As one of the famous boxers in the 20th century, Muhammad Ali had great success, not only in his career, but also in influencing many areas in American society. He successfully fought for peace and diversity in the country. In addition, through determination and skillful techniques, he was able to leave a memorable finger print in boxing history. Ali trained along with professional boxer Jimmy Ellis, also known as James Albert Ellis, who said, “He would walk tall no matter what, no matter what you’d say” (Erza 138). Ali was a great boxer because he nevertheless had more stamina and focus in the ring, which he described as being able to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”(Haskins 3).What made Muhammad Ali a known boxer, was his ego to be the best in boxing, which made him the greatest of all boxers (Ezra 35). Muhammad Ali had a unique style which he utilized whenever he had a match which made him become the finest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing. He was considered an outside fighter since he mostly ensured that he remains out of reach of his opponents and would occasionally get in reach to hit the opponent while  getting out of reach again before he would get hit (Hubbard, Alan). At some times he utilized the counterattacking technique, where he would nail his opponents when they would attack him. Muhammad Ali was more famous due to his knockout techniques, he used the strength of his fists, which were very powerful therefore made him always win. His weightlifting, athleticism, footwork practices as well as thorough training, made him acquire a lot of strength and power. These activities made him become fast in initiating his moves making it easy for him to attack his opponents.Boxing in mostly viewed as a sport where two people in a special podium are put to fight in accordance with any set special rules wearing padded gloves (“History Of Boxing.”). This game originated from areas such as Rome and ancient Greece. During its pioneering era, the act of boxing involved encounters of two people who used to fight without hand gloves and this led to a lot of injuries involved in the battles. Boxing later advanced to planned matches which involved fighting contests across England, where famous people such as Jack Boughton rose into fame and later named as the father of boxing. Due to the dangers involved in the contests, different rules were developed and documented to ensure that the act of boxing is regulated and moderated. In 1743, when Jack Boughton practically killed an opponent in a boxing contest. Over the years, more rules continued to be developed and amended in 1865 which transformed the contests into a sport.The transformation of the nature of boxing from the deadly battles which were undertaken in ancient Rome to the present day regulated contests made the sport become more popular. The development led to the creation of the National Boxing Association which governs and regulates the sport. Various organizations trained more boxers in the art of boxing (“History of Boxing”). Now professional boxers are able to earn a living out of boxing just like any other sport. Boxing is currently included in the Olympic Games and is currently classified as a game where professional boxers from different states, can showcase their talent leading to the arrival of various boxing champions, such as Mike Tyson, Jimmy Ellis, Joe frazier and George Foreman. Yet, Muhammad Ali is still considered the greatest.Ali has influenced many areas of boxing by presenting a high challenge to the current boxers. Through the use of his original techniques, Ali was able to break the traditional ways of a boxing by exploring, therefore coming up with unique techniques to beat his opponents. Ali had a famous saying “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” (Haskins 3). Later, the initial championship success, he declares “I am the greatest! I am the greatest! I’m the king of the world.” (Haskins 3). One of the areas that made the great boxer to be popular is the brash style. The other part that was influenced by the great boxer was the religion. Ali changed his Name after joining Islam in 1964, which was shocking to many especially his fans, who did not expect such to happen. Ali was drafted and refused to be part of the military at the time of Vietnam War.These obstacles ended up costing him deeply. He was later arrested which led to other horrible sanctions such as suspension of his boxing license as well as his title loss of heavyweight champion. The Supreme Court later overturned a conviction that was facing Ali therefore letting him be free. Ali’s popularity was a challenge, as some fans were viewing him as a draft dodger. However, as time passed, Ali popularity improved and he regained his fans backs. Ali converted to more specific forms of Islam as some thought he was after Sufism that followed the prophet Muhammad. The joining of the separate black association was an indication to people that the black people deserve equal rights compared to the whites (Taylor 3)Muhammad Ali is labelled as one of the most relevant twentieth-century sports individuals.  This is due to his successful boxing career which saw him succeed in most of the contests he ever participated in. His boxing records throughout his career as well as his style of fighting made him unique and be more respected both in the ring and outside. Through his fame, in boxing, he utilized his position in the society to advocate for racial equality where he represented the black Americans to ensure that all individuals are treated equally irrespective of their racial background. His refusal to join the army in the war against Vietnam indicated his concern for peace as well as his campaign against discrimination of Muslims during the 9/11 attacks. This contribution to equality and advocacy for peace made him acquire great recognition in the American society. Work cited page.Collins, Mark. “Jimmy Ellis.” Muhammad Ali: through the Eyes of the World, Skyhorse   Pub.,     2007, pg. 138.Ezra, Michael. Muhammad Ali: The making of an icon. Temple University Press, 2009. Pg. 35Hubbard, Alan. “Boxing: Why Muhammad Ali really is the Greatest of all.” The Independent,       Independent Digital News and Media, 14 Jan. 2012, Date accessed: january 05, 2018″History of Boxing.” Historyofboxing.Info, 2015, accessed: january 02, 2018Taylor, Momodu Christopher. An Examination of the Life and Times of Muhammad Ali: Boxing,Politics, Cultural Identity, and Transformational Leadership. Diss. North Carolina   Agricultural and Technical State University, 2016.

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