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An Analysis of Nature in the plants of Robert Frost

When reading poesy by Robert Frost the subject of nature is strongly present and relentless. Robert Frost uses the universe around him to make a mysterious feeling to his Hagiographas, about giving the reader a sense of nostalgia.

The influence of nature in Frost s works creates a pallet to paint a image filled with symbolism for the reader to construe. The nature in the verse form makes the verse form an intimate piece in which most readers can place with or conceive of in some manner because of the intense imagination used. In the analysis of Robert Frost s The Road Not Taken, Nothing Gold Can Stay, and Stoping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening we can pick out specific illustrations to exemplify Frost s overall usage of nature.

In the first stanza of Robert Frost s Stoping by the Woods on A Snowy Evening we find the talker reflecting on the beauty of a wooded country with snow falling.

Whose forests these are I think I know.

His house is in the small town though ;

He will non see me halting here

To watch his forests make full up with snow. ( p.923 )

You can experience the talkers awe and brooding peace when looking into the forests that dark. He doesn T know the proprietor of the land but is still drawn to the beauty of the scene. Frost gives a scene that is taken into the reader and digested for a clip in the talker s head. It shows us that it is wholly right to take a minute out of a hurried hr and reflect upon what is around you, whether it is a white wood or a quite room.

Frost s usage of nature gives the reader an huge choice of symbolism to contemplate. The verse form Nothing Gold Can Stay is a powerful dosage of symbolic nature.

Nature s foremost green is gold,

Her hardest chromaticity to keep.

Her early foliage s a flower ;

But merely so an hr.

Then leaf subsides to flick.

So Eden sank to heartache,

So morning goes down to twenty-four hours.

Nothing can remain. ( p.810 )

The nature s alteration from green to gold typify how nil can remain and populate everlastingly. Everything must come to an terminal. Nature is a changeless reminder to worlds of our limited clip on this Earth and Frost uses this fact to exemplify to the reader the power and beauty of our being.

Frost uses nature in another interesting manner in his authorship. Nature becomes a powerful manner to give the reader familiarity into the talker s ideas and picks. In the verse form The Road Not Taken, we find an matchless usage of imagination and symbolism stand foring the talkers pick s about life.

I shall be stating this with a suspiration

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the 1 less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference. ( p.804 )

The talker is torn between two picks in life but takes the harder pick and it has changed his or her life everlastingly. Many people face this state of affairs everyday and take the easy manner and ne’er challenge themselves. What this verse form s imagination does for the reader is give them an illustration of this state of affairs and how a hard pick is sometimes best to be taken.

Nature is a revolving subject in Robert Frost s poems that helps develop the Hagiographas into plants that the reader can associate to and understand. The nature helps the reader develop familiarity with the talker, shows us how to reflect, and makes us believe about what the images represent.

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