BACKGROUND: The gastric juice in our stomachs contain hydrochloric acid (HCl) which normally has a pH of around 2. This environment is acidic enough to damage most things it touches.  Heartburn is a condition that affects many people!  Heartburn, also known as acid indigestion, is the burning sensation that one experiences during the regurgitation of gastric juice (when the gastric juice from the stomach regurgitates up through the esophagus).  5 million Canadians experience the discomfort of heartburn every week.HYPOTHESIS: if the antacid takes less drops to neutralize the Hcl then it is the most effective ones out of the 3 antacids.MATERIALS: Safety goggles                          2 100 mL beakers                          Stirring rod, eye droppers (Pipettes)                          Antacids, 0.2 M Hydrochloric acid (HCl)                          Phenolphthalein, Universal pH paperMETHOD: Collected all the materials and safety equipments needed to perform the lab.Transferred 5 drops of antacid liquid into a small(100ml) beaker. then , took an initial measurement of ph of antacid liquid and recorded the values in a table.Added one drop of phenolphthalein and stirred the mixture using stirring rod. Then, Observed the colour.By, Using a medicine dropper, carefully added the drops of hydrochloric acid (HCl) to   antacid mixture.  Recorded all of my results.  Stopped the test when the antacid mixture became fully neutralized.  This happens as soon as you notice the indicator has changed permanently to clear.DIAGRAM:     OBSERVATIONS:ANTACID brandNumber of drops of ANTACIDSInitial ph colour and readingNumber of drops of hcl added to change indicator  colour to clearFinal ph paper color and readingPhillips milk of magnesia 5Ph 10101Ph 7Life brand milk of magnesia5Ph 1080ph7Diovol plus AF5Ph 912Ph7DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Based on the results of observation,the most effective ANTACID was phillips milk of magnesia because it took most drops of hcl to change the colour to clear. The active ingredient in phillips milk of magnesia is magnesium hydroxide.                                                 2HCl + Mg(OH)?? MgCl? + 2H?O Human error:Sole of the human errors in this experiment is when the use of a pipette is used to drop droplets of hydrochloric acid. The fact of dropping so many drops into the beaker in the time limit we had was not enough to get an accurate result. Therefore, the act of dropping droplets was done very fast to get all of the experiments done in the time limit.            Experimental error:This error also results from the pipettes because the pipette does not always gives an accurate drop each time, thus giving different type of results.We can improve these errors by not hurrying, staying relax and by focusing and carefully dropping drops.3.I think it could have been more accurate and realistic if we added base to acid because practically we add base to our stomach to prevent heartburn and give us relieve but if we see technically it is the same thing to add an acid to base( it may vary too).4.if we take antacid before a heartburn it can actually harm us because there is nothing to neutralize and it can react with anything else or may even burn in our stomach, so we should always take antacid when we are having a heartburn.5.will it affect the results of this lab if we took solid dose of antacid in place of liquid ones?  First i will take solid form of antacid we tested then,  Obtain an antacid brand beaker from the front counter.  Write down the name of the brand in the chart.  Transfer your 5 drops of antacid liquid into a small (100mL) beaker. Using pH paper, take an initial measurement of the pH of your antacid solution. Record these values in your observation chart.  Add one drop of phenolphthalein and stir the mixture using stirring rod. Observe the colour.  Using a medicine dropper, carefully add drops of hydrochloric acid (HCl) to your antacid mixture.  STOP test when antacid mixture becomes fully neutralized.  This happens as soon as you notice the indicator has changed permanently to clear.  Repeat steps 1 through 7 with the remaining antacid brands.  CONCLUSION:In conclusion, in this experiment we have found out the Phillips Milk of Magnesia is the best antacid when compared to the  life brand of Magnesia and the Diovol Plus AF. Also, in this experiment the life brand milk of Magnesia should have been a good and effective product because it is a brand name product however, the Phillips Milk of Magnesia was the most effective by having 101 drops of hydrochloric acid to neutralize the mixture. On the other hand, the life brand of magnesia took 80 drops of hydrochloric acid to neutralize the substance which is a 21 drops difference. In addition, Diovol Plus AF needed only 12 drops of hydrochloric acid to neutralize the substance even though this substance consists of both magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide which makes this a substance that does not have side effects of constipation or diarrhea. 

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