To actively lend to the societal and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In so making construct a better, sustainable manner of life for the weaker subdivisions of society and raise the state ‘s human development index.


Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness and Speed

Strategic Business Unit of measurements:

Life insurance and Asset direction services are being handled under a JV with Sun Life Financial, Canada.

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Life insurance – ABNL holds 74 % interest in Birla Sun Life Insurance.

Asset direction – ABNL holds 50 % interest in Birla Sun Life Asset Management.

Telecom concern – ABNL holds 25.38 % interest in Idea Cellular, in which Group holds 46.99 % interest.

IT-ITeS concern – ABNL holds 88.28 % interest in Aditya Birla Minacs.

ABNL ‘s entire gross grew at 36 % CAGR, from Rs. 18 Bn in ’02-’02 to Rs. 155 Bn in ’09-’10. The dissolution shows that of ’09-’10 twelvemonth.

Key Growth Milestones:

India ‘s 2nd largest manufacturer of viscose fibril narration ( VFY ) .

The state ‘s largest premium branded apparel company.

The 2nd largest manufacturer of C black in India.

Largest maker of linen cloth in India.

Among the most energy efficient fertiliser workss.

India ‘s largest and the universe ‘s 4th largest manufacturer of dielectrics.

Idea Cellular Limited, among topA five cellular operators in India.

Birla Sun Life Insurance, among topA five private life insurance companies in India.

Birla Sun Life Asset Management, among topA five plus direction companies in India.

Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited, among the topA 10 BPO participants in IndiaA by gross size.

Management Structure

ABNL has a typical direction construction where we can see assorted features of concern unit construction every bit good as matrix construction. It ‘s apparent from the direction construction that every perpendicular operates its concern independently, as per the ends set by the direction board, and is supervised by the Managing Director. Every concern unit has its ain fiscal, selling, operations and human resource division and they function as per the guidelines and ends set by the concern managers or board of the several units. The units do non portion their resources straight with each other, since they are focused and diversified from one another. At the same clip all fiscal facets are consolidated by group CFO. Group CFO is a nexus between the direction board and the boards or direction squad of several verticals, every bit far as fiscal planning and end scene are concerned.

Board has 50 % independent managers. Company adheres to the norms of corporate administration as specified by SEBI. In fact, Kumar Mangalam Birla chaired a commission set up by authorities to advice upon the corporate administration in India and recommendations for proper administration.

Management manner and Culture

The Management Style

The manner the directors operate in an organisation is closely related to the organisational civilization and Culture and Managerial manner reciprocally influence each other.

Managerial manners may be summarized on a continuum between extremely directing or bossy manners and extremely participative manner. At ABNL the direction manner is really much participative from top degree determination to a undertaking degree determination. All determinations are made through treatments in a meeting. At 52nd one-year general meeting turn toing the stockholders, Chairman Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla said, ” At your Company, employees continue to be the cardinal driving force of the organisation and stay a strong beginning of our competitory border. We believe in alining concern precedences with the aspirations of employees. This leads to the development of an sceptered and antiphonal human capital. We strive to make a work environment which encourages invention and creativeness. Appropriate steps are continuously taken to guarantee talent keeping and employee battle. ”

Basically they nurture leading and honor the public presentation. Earlier referred direction construction is an evident of the manner governments are delegated by the top direction to the concern caputs. However, company holds all fiscal control under a individual umbrella. We can see that as such they have no group CEO, who looks after the mundane concern operations, nor they have group COO who looks after the mundane operations related issues ; alternatively Managing Director is the overall in-charge of guiding and supervising the divisions – in order to accomplish the concern ends set up by the board. All fiscal determinations are taken by the CFO who is finally describing to MD straight. Thus, CFO charts the fiscal planning as per the board guidelines and later all the verticals are allocated fiscal resources every bit good as assign ends to be achieved in the several fiscal twelvemonth.

This direction manner has given company a really strong fiscal control and optimal distribution of the fiscal resources, which fueled growing.

Culture at ABNL

The work civilization at ABNL is based on the belief that employees are the most valuable assets. Respect and echt concern sing all employees are the basic rules on which the organisation maps. It believes that development of potency of the employees is necessary for both the people and the company to thrive. ABNL believes that by promoting common regard, acknowledgment, trust, unfastened communicating, transparence, chances for growing, employees perform to their fullest potency and are sincere, dedicated and committed to the occupation.

To it, employee ‘s demands for personal growing are fostered by:

Continuous development of cognition and accomplishments

Objective based public presentation reappraisal

Wagess and acknowledgment


Continuous betterment

To take this forward, the company has launched employee value proposition. It entails support of four tined attack.

First, offering exciting calling chances that give employees a leeway to chart their ain growing flight.

Second, escalating larning procedures that hone bing accomplishments. Exceeding it, the company has taken the acquisition to a higher phase where talented employees are able to change over cognition into action through exposure to the best planetary heads. For illustration, this twelvemonth at Gyanodaya, company ‘s benchmarkable Institute of Management Learning, more than 500 co-workers at senior degrees participated in specially designed, intellectually exciting, advanced focused programmes. These all are related to globalisation, leading & A ; invention and acquiring far beyond the head of the client. These were conducted in coaction with the best in category module from International Business Schools and confer withing organisations. Among these characteristic, The Ross School of Business, The Duke University, UCLA ( all from USA ) , ISB ( Hyderabad ) , The Hay Group and Mercer Consulting. This twelvemonth over a 1,000 executives enlisted for different learning Sessionss. Gyanodaya ‘s practical campuses reached out to more than 13,500 scholars through its e-learning classs and webinars.

Third, as portion of conjunct attempts towards a crisp organisational focal point and alliance in the endowment direction processes, across the concerns, they have put critical discriminators in topographic point. Besides associating wagess to public presentation, particular public presentation inducements, international assignments, and Group-wide acknowledgment programmes have been set in gesture.

Fourthly, advancing enriched life by promoting endowment to look beyond merely professional sweetening and to work toward constructing a wholesome – balanced life. Not merely for the employees, but besides for the upliftment of the society and community in which it operates, the civilization is participative in nature.

All undertakings are made in participative mode, in audience with the community, literally sitting with them, estimating their basic demands. They recourse to “ participatory rural assessment ” , which is a function procedure. Subsequently based on a consensus with the employees and the small town Panchayat, the determination is taken and mileposts are prioritized. Village meetings are held at regular interval and all the employees involved in the undertaking have to confer with with each other and besides with the undertaking caput so that in the long tally, the villagers become self- reliant.

Control procedure

The Company has equal internal control systems for concern procedures across assorted net income and cost Centres, with respect to efficiency of operations, fiscal coverage, conformity with applicable Torahs and ordinances, etc. The Internal control system is supplemented by extended audits conducted by the Corporate Audit Cell. Clearly defined functions and duties for all managerial places have been institutionalized by the ABNL over a period.

Regular internal audits and cheques guarantee that duties are executed efficaciously. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors actively reviews the adequateness and effectivity of the internal control systems and suggests betterments. The Management Information System is the anchor of the Company ‘s control mechanism. All operating parametric quantities are monitored and controlled on a regular basis. Any material alteration in the concern mentality is reported to the Board of Directors. Material divergences from the one-year planning and budgeting, if any, are reported on a quarterly footing to the Board of Directors. An effectual budgetary control on all capital outgo ensures that existent disbursement is in line with the capital budget.

Audit Committee

The Company has an Audit Committee at the Board degree with powers and function that are in conformity with Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. The Committee acts as a nexus between the direction, the statutory and internal hearers and the Board of Directors, and oversees the fiscal, describing procedure. All the members of the Company ‘s Audit Committee are Independent Directors.

The range of the operation of the Audit Committee is to reexamine, from clip to clip, the internal control processs, the accounting policies of the Company, inadvertence of the Company ‘s fiscal coverage procedure. To guarantee that the fiscal statement is right, sufficient and believable, and such other maps as may be recommended from clip to clip by SEBI, Stock Exchanges and/or under the Companies Act, 1956.

Cyberneticss for CFO

Rewards & A ; Recognition

It is indispensable for the executive to bring on persons to take part if there is to be a formal organisation. The effectivity of a given inducement is a map of the broader environment and the tailoring of the inducement to single demands. The organisation can non payout in incentives more than what it receives from its value-creating activity, so it must fit inducements to the value parts of persons in the organisation. Incentives take the signifier of both mercenary and non mercenary incentives and include all signifiers of pecuniary compensation, together With nonmonetary signifiers, such as organisational intent, desirable associations, credence, position, increased liberty, pride of craft, and desirable physical conditions.

At ABNL they have a bipartisan formal public presentation reappraisal procedure which usually takes topographic point between each director and employee at the start of each new concern twelvemonth. It offers an chance to take a more considered position of public presentation and development, and agree actions on the footing of a wider geographic expedition of the challenges and chances that exist within your function.

At the start of every twelvemonth employee receives his mark, which when achieved in a stipulated clip output to a public presentation linked fillip. These marks are both single, squad and sector specific and hence consequences in associating an employee ‘s fillip non merely to his but besides to squads every bit good as sectors public presentation. Apart from this, there is besides a mid twelvemonth reappraisal to demo employees at that place current public presentation.

Apart from these employees are given many other inducements like subsidised cab service, tiffin and price reductions on assorted branded mercantile establishments. There are besides many not pecuniary wagess and acknowledgments given such as every employee is rewarded for their good work at the company ‘s one-year map. Awards are given to outdo employees, best new thought, and best squad at the section degree. Awards are besides given at sector and company degree.

Co-ordination and Communication

Specific direction communicating vehicles within the organisation are necessary for-coordination, for resource allotment determination devising Or struggle declaration, for constructing designation with organisation intent, and for developing Communication or and trust within the organisation.

At ABNL, communicating is of at most importance. Many commissions are formed during the twelvemonth to look into if any grudge exists. Apart from these there are formal conferences in which sector caput and CEO come and addresses employees informing them about recent developments and future schemes of the company.

ABNL has besides a really good intranet installation through which they can pass on with anyone straight. The ERP System adopted by the company a decennary back, acts as a great beginning of communicating and information transportation within the company. This ensures faster flow of information there by enabling faster and informed determination devising.

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