Describe the properties of a good terpsichorean.

Discuss ways of bettering each of these accomplishments in a suited preparation programme: ( 20 Markss ) A good terpsichorean should hold a scope of properties. which they use on a day-to-day footing and in all their work. One of the first properties of a terpsichorean is holding the right alliance and position. Position is the place in which you hold your organic structure unsloped against gravitation whilst standing. sitting or lie in places where the least strain is topographic points on back uping musculuss and ligaments.

Whilst alliance in dance refers to the position and place of the organic structure while dancing or fixing to dance. Having right organic structure alignment improves the position. musculus tone and length of executing calling of terpsichoreans. Good position is used during concert dance and modern-day dance chiefly as its aid make better balance with small strain on the on your ligaments and musculuss as possible. Alignment besides improves a dancer’s balance and therefore is an of import property of a good terpsichorean and it besides increases degrees of legerity and can cut down opportunities of doing an hurt.To better your alliance and position as a terpsichorean you can rehearse dancing with the right position and organic structure alliance and over clip you will go usage to it and more comfy making so.

Train to sit up decently and non hunched over when at place for illustration whilst feeding or watching telecasting ; this manner you’ll finally be able to make it without believing whilst dancing so it will come of course. You can besides make exercisings at place or incorporated into your dance warm-ups/cool-downs so you can bit by bit better on your technique. An illustration of a exercising you could make at place in your trim clip is to sit on a chair. raise your thorax and unbend your shoulders.Move your caput back as though you are seeking to touch an fanciful wall with the dorsum of your caput.

Keep this place for 10 seconds. relax and reiterate up to eight times. As you progress with this exercising attempt and make it up to three clip a twenty-four hours and to better even more and wider the benefits to other parts of your organic structure you could transport out this exercising sitting on an exercising ball alternatively of a hardy chair so you would beef up your nucleus musculuss every bit good as bettering your position and alliance. Another property of a good terpsichorean is to hold all round high degrees of accomplishment related fittingness.This includes legerity. balance.

co-ordination. power. reaction clip and velocity. Agility is the ability to alter the place of the organic structure rapidly and to command the motion of your whole organic structure.

To better this in preparation you could make a dance phrase which includes travel and alterations of tracts and degrees. Every dance category work on this phrase and increasingly do it more hard hence bettering your legerity as a terpsichorean. Balance is the ability to keep the point of balance over the Centre of gravitation and you can develop this by concentrating clip on your technique ; this may include arabesques. rond de jambe en’lair and pirouettes ( utilizing descrying technique ) .

Co-ordination is the ability to utilize two or more organic structure parts at the same time this country of fittingness can be improved during dance category by making more complicated phrases as you progress. Power is the ability to make strength public presentations rapidly and involves both strength and velocity.Having a balanced and healthy diet is one of the most of import properties as non merely can it better you dancing it can hold positive alterations in your mundane life every bit good. By eating good between your dance classes/ preparation Sessionss and at place you will bit by bit see a alteration in your dance as your organic structure needs a high energy beginning for your staying power and other facets of dance such as strength and power. There are six different nutrient groups these include ; saccharides.

fats. protein. vitamins and minerals. H2O and fiber. Each of these groups plays an of import function in your diet and nutrition as they each aid make different things. Carbohydrates are stored in your musculuss and liver as animal starch and they provide you with energy so you can make more activity in dance Sessionss with acquiring every bit tired rapidly. Fats are stored all over the organic structure in particular fat cells ; they besides provide energy to a terpsichorean but should be consumed in little sums compared to the remainder of the nutrient groups.The 3rd group protein is found in the musculuss and variety meats ; it is needed for growing and fix and therefore is of import to a terpsichorean in instance they are acquire injured so they can retrieve rapidly.

Vitamins and minerals are stored all over the organic structure and they are needed to increase the strength of your castanetss. which is extremely of import in dance as strong castanetss can forestall hurt and means you can hold better alliance. Water is another group doing up the balanced diet and it is found all over the organic structure seeing as 70 % of your organic structure is made up of H2O.

It is a critical factor for the metabolic procedure and helps acquire rid of organic structure waste. but most significantly in dance it helps you stay hydrated so you can execute to the best of your ability for longer periods of clip. The concluding group is fibre. it is non stored in the organic structure but passes through ; we need it for our bowels to map ( chiefly the colon ) and for our digestive system. As a terpsichorean you should hold a good and broad scope of cognition of the musculuss in the organic structure and the body’s anatomy ; this manner you’ll be able to understand the more proficient side of dance and the different scopes of motion and will finally better your dancing accomplishments.An property of a good terpsichorean is passing clip researching the different articulations and what they do motion wise. as there is more to dance than merely the actions performed.

By rehearsing good and safe techniques in category from the cognition they learn. it will assist forestall hurt of the terpsichorean. Having high degrees of dance fittingness is besides an property of a good terpsichorean ; these include cardiovascular fittingness. strength. muscular endurance and flexibleness. Cardiovascular fittingness is the ability to exert the whole organic structure for long periods of clip. Strength is the sum of force you can set away with your musculuss.

Muscular endurance is the ability to utilize the musculuss. which are attached to the castanetss. many times without acquiring tired and can better your position. Finally flexibleness is the ability to utilize your articulations to the full. You are flexible when the musculuss are long plenty and the articulations are free plenty to let motion.

You can better all of these in preparation sessions/dance categories by concentrating on your fittingness in tune-ups.An illustration of a tune-up you could make before a dance lesson could be making five shuttle tallies. 20 plie’s in 2nd. 20 parallel knee bends followed by 20 crunches and so keeping a 20 2nd board and making this three times.

You can set this warm up as you progress by increasing the sum of times you do a certain activity or how long you hold the board. You can besides do it harder for illustration making the board on one pes for 20 seconds and so on the other pes for 20 seconds. This whole warm up screens every facet involves in dance fittingness and the more you complete it the fitter you will bit by bit go. Good terpsichoreans besides have spent a long clip bettering their public presentation accomplishments during dance practise and making tonss of dry run until they get it right. The public presentation skills they work on are focus. projection.

manner and musicalness. Focus is the usage of the eyes and where you direct them during different facets of the dance whilst making certain motions.For illustration if you were making an arm circle above your caput you would direct your focal point to the arm. it helps the audience interpret the qualities of the dance and pull their attending to the most of import parts of the motion. Projection is when a terpsichorean gives out a certain type of energy from the organic structure. this gives the motion a noticeable quality.

and you exaggerate certain actions more than others. doing a motion obvious and stand out. An illustration of projection would be a lurch to your right with an out stretched arm stretch to the terminal of your kinesphere. Style is the single characteristics of a stage dancing or public presentation that make us recognize a certain dancer’s public presentation and personal reading. A good terpsichorean will pass rehearsal clip rehearsing certain motions of their manner to do it original and fit them by making this you can better your dance public presentation.

Musicality is how a terpsichorean is able to execute in a relation to the music. so state if they’re is a flood tide in the music they would make a flood tide in their dance to suit this. They may besides make contrasting motions compared to the music or make motions with similar or duplicate kineticss. This will suit into you developing programme by including them every clip you dance so they will finally come of course to you and you will make them all the clip without gaining.

To reason good terpsichoreans have a broad scope of properties which they use all the clip to acquire to a high degree of public presentation in dance. These include properties which now they subconsciously use from great practise and 1s which they have to invariably work on and maintain up to a good/high criterion for illustration diet and wellness.

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