As we can see here, there is clearly an ideal situation that the nature enthusiasts of Costa Rica ,and not to mention the locals, dream of. However, there are some sectors and aspects of the list Katrina Brandon gave that are missing, and as a result, mean there will still be some complaints about how ecotourism is managed in the country.    Although the government are mainly those who are responsible for managing the state of the national parks and the restricted areas, many of the locals have decided to take matters into their own hands, and as a result of this, have in a way overtaken the government in the process of protecting Costa Ricas natural landscape. 

Many tourists that are arriving and travelling around the country are acknowledging how important it is for this country to be preserved and protected, resulting in funding, donations and petitions being signed and sent around by overseas tourists, which, along with the government and the locals efforts, should in the long run benefit the country. Of course, there is huge strain on the government to keep up their GDP each year and not fall behind, resulting in a tough tension-struck decisions in what to invest their time and money on: the tourism sector or the eco-protection sector, and are still trying to find a balance that pleases everyone, both the locals and the economic and financial government workers.

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Further insight and comparison with other countries 
After listening to a radio programme on BBC Radio 4 called “Tourist Tide, Costing the Earth”, I discovered that the problem that Costa Rica faces with tourism affects other countries around the world too. The example that stood out to me was that of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, where a few of the local population were interviewed and their  opinions were brought to light regarding the situation in their country. They are complaining that the tourism industry is completely ruining their city, and that there is no longer any room for the shops that the people of Amsterdam need, but only shops and services for the tourists who come and spend a few days there. The government are trying to help the economy by using new targeting options through social media to nudge more people to head towards the tourist attractions of the city, through suggested videos and adverts on peoples social media after they have booked their trip to Amsterdam, something which the Costa Rican government may benefit from, if they properly looked into it. The people of these countries that are recognising the negatives from mass tourism say that they are adapting an attitude more and more of not welcoming the people who just come to the country or city, to party and mess around and treat it like they were back home, without actually appreciating the different culture, the different food, the monuments, the locals and the effort the government tries to put in to welcome and attract tourists, because these types of people are ones that bring no real benefit apart from a minimal economic one to the country. BBC Radio 4 – Costing the Earth Tourist Tide Wed 6 Sep 2017 Radio Programme.

In conclusion, after having reviewed multiple different outlets of information (websites, journals, radio programmes etc), and after having evaluated various different points of views from different professionals, locals and other officials, I believe that Costa Rica, as a whole, can maintain itself properly with the rate of eco-tourism that is occurring at this point in time.  However, I think the country and its leaders might have to re-think its business model in the future, so as to not completely destroy its natural habitats and booming economy.

In completing the Extended Project Qualification, I have learnt a great variety of skills, which I know can be transferable into many other aspects of my writing whether it be in further education, or in my employment later in life.
One of the biggest problems I had to overcome throughout my project was to successfully balance the arguments in an un-biased form in my discussion from the 

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