The international HRM transportation patterns adopted by US transnational companies ( MNCS ) have been seen to be capable to a batch of force per unit areas, Evans and Lorange ( 1989 ) furthermore US Mncs are believed to be centralized and ethnocentric in presenting their HRM patterns. The state of beginning is really of import because, it affects and influences two really of import attacks which are ; the culturalist attack which notices that civilizations differ and so they would necessitate to use different HRM civilizations in different topographic points and the institutionalist attack that looks at establishment and non civilization and it is strongly believed that Mncs are influenced by the establishment.

The US come from a civilization that is low context and many employers have a unitarist position and adopts a unitarist attack that believes that all members of an administration should portion the same involvements and besides believes in a paternalistic attack which demands trueness from all its employees and see no demand for trade brotherhoods or corporate bargaining, Legge ( 1995 ) , this goes a long manner in understanding why Devos ( 1981 ) referred to them as anti-trade brotherhoods. The US transnational employers view corporate representation of employees with a batch of ill will Wever ( 1994 ) , this has to make with their cultural dimensions of Power distance, uncertainness turning away, Individualism and Masculinity as decribed by Hofested ( 2001 ) .

Beginning adapted from Hofsede Cultural Dimension ( 2003 )

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Power distance ( PD ) – 40

Uncertainty turning away ( UA ) – 46

Individualism ( IDV ) – 91

Masculinity ( MAS ) – 62

In position of all the cultural dimensions as illustrated above, the US being high on Masculinity and individuality will want to reassign, preferring to follow their ain constabularies and because of their construction of being hazard takers and low on uncertainness turning away, they would desire speedy returns on investings which means they would use their HR constabularies based entirely on public presentation and would desire to hold entire control.

In looking at their fiscal systems, they are believed to hold a really strong banking system in operation that comprises of the local, metropolis bank and top federal modesty and have been viewed to hold the most powerful and efficient banking system in the universe, they besides posses strong fiscal assistance and control and since the corporate administration in the US is non regulated but governed by tribunal determinations and corporate Torahs, it would be possible based on this for them to reassign HR patterns to Nigeria without any fiscal troubles, Kniffi ( 1980 ) .

Host Country consequence

In reassigning HR patterns from US to Nigeria, it is really of import to spot if the place state would welcome such a bold measure, hence in sing whether it would be executable to reassign, PEST ( political, economic, societal and technological ) factors and their cultural patterns would necessitate to be assessed to see if it creates a welcoming ambiance for Kay cloths international to get the place company in Nigeria, taking into considerations that these factors could besides impede the transportation. Harmonizing to Byars ( 1991 ) , PEST analysis would assist the company in understanding if they are unfastened to favorable chances and how they would necessitate to do eventuality programs for menaces when fixing to reassign their patterns.

Nigeria is one of the developing states in sub- Saharan Africa whose major resources include ; rough oil, Fe ore, natural gas etc and in 2001 was estimated to hold over 114,092,000 in population and this has attracted a batch of foreign investors, Anakwe ( 2002 ) . Nigeria has been noted to hold a hapless and unstable political environment over the old ages and this has been attributed to its military systems of administration, all these changed in May 1999 with the passage of Nigerian into civilian regulation, besides once more in the same twelvemonth, the International Financial Corporation ( IFC ) considered Nigeria among the 54 development states that were considered as emerging economic systems Hoskisson et Al. ( 2002 ) . In position of this alteration to an independent regulation, its back uping market policies and patterns farther fostered foreign involvement doing Nigeria place to over 200 transnational companies from all over the universe Geo-jaja and Magnum ( 2002 ) , doing it advantageous to Nigeria, since foreign investings through acquisitions and confederations can spread out and better the economic system.

The societal and technological factors besides affect the transportation as Nigerians are really high societal oriented people merely like the US. Technological progresss both in media and telecommunications can besides impact the transportation but since the US are evidently advanced more than the Nigerians in this facet, it would so be executable to reassign their patterns.

In accessing the cultural position and how it would impact the transportation, Hofstede ( 1997 ) in his surveies of civilizations noted that Nigerians are high context civilization orientated and are collectivized. Nigerians besides have really close connexions over a long period of clip and their cultural behaviors are non specific because it is believed that everyone knows it. This difference in cultural backgrounds and orientations will present a really great barrier for the US, who are low context oriented and this may ensue in a batch of communicating troubles due to their cultural differences as the place state will be expressed as respects managerial responsibilities and maps while the host state will be inexplicit. Other factors such as employment systems and trade brotherhoods play a really of import function

Auxiliary Features

There are many grounds why the host state would welcome the transportation of these patterns from the US but the most of import 1 is fundamentally for economic growing. Ojukwu ( 2006 ) cited that growing = ( Advanced benefits + Achieved marks + Achieved public presentation ) – Effectss of encountered jobs.

The manner of transportation to be adopted by Kay Fabrics international would be through acquisition which is Brownfield investing, which has to make which the buying of an already bing production as it would ease effectual amalgamations and acquisition, hence with this manner of entry, a batch of staffs will be laid away, who would decline to stay to their regulations and ordinances and besides because of their ethnocentric nature, they might meet some jobs with the staff staying since Nigerians are non ethnocentric.

Industry Characteristics and International experience

Kay Fabrics international been planetary transnational company would want to reassign based on the degree of competition in the market and because of grade of integrating, it would be executable for the place state to welcome such a move because they would see it as a move by the parent company to avoid racial favoritism.

HR patterns in the USA and Managerial operations

Harmonizing to Hofstede ( 1980 ) , the US are high on individuality and this has been noted to impact their HR patterns and will present a job for the Nigerians that are low on individuality and high on Bolshevism, based on this, the following are the Hr patterns that the US company will reassign to its new location.

Recruitment: The most import facet of their pattern, since they are geting a new company, they would necessitate more capable employees to make full in assorted places. This will be done through high originative enlisting and choice procedure.

Training and Development: in order for the place state to profit to the full from its managerial responsibilities, it would necessitate to be involved and in making that, are seen as necessary tools for employee ‘s growing and development.

Appraisals: An effectual and efficient assessment system would necessitate to be put in topographic point to entree employee ‘s public presentation.

Wages: They would necessitate to present a wages strategy to ease and move as a incentive to increase employee public presentation.

Communication and audience: The US being low context civilization, will assist bridge communications spread and there would be interpersonal connexions during a short infinite of clip.

After efficaciously implementing all these Hr patterns, they would necessitate to follow Perimutter ( 1969 ) four attacks in covering with direction patterns which are the ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric. Briscoe et Al ( 2009 ) discovered that states with ethnocentric orientation such as the US will follow a standardised attack, states with a polycentric orientation will prefer an version attack while regiocentric ‘s purpose will be to develop an incorporate regional scheme and the geocentric that sees the universe as a planetary market. And so because the US are ethnocentric and believe in high quality, the subordinate will non hold adequate autonomy in make up one’s minding any of their managerial maps, the cardinal determinations will be taken by the parent company, they would present the HR pattern being used at place, this will eventually take to standardization through convergence and integrating of their HR patterns. Judging from how they would want to reassign their HR pattern due to their direction manners, it will so be really executable if Nigeria accepts it.


The desirableness and feasibleness in reassigning HRM patterns from Kay fabrics international will be based on standardisation and non version and will be influences by all the determiners that would impact the transportation, bearing in head that, it would be executable to reassign their HR patterns based on ; Nigeria ‘s political stableness, the fact that they can both pass on in the same linguistic communication, being the English linguistic communication and the US strong fiscal systems and reforms. However, it might still non be executable to reassign based on cultural differences that can make a clang in their cultural beliefs and the strength of the trade brotherhoods of the subordinates.


As a hour adviser, the undermentioned recommendations have been put frontward in order to ease effectual transportation of Kay cloths international HRM patterns to Nigeria:

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