Anders Behring Breivik shot 68 people dead at a youth camp of the Norwegian and killed another nine in a bombing of government buildings.(Gunningham). Anders Behring Breivik liked playing violent games, he actually used the video game Call of Duty to train for his shooting massacre. This is an extreme situation usually teens just play the game for amusement and fun with no lasting results.  In America, 91% of kids play video games(abc news). Most kids or teenagers play video games, that might not be a problem but what about violent video games?  As we move on in the years, games are becoming more and more realistic in many ways and could affect teens therefore Violent video games could have a negative effect on teens such as an addiction to the game and criminal activity. Violent video games teach kids that they will get rewarded as they kill to achieve a better score. Humans usually repeat things that has a rewarded. Those who play violent video games build “opposite intuitions” that they take into the rest of their real life. According to ABC news Michael Carneal  a thirteen year old shot girls as they prayed in a prayer group.  he never onced moved his feet during his shootings and never fired too much to the left or right, but instead fired only once at every target that showed, just as a player of video games tries to score more by shooting only once at each victim in order to get as much points as possibleChildren practice over and over the actions available in this activity . The player practices violent behavior hundreds and maybe thousands of times , much more practice than everyday activities receive. Whatever a person practices repeatedly becomes an automatic habit , which could affect them in real life. As a kid enjoys this action and play multiple times the action becomes adictive.Most if not all addiction have negative effects. Because most addictive thing waste time as kids could be working on academic and school work. 35% of players are overweight because the have no time exercising and just playing games according to science facts. Kids also could get distracted at school because the are talking about the game.researchers used MRI to scan brain in the participants, teens. including either emotional or non-emotional content. The participants were scanned again while doing the same think , after a  two weeks of playing the video games.Researchers found that in teens that played  violent video games showed by a lot/ less emotions and attention shown. “Behavioral studies have shown an increase in aggressive behavior a few weeks  after violent video games, and what that shows is the physiological explanation for what the teens behavioral studies are showing,” says Matthews. “We’re showing that there are changes in brain function that are likely related to that behavior.”  this is all was all founded by Alice Park in 2014.

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