The company which I ‘m traveling to discourse approximately now is one of the universe ‘s largest consulting houses when measured by grosss. This company is a portion of the Fortune Global 500 list and has over 257,000 employees across more than 120 states. 96 out of the 100 companies included in the Fortune Global 100 list are clients of this company. The company I ‘m speaking about is none other than ‘Accenture ‘ .

History and Ownership

Accenture was originally the concern and engineering confer withing division of accounting firmA Arthur Andersen. The division originated as a feasibleness survey forA General Electric in 1953. Through the 1990s, Increasing tensenesss between Andersen Consulting andA Arthur Andersen finally lead to the split between the two entities. The fact that Andersen Consulting was paying Arthur Andersen up to 15 % of its net incomes each twelvemonth was upsetting Andersen Consulting. At the same clip Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting were viing through its ain freshly established concern confer withing service line called Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. A In 1998 Andersen Consulting claimed breach of contract against Andersen Worldwide Societe Cooperative ( AWSC ) and Arthur Andersen.

Resulting from the decision of arbitration with theA International Chamber of Commerce, Andersen Consulting broke all contractual ties with AWSC and Arthur Andersen In August 2001 and as portion of the arbitration colony, Andersen Consulting paid $ 1.2A billion to Arthur Andersen, and was required to alter its name, ensuing in the entity being renamed Accenture.Andersen Consulting adopted its current name, “ Accenture ” on January 1, 2001. The phrase “ Accent on the hereafter ” was purportedly shortened to “ Accenture ” . The name was coined by Kim Petersen, a Danish employee from the company ‘s Oslo, Norway office through an internal competition. This alteration of name proved an first-class move for Andersen Consulting as it avoided the contamination that Arthur Andersen picked up because of its engagement in the ulterior Enron Scandal.


As of September 2012, the company ‘s head count is over 257,000 employees across 120 states.

India presently has the individual largest figure of employees, with a head count of about 80,000 in August 2012. In the US, it has approximately 40,000 employees and in the Philippines 35,000.

Organizational Structure and Businesss

Accenture as a company is organized into 3 transverse functional groups, viz. Workforces, Operating Groups and Growth platforms.

Work forcesThere are 4 work forces that serve clients in the countries of consulting, engineering, and outsourcing, and the company itself. These 4 work forces are summarized in the tabular array belowWork forceFocusDutiesConsultingManagement Consulting, Process Design and Applying engineerings to BusinessGross saless, Delivery and Leading Majority of Accenture ‘s undertaking based workServicessOutsourcing Battles in Business Operations and ITApplications Development, Helpdesk services and HRSolutionsSpecific Technology accomplishments required for undertaking bringings and Outsourcing battles.Histories for most of Accenture ‘s employees in Delivery Centers across Developing StatesEnterprisePull offing and back uping all activities across Accenture ‘s concernLegal, installations, security, selling, and client fiscal direction.

Operating GroupsAccenture operates in a matrix construction like most other houses do. The first axis histories for the operating groups, or industries of its clients. There are five Operating GroupCommunicationssMedia & A ; TechnologyFinancial ServicesMerchandises, A ResourcesHealth & A ; Public Service.The above five groups history for about 20 industry subgroups that are responsible for industry development, concern issues, and applied engineerings.Growth PlatformsThe 2nd axis comprises of the growing platforms. They refers to the functional or proficient spheres where the company ‘s frontline people specialize their accomplishments, develop and utilize the company created methodological analysis, and create and present solutions to Accenture ‘s clients. The tabular array below summarizes ‘Growth Platforms ‘Growth PlatformDutiesManagement Consultingdevelopment and bringing of Accenture ‘s strategic, industry, functional, operational, procedure and alteration consulting capablenesss.

TechnologyAccenture ‘s systems integrating, engineering consulting, and IT outsourcing capablenesssBusiness Procedure OutsourcingSpecific concern procedures and maps for clients. For ex: Procurement, HR, finance and accounting


Having worked in Accenture for 14 months, I was able to acquire more than a glance of how the leading functioned in the company. To get down off with, my immediate squad lead ne’er looked like he was really taking the squad. He was ever working alongside us, and was every bit much a portion of us, as co-workers in the same degree would be. He led from the forepart, but was ever alongside us. The same qualities were seeable in our undertaking lead, who was higher in authorization than our immediate lead. Although he was in a higher degree in the hierarchy, he ever took clip to pass clip with everyone.

Blessed with one of the best senses of temper, he was normally responsible for buoy uping up the temper on the full floor. But when things got serious, he was ever a measure in front. He made sure he communicated with everyone, giving constructive feedback and admiting everyone ‘s attempts.In my term of office I besides got to interact with 2 senior executives, one of whom was the history director and the other being responsible for 4 other procedures apart from our procedure. Acerate leaf to state, these were truly busy work forces on a really high round of Accenture ‘s hierarchical ladder. But every clip they visited the floor, they made sure to talk to everyone and discourse the procedure ‘ occurrences with them. I realized all the leaders here were truly accessible, for any issue. Accenture was a company where leaders lead from right alongside everyone in the organisation through a really informal and unfastened door civilization.


The civilization at Accenture was a antic mix of Professional moralss and informal relationships between people. While the work everyone did was expected to be of the highest professional criterions, the same was non the instance with the broader image of work civilization itself. Fridays were dress insouciant yearss to enable people to take against the usual balls. The work civilization in Accenture was more of a Collaborative work civilization. Cells were non to the full enclosed. This enabled people to interact with fellow co-workers. In the procedure where I worked, our leaders made certain one time every hebdomad to order in a repast for everyone to as to promote a insouciant session of eating together, which I noticed was a great emphasis fellow and truly helped in adhering people. Besides, on the last Friday of every month birthdays of all employees who had their birthday in that month would be celebrated, thereby conveying together everyone on the floor for an informal get-together.

When people are comfy and informal with each other in the workplace, coactions increase hence ensuing in increased productiveness.

Group Dynamics

The overall productiveness of squads, and therefore the company they make up depends a batch on how the teams map. The relationships between people in a squad or those in a functional group play a large function on the successes the squad or group achieves. During my term of office in Accenture, I noticed how much importance the leading lay on group kineticss.

Apart from seeking to actuate people to separately stand out in their work, they besides motivated squads and encouraged better degrees of coactions. One manner they did so was by keeping a competitory spirit between the squads. They besides organized squad excursions one time a one-fourth to heighten group kineticss and organized squad constructing games in these excursions so as to ease in everyone understanding each other ‘s strengths and failings.

Apart from promoting a competitory spirit between the squads, they besides inculcated a competitory spirit within squads excessively by holding an RnR ( Rewards and Recognitions ) policy. The best performing artist from each squad was identified monthly and their attempts were openly appreciated and rewarded through recognition of redeemable wages points.

Change Management Enterprises

For a company who offered Change Management Programs and Solutions to its clients, it would n’t come as a surprise that they were truly good themselves at pull offing alterations and doing certain that passages are smooth and seamless. During my term of office there I was non merely able to witness this procedure from start to stop, but besides be a portion of it. 6 months into my occupation at Accenture, we were informed that out undertaking had acquired another procedure from UK and we would be back uping them in add-on to our current client. They planned this full large alteration in a measure by measure procedure. They gave us a caputs up about this 3 months prior to the ‘Go Live ‘ twenty-four hours.

They communicated the ground and the vision to everyone. They assigned specific functions to a few choice people including me sing passage and stabilisation of the new procedure. They were updating us on a regular basis sing all the functional facets of the new procedure alongside developing the selected few people.

Overall this resulted in a smooth passage of the new procedure and sustained public presentation after the ‘Go Live ‘ day of the month.

Politics & A ; Conflict Management

Politicss and Conflicts were reasonably much at a minimal due to the unfastened civilization and the accent Accenture laid on group kineticss and squad bonding. However political relations and struggles can non be removed wholly.

The direction was speedy in covering with struggles because they were good cognizant what consequence it can potentially hold on the entire productiveness. They ever made it a point to decide struggles every bit shortly as possible. The unfastened door policy facilitated this in a great manner. Problems would be kept confidential and they would give constructive feedback to people who needed it. They besides made certain political relations was at bay by being just to everyone. From what I could see group kineticss and civilization played a large function in maintaining the floor comparatively free from political relations.

Critique and Recommendations

All in all, from my term of office in Accenture I have gained a just thought about how an organisation should work. The points below sum up my observations and my sentiments on what makes a company a ‘Futuristic ‘ or a ‘Visionary ‘ Firm of Endearment.

Accenture was a company with a neatly defined organisational construction. Everyone had clearly defined functions. There was clear distinction between functions in different hierarchical degree. A clearly defined corporate hierarchy facilitates in employees clearly cognizing their functions which in bend inculcates answerability in people.My leaders in Accenture led from the forepart, but they ne’er made me experience uncomfortable to near them for any issue.

They ever kept me motivated, recognized my attempts and gave me feedback when I needed it. In a new age house, leaders need to pass on with everyone under them and go forth no rock unturned in motivation, appreciating and supplying constructive feedback to their employees.A Futuristic Firm of Endearment knows that the ‘Culture ‘ at the workplace is one of the cardinal factors that decides the overall success of the company. Leaderships at Accenture recognized this and made sure, that there was a civilization underlying all the professional moralss and bringing criterions.

Accenture knew that overall end product from people counted a batch more than single attempts. The leaders lay a batch of accent on bettering squad kineticss and adhering between people under the same squad or functional group. Every futuristic house must do attempts to better squad kineticss as it helps in increasing overall employee productiveness and keeps all the employees motivated.Accenture showed that it ‘s a company for the hereafter by turn outing that it can manage alteration and do smooth and seamless passages ; an of import feature for a futuristic house of Endearment.The leading of Accenture made certain that they kept Office Politics and Conflicts to a bare lower limit which in bend facilitated a positive and unfastened work civilization thereby increasing entire productiveness and keeping motive degrees of its employees. Politicss and Conflicts have negative effects in an office and ever force a company rearward.

Any house that wishes to be a Airy Firm of Endearment should do attempts to maintain Office Politics and Conflicts at bay.By,R. Prateek PissayMGB12CMM092

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