Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. nationalism and good citizenship. She is the defender of Athens. as she is the frequenter divinity of the metropolis. There are two sides of her character: she could be mighty and awful. or soft and pure. Her Roman name is Minerva. and the Romans rank her 3rd among their Gods. under Jupiter ( Zeus ) and Juno ( Hera ) .

Athena was the favourite girl of Zeus. and her portion of wisdom was given to her by him. She has been called the “mind of God. ” As the goddess of wisdom. she chose the bird of Minerva as her symbol. She was prayed to by sculpturers. designers. and practicians of weaving and spinning. Harmonizing to Greek Mythology. Athena is able to give power. accomplishment and bravery. and besides triumph in war for those who respect justness.

She taught work forces the art of war. and led the manner through conflicts to triumph. peace. and prosperity. She herself besides fought in many wars and. harmonizing to myth. was the Godhead of the celebrated Trojan Equus caballus. Athena assisted the heroes Perseus. Jason. Cadmus. Oddysseus. and Heracles in their pursuits. Athena supported Perseus’s quest to kill Medusa. a one time beautiful. and about perfect person. because she wanted the Gorgon’s caput to adorn her shield. The birth of Athena is really rather interesting. Zeus was one time married to Metis. who was known for her wisdom.

When Metis became pregnant. the Earth told Zeus that a boy born to Metis would subvert him. so he swallowed Metis. At the clip. Zeus had a awful concern. and commanded aid from Hephaestus. Hephaestus slashed Zeus’s caput and Athena sprang Forth. to the full armed. Another one of the absorbing narratives about Athena is her competition with Poseidon ( Neptune ) to go patron divinity of a metropolis now known as Athens.

To turn out her worthiness. Athena caused an olive tree to spring Forth on the fastness of this metropolis. the Acropolis. Poseidon tried to surpass Athena by striking the land and doing H2O spring up. As he is the God of the sea. the H2O was salty like the sea. The people of this metropolis considered Athena’s gift more utile. so she became the city’s frequenter divinity. Athena named the metropolis “Athens” after herself. The most recognizable of the goddesses. Athena was extremely esteemed. Her properties of beauty. simpleness. and elegance were envied by adult females.

Her genuineness caused them to seek to achieve her properties and to transport out their functions as adult females. Her aeonian wisdom. sense of autonomy and justness were admired by work forces. Those that esteemed her sought to be strong and brave. and to go effectual members of their societies. Athena had a fantastic influence on the people of the Greek and Roman Empires who regarded her as the quintessential function theoretical account of citizenship. justness. pureness. compassion. and. of class. wisdom.

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