An argument is a statement or statements that are used in order to try convincing people whether a certain opinion raised in the statement is correct. An argument involves an audience of one or more people where they might have different opinions. An argument is used to convince someone of a certain conclusion. The two main components are the premises of an argument and the conclusion.  A premise is the statement or statements that will lead into the final formation of the conclusion. In the case of example one, the statements, in the last school where Principal McArthur worked, he was known as very tough, the teachers resented him, nobody liked him, he’d often call the teachers into his office and scold them for lateness, lazy work habits, and sloppy record-keeping are all premises of this particular argument. Its conclusion is the statement, when Dr. McArthur arrives at his new position at the Willows High School next August, he will again create a hostile environment. This is a good statement because all its premises match its conclusion. However, it is not sufficient in providing the required information. Yes the principal was harsh at his previous job but this does not mean that he wont change his attitude toward people and the new position. In the second example that involves a promotional literature for a billboard company, the statements, Bye Bye Baby Store installed a large billboard on the side of the 95-highway exit, sales of baby items in the store increased by 13% in the next fiscal quarter, and Dr. Mark Baldwin, a local dentist, would like to increase the profits of his dental practice are the premises of this argument. Its conclusion is, all that needs to be done is installing an advertising billboard next to the highway exit and his patient load will increase tremendously. This argument is not a good argument. This is the case because it does not provide sufficient and valid information. It is true that the billboard worked for the store but that might not be sufficient information that the doctor can work with. 

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