?As the twig is bent, the tree inclines. Early influences will always have permanent effects. It was, my role model, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam who inspired my interests to incline towards science when i was at my fifth grade. As the years rolled by, my love towards science and technology escalated as well.That drove me to opt math, physics, chemistry in my higher education which was fascinating enough and i came out with flying colours having secured a top rank with 92%.?Due to my innate interests in the field of mechanical engineering and my performances in high school, i was able to get into the prestigious PSG College of Technology in the discipline of Production engineering. I was exposed to a number of subjects including Manufacturing Technology,Metal Forming, Welding Technology, Strength of Materials, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machineries, Manufacturing of Automotive components. My college has been awarded as one of the best industry linked institute by the government of India which not only makes me technically strong, but practically equipped as well.?I did an in-plant training as a part of my UG curriculum in PSG Industries. Apart from these, I have also attended in-plant trainings at Integral Coach Factory, Golden Rock and in Titan industries private ltd, Hosur. During my training period, I was unwrapped to a number of concepts in mechanics & its related theories. I underwent career enhancing certification and was awarded Professional in Product Design and Analysis by India’s leading CAD Education centre CADD CENTRE in January 2016.?During my Undergraduate program, I had an opportunity to choose an elective called Manufacturing of Automotive Components. It was really fascinating to have cognised about the facts of automobiles , their working principles, the aerodynamics and their efficiency. Once my professor was teaching about the differential, its inception and working principle. Little did i know that the differential would make a huge difference in my career as it did for an automobile. That made me to explore more and more about the automobile. I wanted to deepen my knowledge in automobile and that motivated me to pursue Masters that too in the home of automobiles and precision, Germany. Germany is, hands down, the best country for pursuing masters. I am very passionate to study Masters in Design and Development of Automotive Engineering in Esslingen university as the curriculum here is more pragmatic for any other college in this course.?My senior year thesis was on “Investigation of High Speed Drilling of Ti Alloy(Ti-6Al-4V)”. I completed my project successfully and convinced the external evaluating committee to secure a distinction as it was more of field and industry project than a theoretical one. This was possible as i had amicable contacts that I had previously established with Entrepreneurs and industry employees priorly by attending meetings and discussions who helped me with their expertise.?Those knowledge that i acquired in CAD and others theories helped me fetch a job in Triad Software Private Limited, Chennai as a CAD Software engineer. I have been trained in number of CAD softwares including Pro-E, Solidworks and in backhand of CAD. Later my work shifted towards automating the features of Pro-E using Application program interfaces.?Apart from my curricular activities, I have also participated in extracurricular activities. I have always believed that, Fit body plays a vital role in enhancing one’s brain. My leadership qualities helped me to captain my college Handball team during my ultimate year and has paved way to secure top positions in tournaments. I have also been awarded with “Best Disciplined Student” during my graduation from high school.?I’m very well aware of the facilities at the University and the expertise of eminent faculty at,Esslingen. A graduate program from such an esteemed institutionwould give me a great boost in fulfilling my goal. As I have a lot industrial exposures and haveworked on many managing tasks on-sight at those industries I’m sure I’ll be able correlate theintellects of the course with my prior training experience and achieve a profound view onautomobiles.?I know that it would be a painstaking experience studying among the worlds best engineers in Esslingen and i am sure that my experiences, trainings and skills developed during these years will be well suited for my higher studies in your esteemed University. I am eagerly waiting for a chance to continue my education at your esteemed University at the earliest.

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