This study reflects my perceptual experience about architecture and urban design, professional experience in architecture and personal idea about societal, environmental duties as designer and urban interior decorator.

I possess bachelor grade in Architecture after my coursework ; I worked as Architect with Ar. Hafeez Contractor for three old ages and presently I ‘m perusing maestro grade in Urban Design.

On personal note subject in urban surveies module learn me about why empathy is of import quality in life? I think that is my biggest accomplishment from this faculty. This is the one quality I truly do n’t hold and this faculty helps me gain importance of empathy and it will help me to be every bit good urban interior decorator at the same clip human being who respect and understand other people imaginativeness and feeling.

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Thought – As Architect

There are really few professions that are genuinely able to dispute conventions and determine our universe in different dimension. I feel architecture is one of the best profession this ground do me experience proud about my field and it ever push the boundaries in new and exciting ways.

Architecture has many spectrums accordingly for many people architecture have many different significances. To specify architecture can be as hard undertaking as define art.

Architecture is merger of art and scientific discipline, aesthetics and intent and it go beyond in both sides and this is where architecture might be differentiated from other field. It is non merely public-service corporations but it inserted all aesthetics approach, societal kineticss and technology to bring forth such environment which is built-in to the people and their activities.

“ Architecture is non merely huge aggregation of assorted edifice, built to delight the varying gustatory sensations. It is life itself taking from. ” aˆ¦aˆ¦..Frank Lloyd Wright

As per my perceptual experience architecture is populating liquors which engage and excite coevals to coevals and from age to is the look of kernel of values which are of import to life and reinforces the physical environment.

Thought – As Urban Designer

Urban Design is the procedure which is multidisciplinary and collaborative at the same clip and it assist to put up physical scenes for life in metropoliss, town and small towns. It is art of doing infinites.

Urban design has many spectrums such as edifices design, public infinites, transit system, services and comfortss. It is fundamentally framework to crate order and spirit in urban elements.

Urban design transcends architecture, landscape architecture and metropolis planning to do urban infinites more functional and efficient.

“ Urban design and metropolis edifice are certainly among the most auspicious enterprises of this or any age, giving rises vision of life, art, artifacts and civilization that outlives its writers. It is the gift of its interior decorator and makes the hereafter. Urban design is basically an ethical enterprise, inspired by the vision of public art and architecture and reified by the scientific discipline of building. “ aˆ¦Donald Watson

As urban interior decorator I supposed to be design infinites which will make connexion between people and topographic points, nature and built signifier. As per my perceptual experience this is the most responsible occupation than designer because now I have to cover with people in metropolis, town or small town as my clients instead than any specific individual or organisation.

Procedure and professional experience –

I began my bearer as designer in one of biggest house in Mumbai metropolis ( India ) .Where ab initio I enjoyed my work and existent universe architecture but unluckily I found ambiguity or I think as a freshman in architecture sphere, I confronted with many inquiry such as what was I learnt in architectural field is that truly I ‘m implementing in existent universe or non? That was the chief ground leads me to perusing maestro grade in urban design, I thought I need to larn more things in this field.

Topic in urban surveies module aids me to happen out replies of all inquiries in my head about existent universe architecture and it decidedly help to do good tantrum in existent universe as interior decorator.

On the other manus I learnt many things from my professional experience and it is plus for my hereafter. In my professional life I ever tookA inaugural and shows desire to accept the professional duties. I was ever excited for originative thoughts and set forwards clear constructs of architectural design & A ; be aftering along with particularization.

I was involved in assorted state of affairss to organize work from assorted squad members internally every bit good as from Client ‘s office. I besides helped to supervise and pull off advancement of assorted undertakings.

From this procedure I come to conclusion that designer who creates overall aesthetic and expression of edifices but constructing design depends on batch of other factors besides such as edifice should be functional in footings of services, safe in construction and environment must accommodate to the demands of the people who are traveling to utilize them.

Topic in urban design faculty assist me to understand about how to make duologue with client, how to show seminar and state my design narrative with assurance and comprehensive mode. What are the cardinal schemes to convenience clients? How to accomplish balance between design values and money and basic professional demands?

These things truly steer me on right way to carry through my strong desire to stand out in urban design sphere.

RGB group design procedure –

We are entitled to make Kallang river side undertaking. This undertaking truly gives stimulations to my imaginativeness and aid to develop sense about public infinites. Entire design procedure went through different stages such as –

Site visit, site feeling – it helps to cognize existent facts about site and have important importance in design procedure.

Initial studies – It is extravert character of interior decorators and his look about feelings.

Study theoretical accounts – it helps to analysis built and unfastened mass and FAR computations.

Concept program – It is the feeling of planning and programme for activities.

Maestro program – It is merchandise of all this procedure.

Detailed program – It reflects how things works precisely as per maestro program.

This full procedure gives me clear feeling about how the undertakings developed in phases which would truly assist me in future as urban interior decorator.

Duties as Urban interior decorator –

I took bend from architecture to urban interior decorator this is where I need to follow more boundary line vision in design sphere. As per current fortunes metropoliss are confronting issues at the regional degree every bit good as planetary degree. Energy resources, globalisation and hazard which are created by human productiveness need to turn to meticulously in design procedure.

As urban interior decorator I ever need to see that metropoliss grow across the universe and planetary demands for nutrient, H2O and cost energy resources grow at the same time. We should see profound effects of globalisation and demand to utilize renewable energy sagely and set down usage efficaciously because metropoliss does non hold accomplishable beginnings of energy consequently it become statutory to guarantee that future coevals have sufficient supply of energy and safe, healthy environment.

Globalisation term can be explain as interlink between universe metropoliss which furthering to vie in universe sphere in footings of their international web, transit of goods and fiscal facets. Cities are be givening to more focal point on economic vivacity instead than migration, population growing, territorial enlargement through conurbation and unauthorised, unplanned developments. These are some of the reverberation of urbanization and globalization ; we need to take note of all these factors.

“ First semen people

Then come infinites

And so edifices

The other manner around does n’t work ” Jan Gehl

As urban interior decorator people in metropoliss are my clients and my responsibility to guarantee that I should make such infinites in order to bring forth value and quality of life which will make individuality but Identity is merely non deducing from the built signifier, it besides emerges from the character of the people their sense of belonging, fond regard and part to their community. This is how we can accomplish sustainable metropolis.

As per my perceptual experience sustainable metropolis is merely non authorities organisation but metropolis where people have ability to prolong their life. If we consider metropolis as a cloth so that cloth should interwoven with thread as equity, self-respect, substructure ( transit, communicating, H2O, sanitaion ) quality nutrient, low-cost lodging, clean air, employments, unfastened infinites, recreational infinites. If we missed out to interwoven any one of yarn accordingly the quality of cloth will be hapless.

As urban interior decorator I will set sincere attempt to accomplish balance between my design values and in existent universe, I would seek to bring forth benefits to people and provide extra value to their life.

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