Second, we will look into the competition among the local subject park Hong Kong Disney Land, and the mainland parks suppliers and will include a survey of subject Parkss in Shenzhen, China, which are viing for visitants.

Third, we will take the personal interview study to happen out satisfaction degrees of visitants to Ocean Park, the local park and mainland subject Parkss and the comparings will be made among them.

Fourthly, we will analyse the factors and selling schemes taking to the success of Ocean Park and look into the consumer behaviours on choosing their favorite subject park.

Finally, we will mention to the findings to make recommendations to Ocean Park for future schemes to keep its market leader place.

Hong Kong is an international metropolis. There are four cardinal industries: fiscal services, trading and logistics, touristry, and professional services. Harmonizing to the research information of the Hong Kong Tourism Board ( HKTB ) in 2008, there were 29 million tourers visited Hong Kong a twelvemonth.

There are many celebrated attractive forces in Hong Kong such as Victoria Harbor sightseeing topographic point, Temple Street dark market shopping and Ocean Park amusement etc. ,

Ocean Park, which opened since 1977, is one of the celebrated subject park in Hong Kong. The park provides having drives, exhibits and preservation installations. There are three chief sites of lowland, promontory and Tai Shue Wan and those are connected by a overseas telegram auto system, out-of-door escalator and Ocean Express.

The chief local rival of Ocean Park is Hong Kong Disney Land ( Disney ) .

Disney, opened since 2005, is the 2nd subject park after Ocean Park to be opened in Hong Kong. Although Disney has a strong trade name name and good repute in the United States of America and around the universe, it can non replace the place of Ocean Park as a market leader in Hong Kong.

Despite the challenges come from the Disney Land, Ocean Park besides needs to confront other rivals from mainland such as Shenzhen Happy Valley etc. ,

That is why we would wish to look into and urge how Ocean Park can protect its market leader place in the hereafter.


First, we decide to roll up the secondary informations from the literatures and internet hunts and to acquire a basic construct about the subject park industries. Then we will roll up some information about the competitions among the local and the mainland subject parks suppliers. The information will be collected and analyzed on the company by SWOT ( strength, failing, chance and menace ) , in order to happen out the competitory borders that Ocean Park is rehearsing to keep its market leader place.

After that we will concentrate on analysing the factors and the schemes taking to the success of Ocean Park.

Second, we will roll up the primary informations by utilizing personal interview study method with questionnaires study. The content in the questionnaire will include the standards considered by clients when they choose their favorite subject Parkss, client satisfaction rating and attractiveness steps.

The method will be conducted with personal interviews by taking samples in Hong Kong with the random trying method.

We will work on 250 questionnaires which includes 50 for a mini study. The mini study is used to happen the ratio between the local clients and foreign clients. This will give the comparative coverage on the local and non local clients and avoid the client vicinity prejudice. We will happen if it is feasible. We will make the chief study harmonizing to this ratio.

The interview will be conducted in Christmas vacation. We will utilize three yearss to carry on the interviews from ( 24 to 26 December ) . We will carry on it at the issues of Ocean Park and Disney and 100 respondents each will be interviewed.

After that, we will do the analysis on the information. The information will ease for us to look into the factors with which the clients will utilize to take their subject park and do some suggestions to the Ocean Park for future schemes to keep its market leader place.

Anticipated jobs and solutions

Problem ( P ) :

The wonts and favourites of clients can non mensurate easy.

Solution ( S ) :

Make more questionnaires up to 250 interviews that can increase the truth of the research.


Questionnaire can non demo the interviewees & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ psychological conditions.


We will utilize observation technique to understand more about the psychological position.


Questionnaires with close end inquiries can merely be used for roll uping simple informations and we can non cognize more elaborate information.


We can plan some open-end inquiries to avoid this job.


Interviewees are non willing to collaborate with us to make the study as it will blow a batch of their clip.


A clear and simple questionnaire is required to carry on the study. It will do them to understand more easy and shorten the clip.

Foreseeable parts of this undertaking

One of the occupations of the sellers is to happen out the client demands and seek their best to fulfill the clients. Therefore this undertaking is a valuable opportunity for us to look into Ocean Park schemes to keep it market leader place, and we can use to other organisations.

In add-on, we will use all of our cognition, theories and accomplishments that we have learned during our four old ages study. We hope we can urge feasible and accomplishable suggestions to Ocean Park

Restrictions of the jobs

A success or failure of subject park industries is trusting on the client service perceptual experience and the perceptual experience alterations quickly and is barely to step. Besides, other external factors will besides impact their wonts to take their front-runner Parkss.

As we will seek in a big volume of information between Ocean Park and mainland subject Parkss and we will besides utilize a big sum of clip to pull off the information, the right utilizations of the information in our analyses will go more of import.

We are non be able to roll up more elaborate information of the hereafter development programs of the local suppliers, and overseas Parkss theoretical accounts can non be used in Hong Kong due to different civilization around the universe. The vigorous competitions are from mainland subject Parkss. The Chinese authorities policy will act upon the Disney development in Shanghai and is non easy to foretell.

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