The Nilgiri Adventure:

Spectacularly placed at the junction of the Western and Eastern Ghats, Nilgiri is popularly known as the “ Blue Mountains ” . Nilgiri Hills are good adjusted with the Western Ghats which draws out to Mumbai. It is one of the oldest mountain scopes, set on different lifts runing from 2,500 m to 2,600 m above sea degree. Hills of Nilgiri provide first-class chance to the trekkers all the twelvemonth.A place to three most popular hill Stationss such as Coonoor, Kotagiri and Ooty, Nilgiri is the perfect base for boosting with exciting hikings into the mountains.

You will drag through the thick shoal woods, java workss, turn overing grazing lands, exuberant green Fieldss and glistening waterfalls. Crystal clear lakes add appeal to the surrounding of Nilgiri hills and the trek routes become more gratifying. Number of trek paths delaies for the novitiate trekkers excessively.

Explore the stray zoology that has acquired a figure of unusual species and sub species. Nilgiri is besides a place to Toda people. A folk of Toda people has been populating here for ages. Carve silver jewellery, black and white embroidered shawls are the chief attractive forces and rather popular amongst visitants.

Its location and borders:

Located high above the sea degree at the junction of the two Ghat arrays of the Sahayadri Hills, Nilgiri territory offers an exciting sight of the topographic points around. You can happen Kerala on the West, on the North there is Mysore and in E, you will happen Coimbtore. Headquarters of Nilgiri territory is Udhagamandalam, besides called as Ooty.

The appeal of Nilgiri:

The scene and the pristine atmosphere of Nilgiri Hills will go forth you speechless. It has derived its beauty from its natural background. Weather and the temperature increase the attraction of this whole part.

Tea gardens are deserving researching, and speechless! Tea workss grow largely in the parts of South. The picturesque and beautiful valleies are reached after traversing steep hills with several rivers and rivulets which flow in all waies. Capturing waterfalls here provide pleasant scenery!

Wildlife Adventure

Nilgiri part is a wildlife Eden for all the tourers. A portion of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary self-praises of abundant flora.

Thick and heavy woods form it the most celebrated and attractive wildlife militias. Wildlife includes Gaur, Common langur, Elephants, Banner, Tigers, Chital, Leopards, Python, Sloth bear etc. Rich vegetation includes teak and Bamboos. You can acquire installation of king of beasts or tiger campaigns inside the park.


Treking or boosting can be the best manner to venture through the midst and heavy forests of teak and rhododendron. Pay a visit to the stray topographic points and research the unlike rural and civilization diversenesss.

The wildlife sanctuary is abundant with its vegetations and zoologies. You need to be physically fit, as trekking in this part truly disputing. Besides, trekking, fishing and angling can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Treking in Nilgiri Hills is done with trekking cogwheels and enjoy with an adrenaline haste! The best clip for trekking in Nilgiri hills is from January and March.

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