At the beginning of the assignment, I felt very excited. As a person who has a lot of experience working in a team and problem-solving, I was able to focus on the task from the day 1. I was close to the rest of the team members so the communication was not a problem until the Christmas holiday. Even so, we managed to do a weekly update, share the work that we have done in our group chat and make video calls. We did not plan our time beforehand, but we managed to finish the work before the deadline. I still think that there were some things that we could focus on more or re-do little bit better, but because all of the group agreed on specific design decisions I did not want to make a tension in the team. One of these things is the theory for the university assignment.Even after the project, I am still willing to learn ways, techniques, rules and etc. to improve my designing skills further. I would like to have this knowledge to convince the client that he is looking for exactly what I am presenting to him.As a person, I do believe that I was part of the perfect team. Our ideas fit in together like a puzzle and we accomplished the project successfully with a professional, well-designed proposal, which meets our client’s needs and user’s expectations. I enjoy working in a team environment and being able to do that on the university project and for real client was an unforgettable experience. This task gave me the confidence that even as a first-year student I am able to produce a professional web product.Even that I started working from the beginning of the project and managed my time, working in the group there are still things that I would like to re-do and ideas that I would like to realize. I focused mainly on the time management skill and I was able to produce the materials on time, but the writing part and presenting the documentation in the right way was something that took me more time than I planned. In the future, I will definitely work on my writing, but realizing that English is not my first language makes me think that realistically even if I spend more time on it at the end I will still re-writing the material and use a dictionary to express myself correctly. Another thing that I still need to improve is capturing the documentation of the design process and presenting it in a clear, understandable and aesthetic way.In conclusion, I feel that my Designing experience increases even more with this client project. I will definitely continue evaluating myself in this area and will have the confidence to work in a team with that specification in the future. Our group managed to achieve the client’s requirements and to end up with a Profesional web design business proposal.

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