRT station and coach interchange to make consciousness of the good behavior in public conveyance.


LTA is really concern about the security in Singapore public conveyance. It is one of the popular topographic points for terrorist onslaught. It has already happened in trains and coachs in the metropolis of Madrid, London & A ; Mumbai, causes a batch of decease, injured, a lessening in economic system & A ; striking psychological fright & A ; unrest among the citizens.

It has shows us the purpose of the terrorist.LTA has authorised Public Transport Security Committee to programs and put to death the step of bettering the security of Singapore public conveyance system byPuting up CCTV in everyplace in issue, station multitude and platformTrained constabulary officers and theodolite security officers are besides deployed at our MRT station to guarantee the security of the commuters and prevent terrorist onslaught.Public instruction through postings and LCD screen in the station multitude and platform was implemented and in station proclamation was made to increase the commuters ‘ security consciousnessIncrease the support by commuter by describing leery individual, bags, equipment that they find it leery to the several authorization.


In decision, I feel that LTA has done a really good occupation except for the extremum hours overcrowding state of affairs and the menus. During peak hours, the coach and trains waiting clip and frequence was longer ( for circle line merely ) and yet it is really jammed till the commuters have to wait for the following coach or trains.I think they should shorten the waiting clip, and increase the figure of frequence of coach and trains during peak hours.

Sing the menus, even although monthly grant is benefit to a batch of pupils and NS work forces, it has increase by $ 2 as the distances menus is required to pay less. It is best to do it balances so that the distances and monthly grant can pay standard and sensible monetary values.

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