As I followed my passion for helping others it lead to my
purpose: becoming a nurse.

I have
developed both personally and professionally though my journey thus far as a
pediatric nurse. Unlike several other careers the relationship I have with
nursing is reciprocal. It allows me to explore the unchartered territories of
nursing, and in turn gratifying opportunities arise that enable me to grow as a
person and a advance as a nurse. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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            In high school I began my juvenile
ambition of caregiving and began volunteering for the Special Children’s
Center, an after school program for children with cognitive disabilities. The
managers of the programs recognized my contagious energy and passion for
helping others. After high school I was offered a position as a teachers
assistant in their sister program SCHI; The School for Children with Hidden
Intelligence.  At SCHI I had the unique
opportunity of being with

My natural aptitude for academics fortified my decision when choosing
nursing as a career. When the opening class at New Jersey City University
Accelerated BSN program began with “You will change lives; you will be at the
forefront of patient centered care” I knew the nursing was my destiny.  I am especially proud to have graduated from
NJCU in the top five percent of my class. The program was intense, but I
managed to maintain a 3.8 average and was awarded the “Rosemary Pelle Memorial
Scholarship” of academic excellence and ethics in nursing, and inducted into
honor societies.

Within the first few months of graduation I was hired as a
pediatric nurse at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital at Jersey Shore University
Medical center. I am
professional, energetic, empathic, efficient, consciences, bright, a team
player, and always looking to learn more, that is why I stand out as a
nurse.  I continue to work have
xxxxxxxxxxx what I ained there personally. I have a deep passion and
genuine love in caring for people, but the vulnerable children burdened with
illness have taught me XXXXXXX.

I have become efficient and skilled in the tedious field of pediatric nursing,
though I know there is a vast wealth of information left to learn.  My thirst for knowledge and inquisitive mind
made me aware that there is so much I am unable to do as “just a nurse”. This
leaves me unsatisfied and perturbed. I want to be the primary caregiver, the
leader with advanced clinical training, who diagnosis, counsels, and problem
solves. That is why I seek admissions at The University of Pennsylvania where
the highest standard quality of care, advancing science, influencing policy,
engaging communities while promoting health for over a century is their
mission. I can say with absolute conviction that I will be a remarkable
contributor to the Primary nurse practitioner program at UPen,

Thank you for your consideration.


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