Auggies face may not be like ours but that doesnt mean hes different from the rest of us.Auggie has always been homeschooled because of all of the surgeries he’s had since he was born, and because he used to get sick alot so his parents decided it was best to homeschool him. Now that Auggie got older he liked the idea of going to a regular school, So his parents made it happen and now he’s going to  Beecher Prep. So Auggie starts fifth grade which is first year of middle school. Mr.Tushman which is the principle of Beecher prep recruited three kids to be friends with Auggie., Charlotte, Julian, And Jack Will. They gave Auggie a tour of Beecher Prep. Jack and Charlotte were really nice to Auggie but Julian did not like the idea of being friends with Auggie because he didn’t like his appearance. Julian kept his distance from Auggie but teased him and said mean things behind his back. Despite everybody avoiding Auggie, Auggie made a really good., her name was Summer. Summer always sat with Auggie at lunch time, when Jack sees that he starts to realizes what a good friend Auggie is and the three of them become really good friends. When Halloween came around Auggie wore a Bleeding Scream costume to school. Since he got to wear the costume to school nobody knew who was who so nobody avoided touching Auggie. While Auggie was sitting down he overheard jack talking about him, He said  “I’ve thought about this alot and I really think if i looked like him seriously I think i’d kill myself” Auggie felt bad and didn’t want to be friends with Jack anymore. After that Beecher prep 5th graders had a field Trip to go on a Nature’s retreat to watch a movie. During the Movie Auggie needed to use the bathroom and jack joined him, so they went into the woods. They bumped into a group of older boys and instantly when they say saw Auggie they started to tease him and blocked them from leaving. Three boys from Beecher Prep Amos,Miles,And Henry  heard something going on so they went to see what was happening, when they reached to where Auggie And Jack were one of the older boys yanked Auggie to the ground and everybody started fighting. Auggie was suprised because Amos,Miles,and Henry dfended them because they werent friends with auggie. After that they gave each other high fives and went to watch the rest of the movie. Now graduation came along, Auggie had never imagined that he would be the kid on stage that everyone was cheering on but that day Auggie was the kid that everyone was cheering on, That day Auggie got the Henry Ward Beecher Prep Medal. They gave Auggie that medal because he showed Kindness, courage, and friendship. After the graduation everybody wanted to take pictures with Auggie, not only Summer and Jack but his  entire class wanted to take a picture with him. Auggie felt happy he started to feel that everybody wanted to be close to him. After that Jack and Summer go over to Auggies house. While they all were walking to Auggies house his Mom reached down into Auggies ear and told him that he really is a Wonder.

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