The learning experiences have been developed to cover a range of topics and have been tailored to suit different developmental stages from early childhood to late adolescence. Details regarding the Zoo’s education programs can be found on the Zoo website at www. Overthrow. WA.

Ova. AU. Environment Perth Zoo, located in South Perth, is primarily n outdoor venue with some undercover areas/exhibits. The Zoo is spread over 19 hectares and is home to around 1100 native and exotic animals from nearly 200 species.

Perth Zoo also manages award-winning breeding programs for critically endangered species. Several exhibits feature shallow, open bodies of water. Supervision is important around these areas. For the safety of the animals and visitors to the Zoo, all visitors should remain on the footpaths provided when moving through the Zoo grounds.Toilet facilities (including accessible facilities for people with disabilities) are clearly marked on the Zoo map. These toilets are accessible by the general public during the day.

A copy of the Perth Zoo map can be downloaded from: www. Overthrow. WA. Gob. AU/Visit-the-Zoo/Zoo-Map/. A copy of a map indicating facilities for visitors with disabilities and/or special needs can also be downloaded from the same location.

Student lunches can be left on the main lawn or in the shelters nearby. Lunches should be stored in sealed school bags or storage crates with lids as wild birds have been known to take food items left in the open.The Zoo takes no responsibility for stolen, lost or damaged items. Teachers are able to visit the Zoo prior to an excursion to assess the environment. Please contact the Discovery and Learning team to organize your pre-visit pass. Page 1 of 5 Transport Transport is the responsibility of the school. Buses can enter the Perth Zoo car park from Mill Point Rd and park in the clearly marked bus bays.

Chartered buses and coaches should proceed along the service road from Mill Point Rd car park to the passenger drop-off bays so that students can safely disembark before entering the Zoo.Student’s Capacity Perth Zoo provides living links to the curriculum, through a angel of education experiences. They are engaging, interactive and utilities different strategies to suit deterrent learning styles. Two options are available to schools planning a visit to Perth Zoo: Assisted visit: Includes an education experience (45 min – 1 her) facilitated by an Education Officer, utilizing animals and artifacts from the education collection.

Students can explore the Zoo either before or after their education experience under the supervision of their teachers and adult helpers.Unassisted (self-guided) visit: This visit is entirely developed and facilitated by the irradiating teacher and the school supervisory team. Teachers can download education resources from the Perth Zoo website to support their Zoo experience. Visitors to Perth Zoo are welcome to experience the variety of free ‘meet the keeper’ and Docent (Zoo volunteer) presentations that occur during the day.

Please advise if you have any students with special needs so we can maximize the benefits of their visit.Perth Zoo offers free entry to career or essential companions of those with special needs. We accept the national Companion Card or a letter from a recognized care/social service organization. The Principal of the school needs to provide a letter identifying the career/essential companion/Education Assistant (Special Needs) that will be accompanying your group. Perth Zoo provides sturdy, all-terrain manual wheelchairs at no cost to those who require mobility assistance (returnable $10 deposit and ID required).Advanced booking is recommended (please call (08) 9474 0343 to book a wheelchair). Details regarding the range of the Zoo’s education experiences including teacher information packs can be found on the Zoo website, www.

Overthrow. WA. Gob. AU.

Supervisor/Supervisory Team It is the responsibility of the school to develop a supervisory team that meets their specific requirements in line with the expectations for supervision outlined in this document (see Supervision Strategies).The school supervisory team is asked to prepare students for an excursion to this venue using the briefing information provided within this document, and must accompany the students throughout the visit to actively monitor behavior and intervene as necessary. During your visit, Perth Zoo staff and volunteers may lead, demonstrate, perform and present activities but will not undertake any role(s) in a supervisory context.

Page 2 of 5 External Provider Information Clearances Perth Zoo staff and volunteers assisting school visits hold a Federal Police Clearance.Perth Zoo Education staff also hold Working with Children Checks. Current Accreditations and Qualifications Perth Zoo Education Officers hold a variety of tertiary qualifications including education and science and are experienced environmental educators.

Public Liability Insurance Insurer: Amount: Recover $250 000 000 A copy of the certificate of currency may be downloaded from our website www. Overthrow. WA.

Gob. AU. Supervision Strategies It is the responsibility of the school o develop a supervisory team that meets their specific requirements in line with the expectations for supervision outlined below.The school supervisory team must accompany the students throughout the visit to actively monitor behavior and intervene as necessary. The ratios may vary according to the needs of your students.

Please con CT TA the Education Manager to discuss this as required . Please advise it you have any students with special needs so we can attempt to maximize the benefit of their visit. Misconduct may result in immediate expulsion of students from the Zoo grounds and a restriction on future bookings at the Zoo.To assist with supervision requirements, Perth Zoo provides free entry for adult supervisors according to the ratios outlined in the table below.

Age Group Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Yr 1-3 Yr 4-7 Yr 8-10 Yr 11-12 Free of Charge Adult:Student supervision ratio 1:5 1:5 1:10 1:10 1:10 It is compulsory that students in K-Year 10 are allocated to groups with a supervising adult for the duration of their visit to the Zoo. For senior school groups (Year 11-12), please arrange to meet students at pre-determined locations around the Zoo throughout the day.It is advisable for teachers to maintain a visible profile, moving round with their students as appropriate. It is also recommended that students are provided with a focus for their observations. Perth Zoo can assist with free downloaded Teacher Support Packs located at www.

Overthrow. WA. Gob. AU. Page 3 of 5 There are some areas in the Zoo that require special supervision: Nocturnal House and Reptile Encounter (Reptile House) Students must be supervised in these exhibits at all times. The Zoo Shop Students are welcome to visit in small groups of 10 with an adult supervisor.Avoid the rush at the end of the day and plan to visit at specific mimes throughout the day for this activity. Mustering Points The Main Lawn is a central location that is suitable to gather the class together throughout the day or before departure as the Zoo exit can become congested on busy days.

Following an education experience where students have had close contact with an animal, they should clean their hands using a Zoo approved hand saintlier provided by the Education Officer. School supervisory teams are required to manage this important hygiene procedure.Identification of Excursion Participants This is the responsibility of the school. School uniform or some form of easily identifiable item for each student is an option which may be considered by schools. Communication Strategies A communication strategy between students and school supervisory team is the responsibility of the school.

Please ensure everyone recognizes the communication strategies. Please note that megaphones, air-horns, two-way radios and whistles are not permitted at Perth Zoo.Please contact the Perth Zoo Visitor Services Officer at the Information Centre (Zoo Map referenced DO) if you need to urgently locate members of your group. Perth Zoo encourages the school supervisory team to have access to a mobile phone that they can be contacted on, and can use to call out during their site visit. Please note the area may be out of range to some mobile phone providers. Please advise the Zoo of the mobile number at the time of booking your excursion and advise the cashier staff of the contact details on arrival.Should the school need to contact their staff during an excursion they may do so by contacting Perth Zoo Discovery and Learning on (08) 9474 0356 or Zoo Administration on (08) 9474 0444. Emergency Response Plan Schools will nave their own Emergency Response Plan pertaining to the particular needs of their students.

Perth Zoo has a documented emergency response plan in place. The full Emergency Procedures document contains information that may be operationally sensitive, and therefore is not available to distribute to clients.However, some of the major points covered in this document are : evacuation and safe house and gate exit procedures; emergency response, including maps of equipment storage and locations; coded alarm calls for dealing with potential escape of a dangerous animal, potential life- Page 4 of 5 threatening situations, fire, serious first aid incident, explosion, accident, escalating situation or public disturbance, or bomb threat; appropriate contact lists and details for Zoo staff, 24 hours” days. Perth Zoo has a nominated Emergency Coordinator, Communications Coordinator and trained First Aid staff on duty at all times.It is suggested that school supervisory team have access to a list of names of participating students, contact telephone numbers, student medical information and relevant health information of supervisors. It is recommended that school supervisory team have access to a school revived First Aid Kit during the excursion.

In the event of a site emergency or serious incident, instructions will be issued over the public address system and directly from Security staff or other Perth Zoo staff who will be identifiable by a Perth Zoo Security Tag.In this instance school supervisory teams are responsible for managing the movement of students under the direction of Zoo staff. School supervisory teams are strongly recommended to meet identified supervision requirements to further support these procedures.

The Security Coordinator can be contacted at the Information Centre (Zoo Map referenced DO) if there is a need to urgently locate members of the school group, or if First Aid assistance is required.Briefing Students and Supervisors School supervisory teams are asked to utilities the information on this document to brief students about standards of conduct, supervision strategies, and emergency response plans prior to their visit to the Perth Zoo. It is particularly important that participants DO NOT feed or interfere with Zoo animals as feeding Zoo animals is forbidden, and interfering with Zoo animals is illegal. Offenders can be fined up to $600 (Zoological Parks Authority Regulations 2002). When moving around the Zoo grounds, participants are to remain on the footpaths.Please remind students that they are sharing the Zoo grounds with other school groups and members of the general public so appropriate behavior is expected to ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Misconduct may result in immediate expulsion of students from Zoo grounds and a restriction on future zoo bookings by the school. Other Relevant Details Please contact us to further discuss Zoo education experiences, the facilities and areas used for activities. This document was last review Page 5 of 5 De January

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