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Alexander Hunter and Brenda Ho had co-ownership of a figure of existent estate belongingss. They had hoped to get the belongings adjacent to one of their ain belongingss known as ‘The Baby’ . However the neighbors refused to sell it and the current Mayor David Miller was non contributing to split individual household belongingss into multiple tonss. In 2009. despite the alteration in their personal relationship they continued to transport their joint entrepreneurial ventures. In mid-2011. the proprietor of the next belongings ( Stanley Pomlinski ) passed off. and the estate legal guardian was unfastened to selling the belongings. From mid to late 2011. Alexander withheld the new information from Brenda sing the sale of the Pomlinski belongings. even though at that clip she had the financess to finance the partial acquisition of the belongings. After she lost her occupation. Alexander asked his male parent to purchase the belongings for him as a legal guardian.

Since Brenda was confronting fiscal problems. Black lovage purchased her portion in ‘The Baby’ for $ 50. 000 which was more than her initial investing. This prevented her from traveling insolvent. However. he did non unwrap to her his acquisition of the next belongings. and the information that he had received from his inside contacts that Mayor Ford was more agreeable to spliting belongings into sub tonss. Through a batch of difficult work. Alexander combined ‘The Baby’ with the belongings his male parent purchased. and subdivided it into tonss. He so sold it for $ 800. 000. Black lovage and Brenda still have a twosome of belongingss together. However. Brenda and her hubby Phillip are upset that Alexander made all this excess money. They think he is a fraud since he did non unwrap all the information. Phillip has threatened him with force. And they are sing taking legal action against Alexander. Issues:

The issue is that whether Alexander had an duty to unwrap his acquisition of the next belongings and his information about the amenity of the new city manager for spliting the belongings into smaller bomber tonss.

Determining whether or non a Partnership exists between Alexander and Brenda will impact the legal effects of this issue. Under the Partnerships Act R. S. O. 1990. CHAPTER P. 5 it is stated: Definition of Partnership:

* 2. Partnership is the relation that subsists between individuals transporting on a concern in common with a position to net income. but the relation between the members of a company or association that is incorporated by or under the authorization of any particular or general Act in force in Ontario or elsewhere. or registered as a corporation under any such Act. is non a partnership within the significance of this Act. R. S. O. 1990. c. P. 5. s. 2.

Rules for finding being of partnership
* 3. 1. Joint occupancy. occupancy in common. joint belongings. common belongings. or portion ownership does non of itself create a partnership as to anything so held or owned. whether the renters or proprietors do or make non portion any net incomes made by the usage thereof. P [ s. 3-1 ] * 3. 2. The sharing of gross returns does non of itself create a partnership. whether the individuals sharing such returns have or have non a joint or common right or involvement in any belongings from which or from the usage of which the returns are derived. P [ s. 3-2 ]

Duty as to rendering histories:
* 28. Spouses are bound to render true histories and full information of all things impacting the partnership to any spouse or the partner’s legal representatives. R. S. O. 1990. c. P. 5. s. 28.

Accountability for private net incomes:
* 29. ( 1 ) every spouse must account to the house for any benefit derived by the spouse without the consent of the other spouses from any dealing refering the partnership or from any usage by the spouse of the partnership belongings. name or concern connexion. R. S. O. 1990. c. P. 5. s. 29 ( 1 ) .

Duty of spouse non to vie with house:
* 30. If a spouse. without the consent of the other spouses. carries on a concern of the same nature as and viing with that of the house. the spouse must account for and pay over to the house all net incomes made by the spouse in that concern. R. S. O. 1990. c. P. 5. s. 30.

After analysing the state of affairs. I have come up with two possible scenarios. If you and Brenda were merely puting in belongingss together and were non bound to a partnership by contract. so harmonizing to clauses 3. 1 and 3. 2 under the Partnerships Act R. S. O. 1990. CHAPTER P. 5 you have done nil incorrect. It is stated by 3. 1 and 3. 2 that merely holding joint occupancy of belongings or sharing gross returns does non itself create a partnership. Therefore you were non obliged to give Brenda any information sing the purchase of the next belongings or the alteration in the attitude of the city manager.

And as Brenda passed over her ownership of `The Baby` to you. she was non entitled to any future net incomes sing to the belongings. On the other manus. if you and Brenda had signed a Partnership understanding so as it is stated in subdivision 2 of the Partnerships Act R. S. O. 1990. CHAPTER P. 5. you would be lawfully obliged to each other. Under the subdivision 28. it was your duty to unwrap all information to Brenda sing the sale of the Pomlinski belongings. Under subdivision 30. purchase of the next belongings and its future sale together with `The Baby` are seen as a direct competition to the house. Consequently. harmonizing to subdivision 29 and 30. the net incomes incurred from these minutess belong to the house and non the person. Thus you are lawfully obliged to portion the net incomes with Brenda.

Conclusion/ Recommendation
If it is assumed that there is no contractual duty as a partnership. so you have nil to worry approximately. Legally you did non make anything incorrect and if they take you to tribunal. you will win. But if you two had a partnership contract. so this would acquire more complicated. Regardless of the state of affairs. I advise that you go for the Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR ) . The ADR will assist salvage a batch of clip and money. The ADR will be controlled and privateness will be maintained. By this manner you and Brenda can come to a colony that would profit both of you. You can besides do a counter claim to Brenda’s hubby ( Phillip ) as he threatened you with force. This is a direct misdemeanor of your civil rights.

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