As we all know, France has a global leading position in
the cosmetics perfume industry. This is not only due to the excellent
traditions and global professional expertise that the industry has always
admired, but also to French innovation ability in this industry. France is the
world’s number one exporter of cosmetics, and in this industry, “Made in France”
is still a label of great quality in the whole world. Moreover, French cosmetic
products are exported to more than 200 countries and for those emerging countries,
the cosmetic companies in France still try to increased their global market

Exports in 2016 exceeded 12 billion euros mark in the
cosmetics trade surplus reached 9.2 billion euros, and the global cosmetics
market accounted for 1/4 occupied by the French brands. For China, France is
the largest cosmetic supplier. In 2016, the export of French cosmetics to China
increased by 15% to 783 million euros, accounting for 31% of China’s imported
cosmetics. This also allows the French cosmetics industry to become the third
largest exporter after aviation, wine and spirits.


1.     China overview


China’s cosmetics industry is developing rapidly and has
become a new consumer hot spot. With the global luxury goods industry continued
downturn, the Chinese luxury goods market continued to shrink while the
cosmetics industry has ushered in its “new era.” As China has
liberalized the restrictions on imported cosmetics, the international cosmetics
giant is accelerating the expansion of the Chinese market, making the Chinese
domestic brands to withstand the huge impact from the outside. In the Chinese
beauty cosmetics market, the market share of foreign capital or joint ventures
is close to 80%, while domestic cosmetics production can only meet the needs of
Chinese consumers by launching medium and low-grade products through
Sino-foreign joint ventures. This is really a worrying reality.


In recent years, with the popularization and development
of the Internet, the channel of electricity supplier has developed rapidly.
According to statistics, in 2015, the scale of online transaction of cosmetics
in China is about 152.6 billion yuan and the penetration rate of cosmetics in
the retail line is 29%. It is estimated that by 2018, 300 billion yuan.


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