Are you single in this sinister season of
love AGAIN? If that’s the case, it does not mean that you view this day as a depressing
occasion. Be your own Valentine. No one can love you more than yourself then
why not go out celebrating it with the one person who will always be with you-you?
You still can treat yourself and feel good about it. Just because you don’t have anyone special to celebrate this
Valentine’s day with doesn’t mean that the day itself can’t be special for you.
Valentine’s day can also be viewed as a day of celebration to celebrate all the
things that you love about yourself. Here are some awesome things for you to do
on the Valentine’s day.


1.Movie marathon :  Have a
little crush on a celebrity? Then why not have a movie marathon
featuring your celebrity  crush. Gather
all the movies of your ‘celebrity crush’ that you have been planning to watch
and spend the day with your (on-screen) ‘true love’.

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2.Feast : Treat yourself by ordering the food that
you like without the hassle of sharing it with anyone or being judged.

3.Gather your tribe : You
still in touch with your tribe, don’t you? Gather your gang of friends
and plan a night stay or a long drive to some nearby fun destination. Be
creative explore your options and go all crazy.

4.Shop-it-off : Love
shopping?  Then why not just go on
a shopping spree and take the advantage of the holiday sales. Take the money that
you could have spent on your date buying gifts or having dinner and spend it
all on yourself by having a new wardrobe.

5.Laugh out loud (LOL) : Laughing gives you
endorphins which makes you feel happy and is also good for your health. So hit
up a comedy club or watch standup on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

6. Get drunk : Buy yourself a nice bottle of wine or any
booze of your choice and get drunk with friends and party hard. Relax your mind
and ‘Stay High’.

7.Volunteer : Show your love where it’s needed. While the World celebrates this day with good
food, loud music and drinks there are some sections of the society that can
only wish for it!   An
orphanage or NGO homes, the senior citizens in an old age home, special
children in a specialized center. Why not get connected with the
above mentioned and celebrate Valentine’s day with them. Doing something different for the ones
for whom  a small act of love would mean
the entire world.     

Ultimately it’s all about perspective with right attitude
Valentine’s day can be a bliss for singles as well. So boost up your endorphins
and get going. 

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