Australia has its ain defense mechanism force that defends itself and aids many other states. Defense mechanism is the action of supporting from.

or defying onslaught. Although the chief purpose and intent of this defense mechanism force is to protect people and battle in the “War on Terror” . it can hold cultural. economic and geopolitical advantages and disadvantages. The Australian Defence Force ( ADF ) is the military administration that is responsible for the defense mechanism of Australia. The ADF consists of the Royal Australian Navy ( RAN ) . Australian Army. and the Royal Australian Air Force ( RAAF ) .

The ADF’s comprises of around 59. 000 full-time active-duty forces. 22000 active militias and 22. 000 standby militias which makes it one of the largest forces in Oceania.

The ADF are presently on a figure of operations around the universe including Operation SLIPPER and Operation PALATE II which are both stationed in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Operation SLIPPER commenced in 2001 and is still traveling today.There is an norm of about 1550 forces in Afghanistan each twelvemonth. The purposes of this operation are to develop and mentor the Afghan National Army 4th Brigade in Uruzgan. construct the capacity of the constabulary force in Uruzgan.

aid to bring forth economic chances for the people and to interrupt seditious operations. This operation will assist give the Afghani people a better hereafter every bit good as doing them less reliant on first universe states. Another Operation is Operation PALATE II which is Australia’s part to the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan ( UNAMA ) .

Operation RESOLUTE protects Australia’s boundary lines and offshore maritime involvements. It protects Australia from such menaces as Maritime terrorist act. Piracy. robbery and force at sea.

and to halt prohibited imports and exports. The ADF forces on this operation work from the air. the sea and the land to protect our boundary lines. Some of the cultural advantages of the ADF include larning and sing a foreign nation’s civilization and manner of life so we can assist and understand them in the best manner possible.

The longer the ADF corsets in states like Iran. Iraq and Afghanistan we will derive a greater apprehension of the Muslim civilization. Another cultural advantage is that it improves Australia’s repute around the universe and shows that we can be relied upon. Just last month after a four twelvemonth run. Australia won a place on the UN security council which proves that our values are respected around the universe and we are more closely knit with the UN and its operations. The ADF improves the life and working conditions of people from foreign states.

The ADF are besides asked to execute functions outside their normal responsibilities when they are desperately needed in exceeding fortunes. After being asked by the Australian Government the ADF have been assisting with the renovation of the Nauru Detention Centre that processes refuge searchers and refugees coming into Australia. Some of the cultural disadvantages of the ADF and its operations include enforcing our ain belief system and civilization upon another state and seeking to alter the manner that state thinks.The longer we stay in a state there can be increasing dependence on our state. This could show a job because of our deficiency of experience and acquaintance with that civilization. If the Australia military personnels are seen imbibing intoxicant in states like Iraq. Afghanistan. or Saudi Arabia it could go an issue as they are Muslim states An economic advantage of the ADF is that it creates occupations for personal in the Force.

It provides employment for persons every bit good as bettering Australia’s economic system and the skill degree of the Australian forces is greatly bettering by holding more and more people join. Currently. along with the military forces there are besides forces who work as applied scientists. pilots. physicians and in cordial reception.

The ADF gives advanced preparation to all its members so that when they leave the ADF they will be taking experience and cognition with them. An economic disadvantage of the ADF would be that they can go over committed. by holding soldiers deployed in many parts of the universe it means that there are less available in Australia if we of all time were under onslaught.Presently we are involved in a figure of operation including SLIPPER. Resolute.

ASTUTE. TOWER. and Paladin. We have about 3500 active personal helping on these operations in states such as Afghanistan. East Timor. Iraq and other Middle Eastern states. Another economic disadvantage is that we are unable to give immediate aid because of the long distance between states.

Each twelvemonth it costs one million millions of dollars to keep the Australian Defence Force which could be put towards our ain country’s defense mechanism and surround security alternatively of protecting and assisting other states. A geopolitical Advantage of the ADF would be that it creates Alliess who. after we have helped them. could return the favor if of all time we are in demand. An illustration of this is operation Kruger where 33 Australian personal are back uping the US ground forces in Iraq.

By assisting states near to us we are protecting ourselves. as they would be able to make us faster and more expeditiously.By directing forces to contend for the “War on Terror” we are trying to decrease the menace of terrorist act on the universe. In 2011 when New Zealand experienced a major temblor and Japan was devastated by a tsunami and temblor. Australia forces were sent over to assist with hunt and deliverance. medical aid and technology.

This has brought our two states closer and has strengthened the bond between them. A geopolitical disadvantage of the ADF is Australia’s engagement in the “War on Terror” could increase the menace of terrorist act. It was stated that the Bali bombardments of 2002 were a direct revenge of Australia’s function in the release of East Timor and America’s War on Terror.

By helping people in states like Afghanistan and Iraq it could increase the likeliness of a terrorist onslaught on Australia.Many people believe we should non be involved in a war that does non straight impact our state. By holding a nexus with one state it may upset or antagonize another state. An illustration of this is that China believes Taiwan is portion of its district even though Taiwan operates as an independent democracy. America says that if China onslaughts Taiwan they will assist Taiwan. Both America and China have economic links with Australia so it would be hard to take a side in that struggle. The ADF is a really of import portion of Australia as they represent this state globally via the UN. Terrorists need to be stopped and if the ground forcess from many states join forces this can be achieved.

By puting an illustration of an effectual defense mechanism force we will promote other states to follow in our footfalls.

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