ASSESSMENT OF FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES OF DIFFERENTFLOUR  In this exploration paper, the practical propertiesof different flours were inspected.

Flour to be assessed incorporates wheatflour, rice flour, green gram flour and potato flour. The practical propertieswhich were checked incorporates water holding capacity, oil retention capacity,swelling capacity, forming capacity, gelation concentration and temperature,emulsion action, and bulk density and more finished moisture content wasadditionally checked. Grains are rich vitality nourishment; they are greatwellspring of protein, fiber, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Knowing Functionalproperties can be imperative to assess the conduct and properties of protein,fiber, fat and starch in a specific framework.

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For assessing the practicalproperties of composite flour, crude materials from nearby market were accomplished.At first moisture content was acquired by oven drying methodology according toAOAC. After that distinctive utilitarian properties were assessed by standardsystems individually. After investigation all information was recorded andafterward measurable examination was finished.

Results got demonstrated mostastounding estimation of moisture content and emulsion action in wheat flourthough rice flour indicated minimum incentive for foaming capacity. Rice flourgives most elevated an incentive for bulk density and green gram flour givesleast an incentive for gelation concentration and temperature in examinationwith different flours. Most elevated an incentive for swelling limit, oil andwater ingestion limit and emulsion securities were found in potato flour. It isinferred that by including different flours with base element of any bread shopitem we can improve the useful and nourishing properties of it.

Green gramflour and potato flour indicated all the more great utilitarian property sothey can be wanted to use for preparing of significant worth included items asthey are common, modest and have great practical properties.

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