As I roamed around the campus and interviewed people. inquiring inquiries with respect to cars. I realized that people from UP Baguio perceive things otherwise and variously. Of all the replies that I gathered from different sectors of UP Baguio. from the pupils. modules and even staffs this statement was the most strucking for me. One of our healthful janitors told me ” Alam minute. Air National Guard Taoist nahahati lang naman yan SA dalawa e. Yung mga taong meron at yung mga taong wala- yung mga taong may kotse at yung mga taong wala nito. At kung tatanungin minute ako kung importante Air National Guard pagkakaroon nanogram lugan ( kotse ) . Air National Guard sagot ko ay oo. dahil kung may kotse ka ibig sabihin nun angat Ka at nakalampas ka na sa pagiging mahirap. ” Overview: Cars as position symbol before and now.

From earliest times. people have felt a demand to put themselves apart from others in the society in which they live. As Weber would set. it is position that sets as from others and therefore it is through rating of other people where we can happen our topographic point in the society. By this. frequently this competitory desire takes the form of geting material points to typify one’s singularity. These “status symbols” can come in many forms and sizes. This paper chiefly would speak about cars ( peculiarly autos ) as a grade of differentiation and as a position symbol.

Since autos have long been another common position symbol. Since the beginning of the 20th century. the car has been one of the most powerful and permeant position symbols ( Brown. 1998 ) . This paper aims to reply two things 1. ) Can autos be considered as a position symbol in the UPB community? 2. ) How does one define and associate autos into 1s position? Randomly. I interviewed different people in the academia ; it may be a pupil. instructors and staffs. I decided non to restrict myself into merely one sector of the university for this can ensue to hasty generalisations. I have interviewed them in a mode by which I can acquire their thought with respect to their position of sing autos as position symbol and how it is brooding with their categories in the society.

En masse the pupils. instructors and staffs of UPB community considered autos as a position symbol. Surprisingly. the general thought buttocks autos as position symbol comes from varied point of positions of all the persons within the different academia of the UPB community. By and large. holding an car is a symbol of one’s success in the UPB community. More definitively. it is a two manner perceptual experience of having a auto. The purpose of the consumer having a auto. to demo a differentiation and power. and the neutralization of the community involved of one person having a auto.

During the interview. there are different positions and positions with respect on the association of a auto into his/ her position. By and large. the information I gathered furuncles down into one reply. Their reply “it depends on what auto. ” In a nutshell the people I’ve talked to considerer the theoretical account of the auto in specifying their position. One would state that ” vitamin E kung Air National Guard kotse ko vitamin E ung mga parang fx lang na mga taxi…instead na iangat nya ako. pinapababa niya Air National Guard position KO. ” Through this statement alternatively of a auto being a position symbol for those who have. it became a position symbol for the poor persons. In another statement. “ako kung bibili ako ng kotse. relish KO yung magiging pogi ako pag nakasakay ako dun…kahit mahirap lang ako. . igagapang kong magkaroon nanograms magarang sasakyan. ”

This averment is a manifestation of disbursement of money for and the geting of luxury goods and services to publically expose economic power therefore a conspicuous consumer for that affair. In today’s auto market. the options of position autos are apparently eternal. The picks are huge. traveling from a foreign athleticss auto to an American SUV. The SUV has been described as “the most pretentious popular merchandise of auto culture” ( Morewood. 2007 ) . The size of the SUV entirely makes it a really seeable position symbol.

Through this. there are many ways to tie in autos into 1s position. It may depend on the car’ . its trade name. public presentation and its seating capacity excessively. The lesser the rider. the more posh your auto is. With respect to category. harmonizing to the simple interviews it came out the even those people who perceived themselves as lower category happen it destitute to hold a auto. non because they want it for show but instead for its map for conveyance. As to the in-between category. as we can see there are different tact on how they view a auto. some want it for public show. some find it as something that accentuates their physical facet or “pampapogi. ”

As put frontward by Sernau ( 2011: 103 ) mentioning Weber ( n. vitamin D ) . we can talk of category when 1. ) a figure of people have in common a specific causal constituent of their life opportunities. insofar as. ( 2 ) this constituent is represented entirely by economic involvements in the ownership of goods and chances for income and ( 3 ) is represented under the conditions of the trade good or labour markets.

In decision. as seen in this simple survey. there are many different ways on how a auto can be presented by different people and this is non merely through the economic facet but besides on the power drama of the persons of those who owns and at the same clip the 1 who view it. Divisions based on these position may depend on his/ her chances and life opportunities and how it is depicted by the society. In this relation. utilizing autos as something that marks differentiation through its theoretical account. trade name. consequence on people. prestige etc can be brooding on how people will measure us in footings of set of ideals and values.

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