My loving people. we have been persuaded by some that are careful of our safety to take mind how we commit ourself to build up battalions for fright of perfidy ; but I assure you. I do non want to populate to mistrust my faithful and loving people. Let autocrats fear. I have ever so behaved myself that. under God. I have placed my main strength and safe guard in the loyal Black Marias and good will of my topics. and hence I am come amongst you. as you see. at this clip. non for my diversion and disport. but being resolved. in the thick and heat of the conflict. to populate or decease amongst you all. to put down my life for my God and for my land and for my people. my honor. and my blood. even in the dust.

I know I have the organic structure of a weak and lame adult female. but I have the bosom and tummy of a male monarch. and a male monarch of England excessively. and believe disgusting contempts that Parma or Spain. or any prince of Europe should make bold to occupy the boundary lines of my kingdom ; the which. instead than any dishonour shall turn by me. I myself will take up weaponries. I myself will be your general. justice. and rewarder of every one of your virtuousnesss in the field. I know. already for your bumptiousness. you have deserved wagess and Crowns ; and we do assure you. in the word of a prince. they shall be punctually paid you. In the interim my lieutenant-general shall be in my position. than whom ne’er prince commanded a more baronial or worthy topic. non doubting but by your obeisance to my general. by your Concord in the cantonment. and your heroism in the field. we shall shortly hold a celebrated triumph over those enemies of my God. of my land. and of my people.

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