Anthem is based in a socialist society. Everyone is treated as equals. Nobody is allowed to think they are above anyone else. They all are given names that are followed by numbers so they have no identity. They are assigned Jobs by the scholars. They have to do everything for their brothers. The scholars run everything. They have very little technology. They use candles and torches for lighting. They are not allowed to socialize with people outside of their work field. They also are not allowed to socialize with females. The only time they can socialize with females is at the City Palace of Mating.

They hardly have a quality of life. They live for their brothers. Their education is limited. They are told everything in the world has already been discovered and nothing else exists beyond the walls of the cities. I would not want to live in this kind of society. Your education is limited and you are told to be like everyone else. You do not have anything that separates you from the rest of society. They are told what to do and are put on strict schedules. If they misbehave they are lashed. Nobody should have to live in this type of society. 2. Men hardly reach the age of 45 because they have nothing to live for.

Everyday they wake up and do the same thing. They also have very little technology and are limited on their education. So, if someone were to get sick, they would have no way to help them. They probably are limited on their medical discoveries as well. 3. Transgression: The breaking of a law or oath. A. Transgression of Preference: Equality chooses International 4-8818 as his friend (p. 30) I. They are taught that the individual is nothing, mankind is everything, and that everyone must be treated with absolute equality. To choose a friend is to single out, and elevate, one man from the group.

Also, choosing a friend squires individual thought, personal choices, and value Judgments, all of which are forbidden. They are expected to be mindless, and thus selfless. It. This should not be condemned. Choosing a friend is not a cruel act against mankind. It is a simple decision based upon similar interests. Sin: a willful violation of some religious or moral principle a. “It is a sin to think words no others think and put them down upon a paper no others are to see. ” a. It is condemned because they are told they cannot have any taught that mankind does not have.

By writing their thoughts down they are making personal choices and be intelligent. . This should not be a sin. Everyone should be able to write their opinion down. Their opinion is not harming anyone else. Curse: a charm intended to cause such misfortune to another a. They are cursed because they are smarter than all of the other students. A. This is condemned because no individual should be thinking something mankind isn’t. They are taught to believe that mankind knows all. B. This should not be condemned. Everybody is deterrent. Some people are Just smarter than others, the scholars should use their knowledge to their advantage.

Crime: any offense, serious wrongdoing, or sin a. Stolen manuscripts . Equality stole the manuscripts which is considered a crime b. This should be condemned because stealing is a crime and should not be tolerated Evil: morally wrong or bad, immoral a. When Equality finds the tunnel a. This is condemned because it is from the unmentionable times. It is forbidden to speak or use anything from this time period. B. I think this should not be a crime because technically he was in the city limits. Damned: condemned or doomed a. The transgressor was damned for using the unspeakable word at the end of chapter 2. . The transgressor was condemned because he spoke of the unspoken word. This was considered a crime because this word could spark others to revolt. This was an act of individualism in a society where no individualism is permitted. B. I don’t think the transgressor should have been burned for using this word. I think that was an extreme punishment. 4. Equality is unlike his brothers in several ways. Everyone is suppose to be six feet tall and Equality is taller than everyone else. In the home of Infants Equality fought with his brothers, he was locked in the cellar more than the others for this.

Equality found learning to be too easy. He was unhappy because of it and, wanted to learn more. Finally, Equality was lashed more than everyone else, because he couldn’t forget the lessons, and wanted to choose his trade. This is not how his brothers think. 5. I believe the council assigns Equality the Job of a street sweeper because they do not want him discovering things they have not. They do not want to be out smarted by them. They try to dumb them down by giving this Job. They also want to try to make them think they are dumber than they are. 6. This novel takes place in the past.

I think it takes place in the past because they do not want people discovering things that are still known to mankind. They are afraid of the light Equality discovers. They also only use candles and torches. 7. I think my teachers would embrace the curse Equality has. They would try to build their knowledge up instead of knocking them down. They would also put them in classes that would challenge them to learn more. His teachers disapprove of his quick mind because it makes him stand out from the others. They do not want people to be individuals and his quick mind makes him an individual. 8.

He does accept the moral teachings of society. He has known this all of life so he does not know of anything else. He accepts the fact that he is different. He also knows that he can’t resist being “evil”, because he knows what he is doing is right. 9. I would like to be friends with someone like Equality because he stands up for himself and what he believes in. He knows who he is and accepts that, he does not try to be someone he is not. Chapter 2 1 . You can tell Liberty 5-3000 is also an individual because she speaks her mind and also breaks the rules. She is curious about Equality. That is also forbidden. 2.

The society tries to get rid of any sexual feelings. Women and men are not allowed to communicate. This is not allowed because they cannot choice one person over another. You are not allowed to have an opinion. It is a crime to think things your brother NAS not thought to. 3. All to the other men in this socialistic society are obedient to the government. Equality enjoys life and is proud of what he has accomplished. 4. Fear is the most prevalent emotion because fear is a overpowering emotion. It takes over your whole body and preoccupies your mind. Fear can easily be spread amongst a society because people are afraid of the unknown. . The Great Truth: All men are one and there is no will save the will of al men together. The Unmentionable Times: The ages before the Great Rebirth and the Great Truth. The Uncharted Forest: The immense forest surrounding the city. No man who goes there ever comes back. The Evil Ones: Those who opposed the Great Truth. The Great Rebirth: The time when the Great Truth was realized. 6. Equality is struggling to think of the word I on page 49. By saying the word “l” you are supporting individualism. Individualism is not allowed in this society. By saying the word you may cause others to revolt.

This discovery may lead to the downfall of society as they know it. Chapter 3 1. In this chapter Equality discovers electricity. A. This discovery is very important to society and can help everyday life. They would be able to replace candles with light bulbs. They could also get heat instead of burning firewood. They could build cars and different meaner of transportation. They could also get computers and different appliances that make everyday life easier. 2. The council of scholars believes that everything has already been discovered. They do not believe there is anything left to be discovered. Equality proves them wrong.

Chapter 4 1. Unconquered is an ideal name for Equality. He was not conquered by this socialist society. They did not get to brainwash him like everyone else. He has his own beliefs and does not follow theirs. Chapter 5 1 . Equality is very proud of his discovery. He knows it will greatly benefit mankind. He also begins to care about himself and what he wants. He wants to be recognized for his discovery. 2. At this point in the novel Equality is so interested in his own image because he does not know what he looks like. He Just recently started caring about himself. All man is said to be the same.

When he sees himself he realizes he looks nothing like his brothers. This makes him standout more. Chapter 6 1 . The prisoners in the Palace of Corrective Detention never try to escape because it is forbidden to go against your brothers. Everybody else in society follows the rules, so there is no need for it. Chapter 7 Although it has its benefits it would ruin the department of candles. This is highly recognized in society. This would destroy the plans of the world council. It would also enlighten other men to try to discover things. On top of that, some of Equality brothers did not believe it was good for mankind, so it must not be true. . The nuncio really rejects the inventions because they are afraid of it. It is unknown from them and do not want to embrace change. 3. Equality meaner they were once young and useful to society. Now that they are damned they are Just as good as the old. They are now useless to society. Chapter 8 1 For the first time in this chapter Equality tells treated. The treated makes him happy because he can do whatever he wants. 2. Equality laughs when he remembers he is damned because being damned has lead to his newly found freedom. 3. The Uncharted Forest symbolizes a new life for Equality. He is no longer trapped in the city.

It also symbolizes a new way of thinking. Nobody is his society has explored the forest because it is forbidden. It is something away from the ideals of his brothers. Chapter 9 1 . There is a desire for life in his eyes. He is determined to discover the unknown and he is proud of himself. 2. He believed solitude to be evil, it was a corrupted thing. He now believes there is Joy in solitude. He realizes he does not need his brothers to survive. He used to think he needed his brothers to be good. He now thinks it is good to be alone. It used to be evil to be individual, but he now sees evil as being stuck in that society.

He used to think Joy was sharing what he knew with his brothers. He now finds Joy in the Golden One and his invention. Chapter 10 1 . Equality and the Golden One are not familiar with houses. They have never seen one. It seems futuristic to them. There are windows covering the whole house. The walls are hard and smooth. The inside was filled with several things they did not know. They found books, mirrors, more light and an array of colorful things. Chapter 11 1. Equality discovers the word “l”. 2. “Whatever road I take, the guiding star is within me. ” a. He can always use the word “l” no matter where he is.

It will guide him through life. “For the word We’ must never be spoken, save by one’s choice and as a second thought. ” b. He believes people should think of themselves first and of others second. 3. Equality now realizes that his goal in life to be himself. He is to live for himself and nobody else. He can share his discoveries with however wishes. He will only do what he wants to do. 4. The word “l” is like a god because you focus on yourself and your happiness, instead of focusing on others and their problems. Equality was never truly happy until he started to become more independent and focus on his life instead of his rooters. . The Saint of Pyre is trying to tell Equality that the unspeakable word is through his actions. By looking at him directly he tried to symbolize to him the word “I”. Chapter 12 1 . Equality takes the name Prometheus because he follows his motto of sharing stuff with other people. He gave the name Gaga to the Golden One because she in the mother of the new beginning. 2. In the future Prometheus plans to raise his son as an individual. He wants him to use the word “l”. 3. It meaner that to be free he has to be free of his brothers. On page 18, “There is evil in your bones,

Equality 7-2521, for your body has grown beyond the body of your brothers. ‘ But we cannot change our bones nor our bodies,” is a prime example of how his brothers hold him back. Again, on page 21, “We are nothing. Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. We exist through, by and for our brothers who are the State. Amen”. This clearly shows their only purpose of living is for their brothers. On page 29, “But it is only our brothers in the Home of the Artist who are permitted to draw pictures”. This shows how they are told to do certain things, they hardly have any choices.

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