At the foremost, I would like to commend
you for your essay “The Problem with Choosing between BS and BA”, which was
published in the Daily Emerald, an online news site.


I particularly liked the way you elicit
the below ideas in the essay, with well-crafted solution to the problem, unprecedented
in the history of language arts:


·       Problem. Problem with choosing between BS and BA
in the first place.

·       Solution. Well-rounded student with basic idea in
many subjects.

·       Suggestion. Advice to the fellow students to make a
better decision.



with choosing between BS and BA in the first place

After introducing a few frivolous choices
that college students often make, you posed a rhetorical question, and you
subtly shifted the tone into main topic of the essay. The transition is so
lucid. Just after reading the heading and the open paragraph, I came to know
the essay’s main topic. At present, concentration is playing a major role in
determining the type of the degree either BA or BS. By selecting a particular major,
students are not getting the broader education in the liberal arts and
sciences. With the growing demand for STEM courses, more students are enrolling
into these courses lured by the job prospects, but Fields points out that “only
1 in 5 recent STEM graduates get those jobs”. I certainly agree with your
statement, “Every degree should require students to learn some level of maths
and some amount of a foreign language”. For students who are experiencing language
barriers, it is of great help to improve their skills and advance their career.
I want to share an example from my personal life. Even though I graduated in a
foreign country, I feel to polish my language skills through the formal
education via a Science major or a Management degree. I, as most foreign
nationals do, try to enhance my language skills every time. However, it is hard
to enroll only for language classes. If students have, an opportunity to choose
language arts in the curriculum irrespective of the stream or degree that would
be an immense help to many others like me.




student with basic idea in many subjects

Again, language and maths both are
unequivocally equally important for everyone. In other words, it is undeniable
fact that both analytical and communication skills are required for a
well-rounded student ready for anything in the workforce.  In my opinion, most universities have incorporated
this kind of course curriculum in their professional degree courses. For
example, I am glad to share my MBA curriculum at California State University,
San Bernardino. It encompasses core courses covering wide areas of business
such as Accounting for Managerial Decision-Making, Financial Theory and
Corporate Finance, Information Systems and Technology Management, Organization
Theory and Behavior, Marketing Management Managing the Supply Chain, Corporate
Strategy in a Global Economy along with foundation courses Data Driven Decision
Making, and Advanced Managerial Communication. Foundation courses are
pre-requisites and successful completion of these courses are required for the
advancement to candidacy of the program. Data Driven Decision Making deals with
the problem solving and analytical skills, whereas Advanced Managerial
Communication focuses on the communication and language arts. MBA program is
designed in such a way that graduate will become proficient in wide subject
areas to accept any kind of roles at the workforce.



to the fellow students to make a better decision

In the end, you gave advice to all the students
with an eye-opening metaphor using how currently students are taking hasty decisions
to watch another Netflix episode, “but think about them from a long-term view
and make sure we are making the best decision possible”. This is great advice to
all students and I strongly believe that every student must spend some time to
read this article before enrolling into the college. Because, knowingly or
unknowingly one’s decision has a significant impact in his/her career path causing
a Butterfly effect.



would like to thank you for both a thought-provoking message and a valuable
suggestion in the article. I wish you would maintain the same theme in your
future essays as well.

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