General Aims:At the of a 30 minute lesson. at least 85 % of the pupils are expected to:
a ) explain in one’s ain words the definition of “LOVE” B ) define what is a short narrativedegree Celsius ) know the characters. scene and subject of the narrativevitamin D ) explain and warrant the difference between love and infatuation vitamin E ) create a function drama on love or infatuation

Motivation: For you. what is “Love “ ? Have you of all time experienced holding a text mate or chew the fat mate? Can anyone portion his/her ain experiences?Preview: “Appointment with Love “Study the rubric of the narrative. what would be the narrative all about?
Discussion:Questions:1. Where and when did the narrative go on?2.

What was the assignment all about? Who were supposed to maintain the assignment? 3. What thoughts raced through the head of the immature lieutenant as he waited for his pen buddy to look at the appointive topographic point and clip? 4. How did Lt. Blandford and Hollis Meynel meet?

5. What grounds did Miss Meynel give for declining to direct her exposure? What does this reveal about her character? 6.

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How did Miss Meynel trial Lt. Blandford’s character? Did Lt. Blandford pass the trial? 7. How does the result of the meeting uncover the character of Miss Meynel and Lt.

Blandford?Activity: Group the pupils into 5 and make up one’s mind among their members whether the given statement is considered as infatuation or love. After warranting their replies. inquire them to role-play a scenario related to the given statement.

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