Internal Organizational Analysis and the competitory advantage the group may or may non hold in set uping a presence in London

A conventional representation of the SWOT ( Strengths, weaknesses, chances & A ; menaces ) will be used to fit the cardinal external and internal factors. The undermentioned SWOT would supply us with a comprehensive organisational resource analysis of the Shangri La group aboard supplying us with the competitory advantage the group would bask.



Situated at a premier location in London as has been apparent in their belongingss throughout the universe ( Grayson & A ; Hodges, 2004 ) .

Legendary Asian Hospitality – the authoritative Asiatic Flavor – holding a Chinese parent company gives them an border over all the others in footings of holding the Asiatic civilization portion of their corporate civilization and therefore a alone place ( Hitt, Ireland & A ; Hoskisson, 2009 ) .

40 hotels worldwide – therefore a wide base to portion experiences and set learned lessons from around the universe to good usage ( Robbins & A ; DeCenzo, 2007 ) .

Pre identified mark section of concern and leisure travellers with an oculus for category and civilization ( Robbins & A ; DeCenzo, 2007 ) .

Service attack of cordial reception and flexibleness embedded in corporate civilization and selling activities ( Walker, Walker, Mullins & A ; Boyd, 2010 ) .

Sound fiscal backup.

First interaction with Western civilization was Sydney – no other experiences as yet in the West

Marked difference in Sydney and London ‘s Culture

An effectual and efficient direction manner played a major function in Shangri La Sydney ‘s success.

The trade name is non that good recognized outside the Asiatic and now besides Sydney ‘s market.


S-O schemes

W-O schemes

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

New planned tourist attractive forces like International Dome in London.

Tendency of utilizing monetary value publicities.

Relatively lower value of Pound sterling

Turning accent of the local authorities on advancing touristry.

Growth of London as a fiscal sector – a conference and concern finish.

Establish in London ( S1, S2, O1, O2, O4, O5, O6, )

Extensive integrated selling communicating attempts. ( W1, W4, O1, O5, O6 )

Make usage of chances in the West ( W1, W5 ) .


S-T schemes

W-T schemes

Recent tendencies show that luxury hotels have grown at a rapid gait in London. The competition in the close hereafter will be cut-throat and intensive as more and more suites will be added to the industry.

The presence of much more powerful trade names in the luxury sector of the London cordial reception industry

Significant addition in branded budget hotels – about 13 % last twelvemonth

Uncertainty created by terrorist activities.

Aggressive investings in the sector by other Asian & A ; Middle Eastern investors.

High barriers of entry

Niche Marketing and maintain that niche ( S2, T1, T2 )

Premium, Image Based pricing ( S2, S5, T3, T5 )

Based on the above analysis and the secondary research, Shangri La ‘s competitory advantage lies in its authoritative Asiatic Spirit and the ability to keep a customer-centric attack which forms the footing of their corporate civilization, therefore besides cut downing the demand for standardisation of procedures. The nucleus values of the preparation are: regard, courtesy, earnestness, helpfulness and humbleness and the preparation faculties focus on the group ‘s mission of “ pleasing clients each and every clip ( Honeycutt, Ford & A ; Simintiras, 2003 ) ” . Not confined to developing plans, Shangri-La Care is a living civilization within the group, strongly supported by top direction and continuously cascaded through the organisation.

Both these are edge to assist Shangri La carve out a alone niche for itself in the London market. The lone menace being the fact that other Asiatic and In-between Eastern participants are besides embarking into the cordial reception industry. Whether those who are positioned based on their Asiatic ethnicity are able to convey out the same spirit in their civilization remains to be seen!

2. An external analysis of the possible rivals and clients in London

London, that great cesspit into which all the dalliers and loafers of the Empire are overwhelmingly drained.

-Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

The past 20 old ages has seen an overall addition in the entire figure of visitants to London, despite any impermanent ruins seen intermittently in the short-run. Overseas visitant Numberss have increased from 9.6m in 1990 to around 14.9m ( estimated ) in 2006 ( Hooley, Saunders, Piercy & A ; Nicolaud, 2008 ) . Domestic visitant Numberss to London hold besides grown over the long-run from 6.9m in 1990 to an estimated 11.8m in 2006. Domestic Numberss nevertheless have seen the largest fluctuations ( compared to abroad visitants ) in the short-run, ensuing in a little downward tendency in entire visitants to London since 2002. This has been influenced by the increasing popularity and handiness of many states and turning competition from other major European metropoliss ( due in portion to the Ascension of no-frills air hoses ) ( Flourish & A ; Oswald, 2006 ) .

The overall London market has been buffeted by a figure of issues since 2001, including panic events, SARS and the eruption of Foot and Mouth. However, a recovery in demand ( peculiarly for international visitants ) is apparent and the London bombardments in July have proved merely a impermanent reverse. Improved room outputs have supported investing in new hotel suites in London, progressively off from cardinal London to the western and eastern parts of the metropolis. The dispersion of adjustment represents chances for concerns outside of Central London, but besides provides challenges for organizing visitant substructure including conveyance and information services ( Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & A ; Lowe, 2002 ) .

There has been strong growing in the budget sector of the market and this has provided visitants to London with a greater pick of adjustment. Moves to standardise the quality evaluations for hotels will hopefully besides provide visitants with greater information and certainty sing their adjustment experience. Looking frontward, touristry is expected to go on to turn ( as prognosis to 2016 in the 2002 PwC study and extended in this study to 2026 ) and when considered in combination with the extra impact of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games ( whose influence was non included in the PwC study ) , and the planned development of major touristry installations, such as the International Convention Centre, it can be seen that significant extra demand for adjustment on an ongoing footing could be generated ( Young, Weiss & A ; Stewart, 2006 ) . New adjustment is planned to run into future demand, shuting the spread between the current room stock and the demand prognosis in 2016 as reported by PwC, and the hotel market is cheerful about London ‘s chances.

Demographic alteration looking frontward, touristry is expected to go on to turn ( as prognosis to 2016 in the 2002 PwC study and extended in this study to 2026 ) and when considered in combination with the extra impact of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games ( whose influence was non included in the PwC study ) , and the planned development of major touristry installations, such as the International Convention Centre, it can be seen that significant extra demand for adjustment on an ongoing footing could be generated. is expected to supply a market chance for the proviso of adjustment to the accessible adjustment market, although grounds suggests that London is non serving this market every bit good as other finishs, which provides challenges for the hereafter ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) .

As one of the chief tourer finishs in the universe and with the 2012 Olympic Games on the skyline, London is set to be at the head of a recovery in the UK, and so European, hotel markets. Price publicities and the low value of sterling during the twelvemonth allowed London to stay a popular tourer finish, with leisure touristry peculiar from Europe, countervailing the autumn in corporate engagements, which had continued from 2008 ( Smith, Berry & A ; Pulford, 1999 ) .

These manque purchasers have been attracted by the depreciation of the British Pound against the US Dollar and the Euro. Initial marks of a lag in the decrease of values, bespeaking that the underside of the market has been reached besides makes buying attractive to high net worth persons and crowned head wealth financess. The enticement of the Olympics is go oning to pull operators and developers into the capital, which is predicted to see a 12 % addition in new suites ( 13,300 ) by 2012. With its high barriers of entry London continues to be an highly competitory market topographic point but one, as the recovery gathers impulse, that will stay a mark for the bulk of hotel investors, developers and operators with their oculus on long-run additions ( Murphy, Maguiness, Pescott, Wislang, Ma & A ; Wang, 2005 ) .

Worldwide, the bulk of international tourer trips in 2004 were for the intent of leisure and vacations ( 52 % ) with only16 % being for concern travel. The rise in the figure of people ( both international and domestic visitants ) to London has been comparatively modest since 2000, with the figure of visits merely now returning to the high point reached at the Millennium. However, over the long term there has been a steady addition in visitants to London. Nights stayed in London by international visitants have risen on norm by 3.1 % each twelvemonth since 1993 ( compared to 1.6 % each twelvemonth for the UK as a whole ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) . In 2004, 33 % of abroad tourer trips to London were for vacation, 27 % were for concern and 28 % were for the intent of sing household and friends ( IPS 2004, 2005 Growth has been peculiarly strong in 2004 and 2005, with growing of over 14 % in 2004 and estimated growing of 6 % in 2005.

However, growing was comparatively modest in the early portion of the 2000s with a figure of fortunes ( such as low cost air hoses, exchange rates, panic events ) cut downing overall tourer reachings, impacting on both abroad and domestic tourers. The events of September 11th had a similar consequence on touristry, with the figure of visits merely returning to their 2000 high point in 2004 ( Robbins & A ; DeCenzo, 2007 ) . The London bombardments in July 2005 had merely a short term impact on abroad visitant Numberss with visitant Numberss bouncing in the latter portion of 2005.7 It should be noted that the PwC study produced in 2002 did non include the short-run downward tendencies noted above since these tendencies were merely merely in the rhythm at this point ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) .

Domestic visitants to London hold besides increased dramatically, given the ‘one of a sort ‘ millenary jubilations ; the gap of several new and attractive tourer attractive forces. Until late there has non been a proper apprehension within cardinal or local authorities of the importance of concern touristry or its part to the local and national economic systems. One concern tourer is deserving at least three times the sum of one leisure tourer in employment and economic footings and concern touristry is deserving ?3.2bn to London, doing the concern touristry sector an of import country for London to put in. London, being a city finish ever had huge potency as a concern finish ( Hooley, Saunders, Piercy & A ; Nicolaud, 2008 ) . Understanding that possible, the authorities and the cordial reception industry has eventually started taking stairss in this respect.

Presently the metropolis lacks installations that would let maximal development of the metropolis ‘s possible but work has started on those lines. An international concatenation has merely initiated “ Duchess Rooms ” in order to pull the businesswoman of today – particularly the Middle Eastern market ( Honeycutt, Ford & A ; Simintiras, 2003 ) . However, there remains a great trade of work that the metropolis disposal can set about in a command to rejuvenate the metropolis ‘s celebrated image.

London caters to a broad assortment of visitant specific adjustment demands. The lone exclusion is the evident deficiency of accessible adjustment for handicapped visitants. Visit London estimates that serviced adjustment ( including hotels, bed & A ; breakfast constitutions and guesthouses ) histories for around 76 % of all sleeping rooms ( with the balance consisting self-catering, inns and university adjustment ) ( Jensen, 2008 ) . The budget hotel market growing and the increasing investing in up market hotels has led to a polarisation in supply and gradual eroding of the three-star serviced hotels antecedently provided by Thistle and Marriott amongst others. It is possible that a state of affairs could happen in the short to medium term where hotel scaling and quality/service proviso at the budget terminal of the market, could go blurred to some purchasers ( Guffey & A ; Loewy, 2010 ) .

With the close impregnation of wayside and expressway sites, greater flexibleness will necessitate to be shown by both contrivers and developers if this demand is to be satisfied. For illustration some solutions may include the change or renovation of excess edifices into hotels, instead than wholly new physique, every bit good as the development of sites around the M25 corridor and other cardinal conveyance corridors. The continued growing of London s fiscal sector will intend more developments geared to this market and the meetings/ concern touristry market by and large. This is likely to include larger developments with leisure installations, more sleeping rooms, but besides with more flexible meeting installations and ( capable to be aftering ) , flats, apart hotels, or even hotels with flats located really near by that can bask the hotel s installations ( e.g. Capital, St James and Ritz Hotels ) ( Hitt, Ireland & A ; Hoskisson, 2009 ) .

3. An analysis of Possible Cleavage schemes that the Shangri La could follow

This refers to the procedure of taking one ‘s mark market. It needs to be clarified at the oncoming that marketing aiming is non synonymous with market cleavage. Cleavage is really the preliminary to aim market choice. One of the most important advantages of effectual mark selling is that it improves the efficaciousness of all the four P ‘s of selling ( Aaker, Kumar, Day & A ; Leone, 2010 ) . The usage of cleavage, as a tool to separate the full market into “ stratas ” is a utile procedure. Firms can so make up one’s mind which section they are aiming and concentrate their attempts and energies towards that section in order to accomplish the highest return on investing ( Robbins & A ; DeCenzo, 2007 ) .

Positioning, on the other manus, is a construct introduced in “ Positioning – a Positioning – a conflict for your head ” . Harmonizing to the writers ‘Positioning is what you do to mind of the chance ‘ . Meaning it is how the client perceives your merchandise or what you are in the eyes of the perceiver! Thus it is imperative that each trade name is ‘Positioned ‘ in a peculiar category or section ( Al Ries & A ; Trout, 1993 ) .

Given the bend of the millenary and the growing witnessed in travel, each section in the touristry industry has set its ends on increasing its portion of the pie – therefore seeking to look most attractive to the mark audience. In this instance, selling communicating helps distinguish similar adjustments and travel hot musca volitanss in footings of doing their topographic point appear the most attractive ( Arbuckle, 2000 ) . But besides in this instance, it becomes indispensable that the mark section for the incorporate selling communicating is identified beforehand. It is indispensable that sellers guarantee that the finish is non viing with a rival with greater border ; secondly, that the finishs ‘ place is non obscure in the clients mind and in conclusion that the finish has no image or likely a negative image in the eyes of the client. ( Lovelock, 1991 ) .

The cordial reception industry based on the diverse nature of its offerings besides witnesses a assortment of positioning schemes. “ The meeting topographic point for Sun worshippers ” , is the positioning statement of Cancun, Mexico. However, positioning can change greatly. Fisher Island has positioned itself as “ where people who run things can halt running ” . It all depends on the creativeness of the placement squad ( Bergh & A ; Ketchen, 2009 ) . An interesting placement statement is that of Ritz-Carlton Hotels Group ; it says “ After a twenty-four hours of competition, you deserve a hotel that has none ” . The grade to which marketing squads strive to be alone determines the extent to which a placement statement is typical and appealing.

“ By developing a originative run, an operator can market the fact that many Nipponese visitants have been to the Grand Canyon, and were impressed by its amazing presence. This may include testimonies from old visitants or circuit operators ‘ illustration to exemplify this feeling who can do a direct entreaty to the mark market.A However, since the feeling of awe is an intangible concept, positioning statements must demo a touchable ( Young, Weiss & A ; Stewart, 2006 ) . ” There are many ways of pass oning to the audience the place you want your trade name to busy in the clients mind. They might include a originative run ; a testimonial by celebs ‘ or by old visitants etc, but it is necessary to be able to convey the inspiration and the other intangibles associated with the trade name.

The London hotel market could be segmented into several groups viz. , bed & A ; breakfast, hostel, hotels ( five star, four star etc, ) , state hotels, motor Lodge hotel, town house hotel, youth & A ; groups to call the broadest classs. The composing of branded hotels and luxury mercantile establishments in London has soared to around 13 % of the entire supply in the capital, with ironss such as Whitbread, Premier Travel Inn, Travelodge, IHG s Express by Holiday Inn, Accor, Ibis, Choice, Comfort Inn and Quality Hotels increasing their exposure ( Blaxter, Hughes & A ; Tight, 2006 ) . This growing in the budget hotel market throughout all parts of the capital, as elsewhere, has been the cardinal tendency in this industry over the last decennary. In London, peculiarly, it has to some extent, replaced the traditional three-star hotels which were more in grounds in old decennaries. The cost of constructing a three-star constitution, with its higher specifications, service and nutrient demand is by and large considered to be prohibitory in London.

The gradual eroding of the mid-market three-star trade names in London has perchance contributed to accusals that the capital is expensive and does non supply value- for money, Given that budget hotels have merely been so apparent in recent old ages and that cardinal London monetary values are ( like most major metropoliss ) high, this is unsurprising ( Easteryby-Smith, Thorpe & A ; Lowe, 2002 ) .

However, as we will see subsequently, both Paris and Geneva recorded higher mean room rates than London in 2005. It is possibly the perceptual experience of expensive that has to be addressed. In the cardinal sub-region, it is still hard to happen inexpensive adjustment, unlike say Paris or Amsterdam and it is unrealistic to anticipate budget hotel developers to put in the more expensive countries of the cardinal sub-region, such as Westminster or Kensington and Chelsea, to any great extent. The kineticss of hotel demand and this industry ‘s development and operation economic sciences will intend that future up market hotel development will go on to be more feasible centrally. The international concern visitant and high disbursement US, Arab and Nipponese leisure tourers for illustration, will still take to be In this context it should be recognized that a branded budget hotel, with limited service may still be awarded a two star scaling, the same as a quality hostel in the parts with good service, but limited installations ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) .

Hotels in London are concentrated in the cardinal country, but are progressively being distributed more equally across London, located where the chief attractive forces, retail and eating houses are located. “ The luxury sector is amongst the fastest turning sectors in London – there are studies that every bit many as four thousand extra suites can be operational in the following five old ages ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) ” . The industry is set to go progressively dependent on alien selling and luring of clients and tourers that arrive in London each twelvemonth. It will necessitate a “ endurance of the fittest ” scheme from all major participants to see through the competition.

Thistle is the largest supplier of hotels and hotel sleeping rooms in London. The company has some 5,969 sleeping rooms, which equates to 6.4 % of the entire London supply of serviced adjustment. Hilton follows closely with 4,662 sleeping rooms ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) . Both these groups operate in the upper grade class. The Inter-Continental Group operates across the grades with its 5-star hotel in Park Lane, 4-star Holiday Inns and the budget trade name Express by Holiday Inn. Accor, with its scope of trade names, provides sleeping rooms in each class, from the 5-star Sofitel to the 4-star Novotel, 3-star Ibis and budget Formula.

The chief branded hotels comprise 12 % of the entire figure of serviced constitutions and 38 % of the figure of sleeping rooms in serviced adjustment. The identified branded hotels are most dominant in the high-end of the market, consisting over half of all 4 and 5 star constitutions in London ( Greater London Authority, 2006 ) . The above mentioned names besides will be Shangri La London ‘s chief rivals. However, the difference between niche selling and direct competition will predominate in this scenario. It is necessary for Shangri La to guarantee that it is able to place itself good, with regard to its rivals ( Etzel, Walker, Walker & A ; Stanton, 2007 ) .

The international concern visitant and high disbursement US, Arab and Nipponese leisure tourers are the chief sections that Shangri La will aim. As per the Greater London Authority carried out under the London authorities, he conference and incentive travel industry has evolved over the past few decennaries into a mature concern sector. It is progressively clear that concerns and associations can non work efficaciously without face-to-face meetings. Over the 10 old ages to 2004, there was a 50 % addition in all concern trips ( with 27 % of abroad visitants going on concerns to the UK in 2004 ) transcending the overall touristry growing rate ( Gilgeous & A ; Chambers, 2001 ) .

On a planetary graduated table, 16 % of International tourer reachings worldwide were for the intent of concern in 2004. For Shangri La, the discerning concern and leisure travellers are the premier focal point. The bulk of the clients for Shangri La should acclaim from this section and therefore should be targeted utilizing appropriate and relevant schemes ( Young, Weiss & A ; Stewart, 2006 ) .

The placement of Shangri La for the assigned market sections in London will be genuinely psychological image based positioning – taking to make a alone place in the consumers mind on the footing of the authoritative Asiatic Flavor seeable conspicuously in the corporate civilization of the organisation and in the nature of the cordial reception services provided.

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