Bibliography 1-1


1.) Murray, Charles P. “Are too Many People Going to
College?” The American. (2008): 20.

2.) I believe that Thomas Murray thinks people should have
already obtained the information that they would learn in college, beforehand,
and that it is a waste to go to college. The thesis I have for this selection
would be: I believe people should stay away from college because, they should
already know the information they are going to teach them, it is nearly
impossible to obtain a B.A., and they could make more money at job right
outside of high school than going to school for a white-collar profession.

3.) I found three main sections in the reading selection. My
outline would look like this,

     Body 1) It’s a
waste of money on already known knowledge

section shows how a lot of the information that will be given to you in
college, if you paid attention and worked hard in k-12th grade,
should have already been taught by now.

      Body 2)
Obtaining a B.A.

this section, he states how hard it is to get a B.A. and uses some numbers to
make his case even stronger.

“you’ve got to get a B.A. Many of them drop out. Of those who entered a
four-year college in 1995, only 58 percent hag gotten their B.A. five academic
years later.”

      Body 3) Is working right after high school
better than attending college?

section really gets someone thinking because he introduces a 17-year-old boy
who can’t decide if he wants to attend college and be a white-collar manager,
or just not go to college and be an electrician. He makes good points on how
being an electrician would be better

states it could be better because “you can be your own boss” and “you could end
up getting more money”

4.) The Arthur is Charles Murray, he is an American
libertarian, Arthur and columnist. He obtained his schooling at Harvard
University, Institute of Technology. He writes most columns in The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. He also wrote his
own works such as The Bell Curve, and
he refers to this reading some.

5.) I feel his audience would be anyone from any age wanting
to obtain a B.A. or obtain any kind of Liberal Arts Education.

6.) 3 quotes: “‘College readiness'” score was found to be
1180 on the combined SAT math and verbal tests. It is a score that only about
10 percent of American 18-year-olds would achieve if they all took the SAT”
Page 238

“Students at the 80th percentile of academic
ability are still smart kids, but the odds that they will respond to a course
that assigns Mill or Milton are considerably lower than the odds that a student
in the top few percentiles will respond.” Page 239

“They do need to know – and to know more than they are
currently learning. So, let’s teach it to them, but let’s not wait for college
to do it.” Page 237

I picked these 3 quotes because they show that sometimes
college is unnecessarily hard when it doesn’t need to be.

7.) I liked when he talked about the 17-year-old who was
deciding on a career path. As I read I realized that I was in his shoes once
too. That one bit made this reading jump out to me and become interested what
at first, I was not.

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