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Are We Free Within Our Culture?

I believe that within restriction we are free in our civilization. George Herbert

Mead thought, ? both our head and our organic structure are societal merchandises? . He believed

they were the result of our interactions with other people instead than how we

grew up. I think that no affair what we believe to be right or true at a given

clip, if we have equals around we will be given to travel with the crowd.

Sigmund Freud believed that is was of import that the societal agents of an

single were of import to make the? sense of right and incorrect as these

affairs are defined by cultural values, beliefs, and norms? . Freud besides

believed in the he thought it was of import to? antagonize the antisocial

urges of the Idaho? . I think that Freud would hold believed that we are free

within our civilization. He thought that the parents, equals, and instructors were

of import in guided us in the right way but when it comes down to it we

are the lone 1 that can do the determination. We might hold society behind us

seeking to inch us in one way but we truly chose which manner to travel.

I agree with Freud on this subject. I know that we have all been put in the

state of affairs to take between right and incorrect and have had a difficult clip taking. I

cognize that I have. You want to do the right pick but you are non truly certain.

You want to travel with want the society says but is it ever right? I think this

is where we are culturally free. Even though we have the believes of our household,

our friends, what we have been taught

in school, and what society says is right

we besides have our ain believes. What we choose in the terminal is what we choose.

Merely because person sees us how the see us does non intend that is how we are.

When I think of a rich individual I think of person turn overing in money and being

stuck up. I do non cognize any rich people so this is how I will go on to see

them until I am proven incorrect. They have the freedom of will to alter how most

people thing of them. Peoples in any state of affairs have the freedom to alter their

position and place to acquire to a better one or one that they enjoy more. We are

ne’er stuck in any topographic point. We can ever travel up or down depending on how you

privation to be. It is all based on how much will power we have and how motivated we

are to alter our places.

I think that understanding sociology could curtail personal freedom. I think

of the angel on one shoulder and the Satan on the other shoulder when I think of

this. Understanding sociology is the 1 of them ( you choose which 1 ) . It

pulls you one manner and wants you to travel that manner but so you have your ain

believes drawing you the other manner. Understanding sociology merely gives you more

options. I think that it is good to hold more options sometimes but other times

you merely want one pick. You merely desire to travel the manner everyone wants you to travel

and non ague with it. Just travel with the flow.

When it all comes down I believe we are culturally free. We have a batch of

cognition on how to work out jobs our handle life but we have the finale say on


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