Time has come for the proprietors of Footsteps Historical Tours to take whether to maintain the concern as it is running now, or whether they will seek to turn the concern. This study gives a elaborate analysis about the touristry market and gives an account about the recent tendencies. It so describes the current place of FHS in the market.

Then it goes in item to the selling scheme applied by the company and gives remarks for the farther growing of the market portion which includes implementing e-commerce. And it gives a short description and benefits of utilizing e-commerce. This study finds that FHS is holding manpower and possible to originate the growing and gives a few recommendations to to the full do usage of it.


2.1 UK Tourism

UK is 6th most visited tourer finish by the international tourers. Last twelvemonth the figure of tourers that visited UK was around 26 million people. There as a diminution of 1 % when compared to the figure of visits in the twelvemonth 2009 but the overall disbursement remains unchanged in nominal footings ( & A ; lb ; 16.7 billion in 2010 ) .

tourers visits.jpg

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Furthermore the Tourism industry plays a critical function in adding to the state ‘s economic system and creates immense employment chances. The below figure explains how the touristry industry supports the economic system straight or indirectly.

touristry and economy.jpg

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As mentioned in the site ( beginning 4 ) the top 10 tourist attractive forces of UK are mostly based in London and they are

Blackpool Pleasure Beach at Blackpool, Lancashire – 6,000,000+ visitants yearly

British Museum at London – 5,932,897 visitants yearly

Tate Modern at London – 4,862,581 visitants yearly

The National Gallery at London – 4,382,614 visitants yearly

National History Museum at London – 3,698,500 visitants yearly

London Eye – 3,500,000 visitants yearly

Alton Towers at Staffordshire – 3,100,000 visitants yearly

Science Museum at London – 2,705,677 visitants yearly

Tower of London – 2,161,095 visitants yearly

Victoria and Albert Museum at London – 2,065,300 visitants yearly



The political factors affect the ordinance of the concern and disbursement power of the consumers.

The stableness of the political environment is indispensable to develop the touristry industry.

The authorities gives maximal support to the touristry industry as it is one of the major turning industries in the state.

The cost of the short term sing visa to come in the state was increased to & A ; lb ; 68.

The present uncertainness about the extension of the pupil visa keeps off the pupils who wish to prosecute the higher instruction in the universities here to an extent.

Maintain peace in the state by maintaining off from war and panic.


The province of merchandising economic system in long term and long term is to be taken into consideration particularly when international market is taken into history.

The current exchange rates encourage altering the usual perceptual experience that UK is an expensive finish to see.

Austere steps taken by different states after the planetary economic lag pose an on-going menace to the leisure touristry.

The VAT has been increased by 20 % from January 2011

The outgrowth of new concern hubs in topographic points such as Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai poses a serious menace to the figure of concern visits to London.

Socio – Cultural

The socio-cultural factors affect the concern and vary from state to state.

The linguistic communication, lifestyle and civilization play an of import function in pulling the inbound visitants to UK.

The spread of swine grippe had an reverse consequence in the figure of tourers arrived in UK in the twelvemonth 2009

The protagonists of the local football squad traveling to an away game having their squad will heighten the domestic touristry.


Technology plays a critical function in accomplishing the competitory advantage.

Britain is a critical cog in the air power web.

Good substructure

The increasing popularity of networking sites like facebook increases the popularity of the of import tourer ‘s finishs.

E-commerce growing

The recent tendencies in the touristry in the state are expressed by utilizing the image below.

touristry trends.jpg

Beginning: – 5

The intents of inbound travellers into UK are the following

Holiday Trips

Business Trips

Visits to either friends or relations

Education in UK universities

Medical intervention in the infirmaries here


Nottingham is the 9th largest topographic point in footings of travel and work and is located in the East Midlands part of UK. It is the fastest turning metropolis in the state. The metropolis is about 120 stat mis from London and 50 stat mis from Birmingham. The visitants are mostly attracted by its history, by the cabarets and saloons and by the fable of Robin Hood.

The two Robin Hood events organized in the metropolis are

Robin Hood Pageant during October

Robin Hood Festival during the summer

Main historical and new attractive forces in the metropolis are

Nottingham Castle and art gallery

Galleries of Justice

Man made belowground caves

Wollaton park, Clumber park, Rufford state park, Colwick park and Victoria park

Lace market and Corner house

Sherwood Forest

Old Market Square

Nottingham Arena and the Royal Concert Hall

Trent Bridge


3.1 AN Overview

Footfalls is a little household owned SME engaged in historical Tours concern. It was established in 1983 and is run by Mr. Roger Ironridge and his married woman Judith. They have about 25 employees including portion timers. Their client base includes largely matured people who are enthusiastic about European civilization and history. Isabella, their girl who has returned from America agreed to fall in the concern for a period of six months.


Roger is to the full engaged in research and broadcast medium and is least daunted about the running of the concern. Judith who wishes to play more portion in the research is busy with the disposal of the concern and has a immense work load. The net income maximization comes below the passion for history in their precedence list. They believe that the best manner of promotion is by supplying the clients with a quality service and has non yet adopted new thoughts and engineering.

Isabella who late joined the concern was acute to spread out her household concern and even develop its root internationally. She wants to follow e-commerce and cyberspace enabling in their concern which is a portion of her scheme for market variegation and market incursion with the aid of her friend Max. He used to make informations excavation and interfacing for a low budget air hose company and owned an on-line dating web site. Max even prepared a feasibleness survey study on the possibility of success if e-commerce is implemented in their concern. On the other manus, Roger was rather impressed with his study.

Ramesh_pallath @ yahoo.co.in




Strong expertness

Repute of supplying good quality service for about 30 old ages

Positive feedback from the clients

Roger has become a popular figure of all time since the broadcast medium

Loath to utilize most modern thoughts and techniques

Lack of adequate staff members

Less importance given to the net income maximization

Lack of proper publicity activities



Researching new markets

The approaching Olympics will convey batch of inward tourers into the state

Execution of e-commerce

Enjoy a place that enables o charge premium monetary values

An experient Undertaking director with advanced selling thoughts and an IT expert is about to fall in the concern

Competetion from local and international circuit operators

Immigration regulations acquiring stricter and the increased cost of visa

Another recession might decline the current state of affairs

VAT is increased to 20 %

Bad conditions


The Cost Leadership Strategy

Since the direction of the Footsteps do non wish to compromise on the quality of the service provided the cost can non be minimized beyond a certain bound.

Based on the expertness and the quality of the services provided the company could take a premium pricing scheme.

A low pricing scheme would ask for a stiff monetary value competition from its rivals and finally will coerce the company to compromise on quality

For the net income maximization the company should minimise the cost incurred to the possible extent and by maintaining the same monetary value construction

Differentiation Scheme

The Unique Selling Point of the concern is its repute of supplying a high quality service for the past 28 old ages.

The freshly appointed manager is all set to implement her schemes for the market variegation and market incursion.

Adopting e-commerce and cyberspace enabling to their concern will be an added advantage to its cost scheme.

Focus Strategy

This scheme involves concentrating on a peculiar section of the market which involve clients like

Specific age groups

Independent travellers

It ‘s necessary to keep the trade name trueness among the clients by holding a healthy relationships with them

Footfalls can besides aim the American corporate where Isabella have worked for six old ages.


FHT is now in the market niche place.



( Monetary value )



( Quality )


( Quality )


( Monetary value )


Major rivals runing in the market are: –

Bespoke Tours

Alison Weir Tours

Godolphin Heritage Tours

Tudor History Tours

Hidden History Tours

Historic England Vacations



Footfalls is engaged in supplying historical Tourss and offers three circuit bundles

3 Night vacation bundle

5 Night vacation bundle

7 Night vacation bundle

A high quality service is provided to the clients which includes keen dinners in historical hostel and eating houses. The company farther attracts the clients by forming themed vacations. The company can besides do programs to establish CD ROMS and steer books about the of import historical finishs in Europe.

FHS can besides include a royalty bundle aiming the corporate clients wherein excess epicurean service is the chief attractive force.

Monetary value

They charge premium monetary values. The 20 eight old ages of service, trade name image and the repute permits them to bear down in the premium scope. The client is ready to bear the high monetary value if the service provided is besides up to the grade. Footfall can take advantage of this perceptual experience of the clients.

FHS could offer some price reductions for its loyal clients to increase the trade name trueness.

Topographic point

Footstep presently has a telephonic engagement system largely for the domestic visitants. And it associates with a few travel agents to acquire possible inbound visitants from abroad.

With the execution of e-commerce and cyberspace enabling clients could make the company straight through an online engagement system.


At present least importance is given to the promotional activity. Harmonizing to Roger the best promotion of their concern is obtained by supplying high quality services to the clients. The publicity activities adopted by the company include


Word of oral cavity

Broachers and catalogues

Roger could hold an history with popular concern networking sites like Linked In and FHS could hold a community page in popular societal networking sites like Facebook where its clients could post their feedbacks. These feedbacks will make an feeling among those who read it.


The staff in a touristry company should hold effectual communicating accomplishments and should be given proper preparation for covering with the clients. The tour ushers of FHS are portion clip employees who are prosecuting their Phd surveies.

When be aftering for the growing of the company it is indispensable to enroll a experient full clip tour usher who can besides give preparation and counsel to his co-workers who might be making portion clip.

Physical Evidence

It is apparent from the positive feedback from the satisfied clients and a client base of loyal tourers that FHT is successful in presenting a high quality service to its clients. And this attracts more people and will hike the company ‘s trade name image.


All the activities of the circuit operator get downing from recognizing the client at the airdrome till the clip to offer adieu to the same client comes under the procedures of that operator. And all the activities have to be good organized for proper client satisfaction.

4.2 E-Commerce Technology

It deals with the purchasing and merchandising merchandises or services over the cyberspace or other computing machine webs. With the rapid development of the cyberspace e-commerce has become the new manner of making concern. Among all the other industries touristry industry is the greatest success in the acceptance of e-commerce ( Si – quing Liu, 2006 ) ( source.6 ) . It makes the information and engagement installations available to big figure of tourers at lower limit costs.

Benefits of E-Commerce

Provides easy entree to the information about the assorted services provide

Engagements and payments can be done easy

Reduce the operational costs

Could interact with the clients in a much easier manner.

Effective selling at a really inexpensive cost

Creates new markets

There was a rapid addition in the figure of users of cyberspace during the last decennary. The size of the Personal computer ‘s are going smaller and smaller and the PDI ‘s and notepad ‘s are going popular. Now that the cyberspace is easy accessible through nomadic phones the figure of users will further increase which will increase the range of e-commerce.


Beginning: – 7

A chief drawback of the execution of the e-commerce is that the initial investing required is high.


Max should be given the undertaking to present the e-commerce engineering into the concern as a first measure towards alteration. This could be implemented with the available financess

Cost effectual selling techniques should be used which includes uploading Roger ‘s wide casting picture into the youtube where 1000000s of people visit each twenty-four hours. Besides a portion of his research and the feedback from the clients can be included in the web site.

FHS can besides see spread outing their market to Italy with the aid of Max who was born in Italy and besides speaks Italian and in the long tally set up its roots in the whole Europe.

Izzy and Max should be given full clip duties and could pull off the disposal portion of the concern so that Judith could fall in Roger in the research work.

FHS could tie in with some international travel agents so that they could include the visa processing and its cost in their circuit bundles. All the client demands to make is pay the money and pack their bags.


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