The company that we chose to convey to Sweden is Canadian supermarket vesture company.

Joe Fresh. We chose this company due to the bright. lively colourss. authoritative silhouettes and low costs of the garments in the line. This resonates good with what we learned about Sweden in our state scan ; it is non how much something costs. but instead how the wearer carries the garments off. If the vesture is worn with manner and elegance. the wearer is much more well-thought-of in Sweden than if they pile on the name trade names and Sons to look affluent or fashionable.

Less is more in Sweden. and we feel like the simpleness of the vesture in the Joe Fresh line could truly happen success in a state like Sweden. In the Joe Fresh aggregation.

there are dads of trendy. edgy and classic. which can all be mixed together to make the perfect Swedish styled outfit. Some illustrations from the Joe Fresh that we feel would vibrate with the Swedish public include tweed skirts. coloured blouses. colored jean and printed jumpers.These merchandises can be marketed as they already have been in Canada ; the advertizements are bold and basic.

an already successful sort of advertisement in Sweden. H & A ; M advertizements. which are evidently successful in their place state of Sweden.

are really similar to Joe Fresh advertizements in that they focus on the vesture and non the background. They link all their advertizements by holding a white background. pulling chief focal point to the vesture. Simplicity is cardinal in both the manner itself and the advertizements for the Swedish populace. Overindulgence is a turn-off for the market that we are looking to aim for the new Swedish Joe Fresh line.

Choosing a Target MarketThe mark market that we are looking at for Joe Fresh are adult females. particularly those aged about 18 to 34. She is evidently fashion-conscious. and enjoys have oning voguish vesture.

but still makes it her ain. She can be a pupil or a calling adult female. as the lower monetary value point of the Joe Fresh aggregation allows for everyone to be able to afford the line. She does hold a certain sum of expendable income. to fund her altering manner.

Joe Fresh would suit into her lifestyle due to the affordability of the vesture. the versatility of the pieces to alter into many different manners. and the attraction and adaptability of the apparels themselves into a Swedish life style.

Competitive ClimateModern manner in Sweden is full of new and advanced interior decorators and labels successfully marketing stylish vesture for a low monetary value. doing Joe Fresh a feasible rival in the Swedish manner market. The Swedes pride themselves in decently showing themselves.

the practicality and voguish entreaty of Joe vesture will surely pull the attending of the consumers within the market. Their chief rival H & A ; M has been established in Sweden for many old ages. the new and exciting expression offered by Joe Fresh will get down to construct their client base. and their attending to quality and the demands of the consumers will keep their place within the market. Furthermore. Clothing is one of Swedens top key imports harmonizing to the trade commissioner. Product Image/Positioning ChartWhen we analyze the place of Joe Fresh come ining the Swedish market compared to their rival retail merchant H & A ; M.

the Joe Fresh trade name image runs parallel to the manner tendencies admired and followed by the Swedes. They want their vesture to mirror their life style. whether it be twenty-four hours or flushing they want their vesture to play the portion. Swedish manner is known for they monetary value point. quality and functionality. Similar to the H & A ; M manner. Joe Fresh is come ining the market with the right monetary value point for the Swedish economic system. every bit good as their garment manner is what the Swedes expression for in vesture.

They carry rudimentss for daywear. every bit good as pieces acceptable as insouciant office wear. For dark. they carry a assortment of dark palette options. with spangle and embroidered item suitable for any dark clip map. They place themselves around the centre of the axle on the merchandise positioning chart. medium to low monetary value point with a medium quality merchandise. This type of place is perfect for their coveted mark market.

which is a manner understanding mid mid-twentiess female. looking for voguish pieces at low-cost monetary values. By keeping a simplistic trade name image they will be able to come in the market swimmingly with positive response from the consumers.Part 1B – Country Scan of SwedenApparel Industry OverviewSweden is home to one of the most successful Norse dress markets ; it is the 2nd largest dress exporter of the Norse states. States included in Sweden’s export list include Finland. Denmark. Norway.

Germany. The Netherlands. the UK and Poland. Production itself has been outsourced in more recent old ages.

to Asiatic states like China ( taking maker for Sweden ) . Bangladesh. India and Cambodia. The dress industry in 2011 posted negative Numberss for the first clip in a few old ages ; this is due to recent economic failing and uncertainness.

The downward bend of the economic system took a toll on unit monetary values. ensuing in the negative retail value growing. In footings of their manner industry.

Sweden has thrived off the success of fast-fashion retail merchant H & A ; M. but has besides branched out to house popular trade names like Cheap Monday. Acne. Filippa K and WESC ( all of which have experienced moderate to good success in North America ) . Harmonizing to the US Department of Commerce. Sweden is particularly adept in making and retailing mid-priced vesture ; this is synonymous with information found on Swedish manner web logs stressing that Swedish manner is non about how much is spent on the vesture. it is about manner and how the garments are worn.

Apparel Consumption PatternsIf we look at the statistics at the old ages taking to 2009 the Swedish retail market had grown significantly. their premier retail belongingss bring forthing great demand. Over the old ages Sweden has maintained afloat during economic low periods. nevertheless the lessening in personal ingestion from the twelvemonth 2010 to 2011 may impact the retail market. The entire retail gross revenues besides decreased from 2010 to 2011. intending the Swedish population is passing less of their disposable income unnecessarily.

This may act upon Joe Fresh come ining the market ; nevertheless their solid monetary value point and quality merchandise is adequate to crush the competition and delight those on a tighter budget. Since 2010 the Swedish touristry industry has increased. and of the sum of their disbursement the retail industry received 30 % . With the add-on of Joe Fresh to the available retail merchants. they can tap into the Swedish touristry industry. which expands their mark market spectrum in hopes in bring forthing more gross revenues.

This dislocation of the 2009 family outgo study highlights the alteration from 2008 to 2009 in per centums every bit good as dollars in one million millions. Food and drink. excepting intoxicant. cosmetics.

baccy. magazines and newspapers ; these mundane trade goods are consumed about the same sum as the forte retail disbursals ; such as manner dress. family goods and leisure goods. The entire retail gross revenues for Sweden in 2009 we’re 500 billion dollars or 3. 1 % .Population OverviewThe entire population of Sweden.

as of September 30. 2012. is 9. 540. 065 individuals. which is an addition of 0. 72 % from the old twelvemonth. The bulk of the Swedish population ( 85 % ) lives in urban countries.

with this turning twelvemonth by twelvemonth at a rate of 0. 6 % . As of 2010.

the figure of families is ~ 4. 660. 355.

plus or minus 34. 396. The largest and most thickly settled country is Stockholm. the capital metropolis.

The most important growing was seen in Stockholm county. Vastra Gotaland county ( place to thickly settled metropolis of Gothenburg ) and Skane county.Age Structure ( as of 2012 ) :0-14 old ages: 15. 4 % ( male: 722. 811 – female: 680. 665 )15-64 old ages: 64. 4 % ( male: 2.

967. 938 – female: 2. 897.

454 ) 65 old ages and over: 20. 2 % ( male: 821 647 – female: 1. 013. 273 )
Consumption CapacityGNI for Sweden: $ 400. 37 Billion ( PPP )| 2001| 2002| 2009| 2010|GNI per capita PPP ( current international $ ) | 28020| 29160| 38040| 40140| Population sum ( in 1000000s ) | 8. 9| 8.

9| 9. 3| 9. 4|GDP ( current US $ ) ( in 1000000s ) | 227359. 5| 250960. 8| 405783| 461939. 1| GDP growing ( one-year % ) | 1. 3| 2.

5| -5| 6. 2|

Degree of DevelopmentSweden is a extremely developed state. ranking 10th on the Human Development Index ( HDI ) .

as of 2011 ( in the “Very High Human Development” class ) . The country’s neighbour. Norway. ranks foremost on the index. The life anticipation at birth. as of 2011. is 81.

4 old ages of age. The 2011 Numberss indicate the expected old ages of schooling is 15. 4 old ages. with the mean old ages of schooling at 11. 7 old ages. Schooling is compulsory between the ages of 7 and 16. with homeschooling forbidden ( except in certain fortunes ) . Over 40 % ( as of 2009 ) of the population aged 25-34 old ages has obtained third instruction ( university.

college. doctor’s degree. etc ) . Almost the full population ( 99 % ) over the age of 15. male and female. can read and compose.

The state experiences a much lower offense rate in their metropolitan countries like Gothenburg and Stockholm. compared to metropolitan Canadian and American metropoliss.
Granted. the offense rate is a small higher in these metropolitan countries. but they are nil in comparing to North America. Petty larceny and fraud with tourers is common.

like in any big metropolis. but vehicle larceny and homicide has been on the diminution. Crime rate additions in the summer months due to more empty places.

less police officers on responsibility ( due to holiday ) and by and large more people in the metropolis sing during warmer summer months. However. Sweden is non any more unsafe than any other developed European state ; the three degrees of constabulary assignment have a good clasp on society. and there are seldom high degrees of upset within the state. Drugs are recreational.

and it is common to see them used in the streets of certain Stockholm countries. every bit good as cabarets. but they do non do high degrees of condemnable activity or the necessity of constabulary intercession. Road safety is high in populated countries ; nevertheless.

snow tyres are recommended when going off the beaten way. due to an on occasion boisterous clime in the more northern countries of Sweden.Commercial Transportation systemEntire Roads ( 2009 ) : 572. 900 kilometer ; 1. 855 kilometer of freewaies – 12th in the universe* 98. 400 kilometer of province roads* 433.

500 kilometer of private roads* 41. 000 kilometer of municipal roads* 215. 700 kilometer unfastened to public traffic

Vehicles/km of route ( 2009 ) : 8Amount of goods transported: 13.

626 metric tons ( 2010 )* over 80 % of goods transported in Sweden are via roadways

National and international route conveyance of goods ( based on million tkm of conveyance )Number of airdromes: 230 ( 26th in the universe )Number of paved track airdromes: 149
Km of railroads: 11. 633 kilometerMarket ReceptivenessEntire Exports
The above graphs and chart show window the entire exports into Sweden. Harmonizing to this information. merely 0. 11 % of Canada’s exports are to Sweden. compared to 0.

12 % in 2007. All Numberss are expressed in Canadian dollars.

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