As I get older, I am increasingly intrigued by the concept of ‘responsibility’ and want to further understand whether we should accept the way we are or we should look for further answers to the reasons and causes of our actions and thoughts. I am fascinated by the multiple factors which determine the working of the human mind and an individual’s personality; and the more I learn about these influencing factors, the more questions I have about the extent to which it is possible to judge whether a person (or group of people) can be considered responsible for their actions in any given context.Studying Psychology has made me look at the world differently.

One of the topics I have particularly enjoyed learning about in my A Level course is schizophrenia, not only how it is treated medically but also the extent to which society has (or has not) taken responsibility for addressing this important subject. This issue has also arisen in my study of Politics at AS level where I have been able to see that the debate on the treatment of mental illness has been, until recently, largely overlooked. I now appreciate the critical importance of the advances made in the field of psychology in putting this subject higher on the political agenda and educating society to better understand mental illness. I am also studying History at A Level and I believe that this subject enables me to have a better understanding of certain aspects of psychology by seeing the psychological impact of events in context and often on a huge scale. Two historical topics I have covered, where this is certainly the case, are Nazi Germany and the Vietnam War. My third A Level subject is Business Studies. Whilst the subject matter of this A Level course does not directly assist me in my Psychology studies, the discipline of evaluating data to provide theories and answers to problems in a logical and succinct way is the same. Seeking to take an active part in as much school life as possible, I have embraced the 6 IDEALS of Round Square, an important part of my school’s culture.

This has spurred me on to taking on new roles in the school such as becoming a Syndicate member, which allows me to represent the views of the whole student body, to help better the school. In addition, I have been awarded House Captain, for the Sixth-Form students, a role that requires organisation and practicality. I was given these roles because the school recognises that I am very organised and able to multi-task but also because I am a good people person, which has benefitted me hugely in my ability to perform in teams and independently. This is evident from my interests and chosen activities outside of the classroom where I have played lacrosse and netball from years 7-13, having been captain of the lacrosse team for three years and also receiving the school netball award last year. I also participate in individual sports such as athletics and tennis during the summer, although my preference has always been for team sports as I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a team improve through working well together, and of course, the social benefits that come with being part of a team. Since the age of 7 I have played the Violin, and passed my Grade 5 music theory aged 13. Over the years I have taught myself the piano, guitar and ukulele as well as gaining a sixth form music scholarship for singing.

My thirst for knowledge and understanding, along with my analytical, questioning mind has led me to want to study Psychology at a degree level. I am very excited about the prospect of studying Psychology at university and the career and life opportunities that it will give me.

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