We will be set uping Around the World Travel bureau to turn to to the market demand for travel and leisure section in the UAE. Around the World Travel bureau will be based in Dubai and hold ties globally. It will provide different sorts of travel aid and services for corporations, runing from little to big private companies and authorities.

The intent of Around the World Travel bureau is to provide the demand of companies to hold a convenient procedure of booking concern trips. Around the World Travel bureau will be covering with certain air hoses based on rates and quality, such as Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways. Private chartered aircrafts from Royal Jets and Al Jaber. These air hoses were chosen for the high-end client or big corporations where their top executives travel a batch, where luxury and comfort is required ; this sort of service is easy attained at Around the World Travel bureau, where travel services are exceeding. For low-cost and routinely flights, we will be covering with bearers like Fly Dubai and Saudi Airlines.

With this scheme, we will be covering both terminals of the spectrums, the epicurean and the low-cost.Around the World Travel bureau will besides be covering with adjustments locally and internationally. We will hold affiliations with the Jumeirah line Hotels in Dubai and the overseas, every bit good as the Starwood Hotel ironss, which consist of ; A Le Meridien, The Sheraton, St. Regis, W hotels, Aloft and the Westin.

A With these specific air hoses and hotels in topographic point, it will be possible for us to put out and make bundles or certain publicities that would pull companies to work with Around the World Travel bureau.As a company, we need to be on the lead in our market. Therefore, it is necessary to look at and analyse the competition in that sector. Around the World Travel bureau will necessitate to maximise their net incomes by the 2nd twelvemonth of operation at least in order to be able to re-invest in the house.

An of import scheme to make so is to retain a strong loyal client base. Looking at Dubai, it is a hub for many travel bureaus, which makes the competition hard. Around the World Travel bureau demands to be up to day of the month with the latest tendencies domestically and internationally. We need to maintain path of new flights, ascents, and what would better our client satisfaction. Besides, we need to be up to day of the month with which new hotels are available and what some of our specific clients would wish. Another aim and scheme that the bureau needs to concentrate on is opening offices across the metropolis and possibly abroad in the hereafter. Making that would widen or broaden the client base to more of a planetary base point. What could diminish the competition is analyzing the monetary values of what is already being offered in the market.

That manner, we can perchance orient our monetary values to pull the clients we need. Another obstruction that we might confront is working with a slow economic system and how to get the better of it.

Mission Statement

It is Around the World Travel bureau ‘s mission to be the market leader in this type of concern. Therefore, it is necessary to look and analyse the competition in that sector.

Looking at Dubai, it is a hub for many travel bureaus, which makes the competition hard. Around the World Travel bureau demands to be up to day of the month with the latest tendencies for both domestic and international travel sphere. As portion of our scheme, we will maintain an updated list of new flights, ascents, and other agencies that would better our client satisfaction.

Updated lists of new hotels are readily available and other client attractive forces that will take them to remain at that place. Vigilant monitoring of pricing against our rivals is purely reviewed, with this information, we can easy set our pricing brackets to stay competitory and create new publicities if necessary.

External and Internal Environment

One of the most of import facets for our company to be successful is analysing the internal and external environment and adjusting to them. Internal environment will include our company itself, our clients and our rivals. But, we would be analysing the company and the rivals merely since the clients are studied in the mark market. Besides, the external environment will include economic, technological, legal, and cultural and societal environments.

Our travel bureau will open different offices in many different locations all around the emirates to supply our well-thought-of clients with the best vacations in their lives which will include many things in one bundle like airplane tickets from different good known air lines like Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways. It will besides include a assortment of different graded hotels in most of the states that are known for touristry. In add-on, our offices would offer coach bird services, auto lease, tourer ushers and many other services that our clients would necessitate to hold their perfect vacations.It is besides really of import for us to bear down the right sum so that our bureau makes good net incomes and supports on traveling. And for us to make that we must to see that our grosss stay higher than the costs of our services. We are seeking to come up with some new services that other going bureaus do non offer so that we can pull more clients every bit much as we can. To go their preferable bureau, and set up a strong place in the market that makes us lift from all other going bureaus.

The chief beginning of net income for us will be all the committees we get from air hoses, different hotels, circuit companies and auto lease companies that we refer our clients to in all the different states around the universe. In add-on, we might take some excess charges from clients in particular instances like if they wanted a fast engagement, cancelled a confirmed engagement, or needed to acquire visas.One of the most of import things we besides need to analyze is the figure of rivals we already have and the 1s that might come in the hereafter. Besides, we need to cognize how those rivals may act and what do they offer their clients so that can we pull those clients and do them ours.

Market Need & A ; Opportunities

A market for travel bureaus would be a pure competition market where there are many bureaus that provide the same services for the same or even viing monetary values.

In this instance, for us to be successful we need to hold the best advertizements on telecasting, newspapers, and on boards in the streets to catch the eyes of the clients before person else does. Besides, we will give our clients offers and bundles to different states for monetary values that are less than our rivals or in some instances we might merely give them the same monetary value but for a better offer or for a longer period of clip.We will utilize competitory barriers that will do it really hard for our rivals to vie with us like holding a hotel reserve system that keeps the clients booking for a piece without bear downing the clients anything until the clients are certain that they will do the trip.There are many grounds why we will open such concern. The most of import and obvious ground is how popular the travel and touristry musca volitanss in the UAE is and how much people love it. During summer, most of the occupants of UAE travel someplace to bask their vacations. Local people might go to bask their times or for concern while exiles who work here in the UAE might hold an extra ground of sing their households.

The graph below shows the Dubai Hotel Establishment Visitors from 1999 to 2008 that clearly shows the increased tendency of visitants in Dubai.Figure: Dubai Hotel Establishment Visitors to Dubai 1999-2008 ( Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, 2010 )The inflow of travellers and tourer in Dubai steadily increased over the old ages chiefly lending to UAE ‘s travel finishs, gay events and exiles shacking in the UAE. With this tendency, it clearly shows a good concern chance for travel and touristry, that is why we envisioned the thought of organizing the Around the World Travel bureau in Dubai.In add-on to all the travel bureaus that already exist in the state, people here still necessitate more and will pay good sums of money to hold the perfect trip, hotel, and service. Therefore, this concern will be really successful and generate tonss of net incomes particularly in the emirate of Dubai because of all of the different nationalities that live at that place.

Another ground for opening our travel bureau is the significant figure of exiles that work in the UAE who will maintain on travelling and traveling back and Forth utilizing some of our services if non all. So, no affair how many travel bureaus exist in the state, there is ever the demand for more.The tabular array below shows the 2009 Dubai Hotel & A ; Hotel Apartment Performance Summary that illustrates the public presentation of hotels in Dubai entirely non including the other emirates with a big tenancy per centum.

There is decidedly an chance to do net incomes in travel and touristry in Dubai.Table: 2009 Dubai Hotel & A ; Apartments Performance Summary ( Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, 2010 )Furthermore, we will make our ain web site for the bureau and it will hold many maps like acquiring into contact with our clients and publicizing the bureau. Besides, and most significantly, to do things easier for the clients where it will enable them to look into their engagements and reach us if they needed to modify anything.

On the other manus, there will be some hazards for opening such a concern. First of wholly, there might be a little hazard of non viing against the large old travel bureaus who are at that place in the market for many old ages and already hold experience and established good relationships with their clients.Because of competition, we might hold to take down our monetary values to the extent that it might non cover the costs and that might do serious harm to the concern and do it to shut.

Besides, it might be hard for us to contract with some hotels and rental companies in some states that we do n’t hold established good relationships with and that will do the clients to seek for trades out of our bureau to travel to those states.

Selling Scheme

Segmentation/Target Market

Competitions among travel bureaus are steep and aggressive to acquire the most of the traveller ‘s attending. Today in the market, there are plentifulness of travel bureaus available here in Dubai, for illustration Orient Travel and Omair are considered to be one of the best in Dubai. These big bureaus provide a batch of tourer services for regular clients, every bit good as companies who normally travel on concern trips. Around the World Travel bureau must be able to come in this market and assertively compete. We have studied the market and found out that there is a large chance for net incomes that normally comes in the signifier of concern trips because this sort of trips requires hotel reserves, every bit good as transit and concern or first category air hose tickets or even private chartered planes.

That is why we have chosen concern trips as one of our mark markets that we would supply great offers for these possible clients with competitory monetary values with outstanding services and client support.Our other mark markets are the regular tourers. We would supply services for this section harmonizing to their travel demand. Certain travellers and tourers want inexpensive trips while others want high category trips, these determinations would be made based on the classs of these tourers.

The tabular array below shows the Dubai Total Guests by Nationality from January-June 2010/09 and most of them belongs to our regular tourer marks.

Dubai Total Hotel Establishment by Nationality ( Jan-Jun 2010/2009 )

NationalityJan-Jun 2010Jan-Jun 2009% ChangeArabians1,216,0241,110,08810 %Asia1,059,096902,87817 %Australasia & A ; the Pacific100,00793,1597 %Africa216,626217,2980 %Europe1,254,5181,216,4153 %United states334,984312,9047 %Entire



9 %

Table: Dubai Total Guests by Nationality Jan-June 2010-09 ( Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, 2010 )Around the World Travel bureau ‘s mark market would be for everyone covering two sections and hence use different selling schemes for each section.

Intended Positioning

We have studied different travel bureaus including their costs, grosss, and net incomes.

And through all the research and surveies we found that the thought of a travel bureau is a “ aureate thought ” which will cover all its costs really rapidly if it goes in the right way. We besides found that the market here in the UAE needs a travel bureau that has a modern fast system that is connected to all the hotels and other companies and that makes all these services at the client ‘s fingertip.Taking advantage of the modernisation of the travel industry, we will capitalise by set uping an accurate and user-friendly IT system that would decrease the complications encountered during booking updates and other services that normally dissatisfy clients. We wanted to take the market place of holding the most modernised travel bureau in the UAE, with this it will divide Around the World Travel bureau among its rivals.

Merchandise Analysis

The travel market is a really immense market with many rivals and it is hard to vie in this market sing the monetary values change from season to season in the travel market which makes it volatile.

To come in this market you must hold something different that would do you particular among your rivals. Our company would supply different types of services that would do it different from other travel bureaus.For sole concern trips, we would supply a company with a broad assortment of private jets to take from as we would cover with Royal Jets and Al Jaber. We would besides supply a tourer usher or a transcriber if the client requests that service. Luxury autos would besides be available upon petition for them. For non-exclusive concern trips we would offer universe category air hoses like Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways. Around the World Travel bureau would besides book with the finest hotels on the best location of their finish.

We would supply excess services that the client can pass during their free clip like high category Tourss provided with a tourer usher that would demo them beautiful tourer finishs in that state. Besides we would book for the client any eating house or topographic point they would wish to see and at best monetary values. Besides there would be a bringing service provided as if the company members wanted something from outside the hotel. All these services would be provided at high quality and at best monetary values as possible.For regular tourers and travellers, the Around the World Travel bureau will supply different bundles for different type of travellers ; nevertheless the company will seek its best to fulfill all its clients from different categories.Around the World Travel bureau recognizes the people who require excess attention like elderly, ill and disabled people.

There are travellers who go for medical touristry or to infirmaries abroad to happen a specializer, Around the World Travel bureau provides a service in which a nurse can be made available to take attention of this sort of riders. Couples who travel with kids can besides avail of our baby-sitter offer which can be arrange if necessary.Around the World Travel bureau will open a free enrollment of trueness cards for its clients, who would be able to gain points and from these points they can gain price reductions applicable to air hose ticket monetary values or even gaining a free air hose ticket, a free circuit, and free dinner at a hotel eating house or even a free dark at a hotel. With this strategy, it would construct client trueness for Around the World Travel bureau and doing us different from our rivals supplying outstanding trueness cards.Around the World Travel bureau will supply an on-line engagement service through a website specially designed for easiness of usage and with complete travel information. Customers utilizing the Around the World Travel bureau web site can easy book air hose tickets, hotel suites, transit and different services all in one web site.

Once the client books their bundle we would present the tickets to his topographic point.

Topographic point Analysis and Distribution Network

Sing the topographic point, there would be many obstructions such as rent monetary values and our preferable location for the Around the World Travel bureau ; we would wish to setup our concern near to the providers and clients in Dubai which is really ambitious. Equally good as that there should be transit services available that would do communicating with our providers and clients easier and high pes traffic so that we can expose our presence.

Dubai is a planetary metropolis where many big companies are located and has one of the biggest airdromes in the universe and most of the people who live in UAE travel from Dubai airdrome because major air hoses land their planes at that place, Dubai airdrome besides has one of the largest responsibility free stores in the universe where travellers through Dubai airdrome could bask walking about and shopping. Besides major air hose companies like Emirates, Singapore, British Airways have opened up subdivisions in Dubai. All of these would hopefully hold a great advantage for the channel of distribution as transit would be much easier and that would hopefully cut down costs and clip.

There are many different big companies that are located in Dubai like Emaar, Nakheel, Microsoft, Etisalat and many others and all of these companies have concern trips and that would be an advantage for Around the World Travel bureau.Where in Dubai? This is the quandary because companies are normally located in different locations and tourers are besides located in different topographic points. We have chosen Deira, Dubai because of its strategic place and from here it would be near to tourers and companies every bit good as to air hose companies and the airdrome.The channel of distribution would be from the provider ( air hose and hotel companies ) , Around the World Travel bureau ( distributer ) and eventually the customer/client. Hopefully the topographic point we have chosen would cut down logistics and service related jobs.

Integrated Communications Analysis

In order to advance our merchandises to our mark clients, we are traveling to utilize different communicating media to advance our merchandises and services. We can utilize the service of printed ads demoing high declaration images of travel & A ; touristry musca volitanss in the newspaper, travel magazines, leisure magazines, and even have a column about topographic points to see in a popular newspaper or yellow journalism. In wireless ads, we can play sounds related to the tourer finish like the sound of moving ridges hitting the shore of Hawaii.

Around the World Travel bureau will utilize internet streamer ads that show our merchandise finishs with sounds with a direct nexus to our web site that displays particular information about that publicity. Around the World Travel bureau will put a booth at trade shows aiming immature and frequent travellers. Jointly, this highlights our merchandises and publicities that remain consistent in aiming our clients.Establishing this selling program and keeping its class should be monitored carefully, if alterations in the yearss, clip and at which media demands accommodation should be addressed instantly. Because of this rigorous monitoring, Around the World Travel bureau will derive competitory advantage against rivals.

One menace to be considered is that the rivals will copy our program or by chance similar to our stairss, Around the World Travel bureau will step up the flow of advertisement and strategically print them on the right clip and stress keywords that can do our possible clients to see us like doing usage of our motto, “ Travel satisfaction guaranteed! “ .

Pricing Analysis

Around the World Travel bureau would supply the best monetary values and services for its clients. For concern trips, big companies normally would n’t mind about the monetary values every bit long as the services and client support is outstanding. These big companies would largely be concerned about supplying the best services for them more than the monetary value. This does non intend that monetary values would n’t be an issue or play a large function with concern trips disbursals, companies will still see acquiring the best monetary value they can afford that can accommodate the high category services that would be provided for them.For other tourers, pricing would be really of import, as there are different categories for tourers and each category wants the best monetary value they can afford. Some want inexpensive monetary values ; some want medium cost trips while others want high category trips either with basic or particular service attached to it.

Normally the monetary value of tickets vary from season to season, but our company ‘ s policy would ever be to supply the best monetary values for our clients, as for the clients who want inexpensive trips we would supply them with inexpensive air hose tickets and these would normally be on Air Arabia, Fly Dubai for illustration. As to that we would supply them with low monetary value services but with good quality. However the other clients who want high quality services for concern or first category tickets, we would besides give them best monetary value we can offer.Normally the monetary values of air hose tickets or even hotel suites are non fixed, they vary from clip to clip. This is why our company would cover with major air hose companies in this part, like Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Saudi Airlines, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai ; and private sole planes from Royal Jets and Al Jaber. Hopefully from these companies we would acquire the best monetary values for every season.

Ethical Issues and Social Responsibilities

Around the World Travel bureau is a company that values their clients, spouses and employees involvements by supplying them the best intervention possible. Ethical issues affecting equity of covering with clients for illustration, if the Around the World Travel bureau employee provides a better service for clients who are really their friends and give them the best offers while other regular clients or new clients do non give them or even demo them the best offers they got, is non tolerated, rigorous policies are enforced to suit all concerns for just intervention of dealing. In advertizements there could be some ethical issues, for illustration, if the bureau is publicizing subliminal advertizements. These sorts of ads will pull strings client ‘s thought. Furthermore in publicizing ethical issues is publicizing inappropriate stuffs which does n’t follow with the regulations of United Arab Emirates.

In add-on there could be ethical issues in the pricing. For case if there is a high season normally monetary values addition but it ‘s unethical to soak.Our service benefits the society by acknowledging the aged, ill and handicap travellers to give them the best aid they can acquire and going households every bit good that needs aid with their traveling kids.For societal duty, Around the World Travel bureau will follow the regulations and traditions of the state they operate with. Geting involved in societal consciousness plans such as environment preservation so that following coevals will bask the same tourer finish that they are sing and promotes no littering policy to all clients registered with Around the World Travel bureau. Stressing to maintain the cleanliness of the topographic point they are going.

Reasoning Remarks

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