Bare floor performanceSo, Vax air have, like many cordless models these days, different power modes. This is because some areas will require more suction to get clean while others don’t When having the max power mode activated, the performance on bare floors wasnt much different even though suction increased. This means it would be preffered to just use the normal suction mode in order to get longer run-time.With the motorized brush turned off it will be easier to push it around but not as effective in picking up debris. Macaronis, dust and rice works well but bigger chunks of debris tend to stay on the floor.In general the way it’s behaving is a little odd. Usually, cordless vacs perform better with more suction and worse with motorized brushes.

But here it’s the exact opposite. The reason for not performing even though suction increased, can be vecause that the nozzle gap wasn’t wide enough and therefore not as much dirt could get past the its borders. The brush may be effective in pulling dirt towards the suction hole, but not reaching edges like walls. Usig the hose is better for those areas.CarpetsCordless vacuums are not famous for being good carpet cleaners, however this does not apply to Vax Air Lift.

Carpets require more suction for deep cleaning along with friction, therefore a sufficient battery capacity together with motorized brushes are essential key components a good carpet cleaner needs to have. Vax airs normal mode together with the brush will work decent for about 25 minutes before the battery is dried out. Carpets that are thicker and dirtier than usual may need you to switch on the max power mode, which will work for about 12 minutes.The side bristles were not effective on bare floors and same applies with carpets. If your carpet is located next to a wall the edges will not be cleaned if you just go over it quick. Just as with bare floors it’s better to use the portable hose to get those areas thoroughly clean.

BatteryCompared to most other cordless cleaners this one’s ┬áion batteries are removable.The vacs different power modes with different levels of suction. At the standard mode along with the motorized brushes it will last for around 25 minutes. Naturally if you decide to refrain from using the motorized brush it will keep going longer. The pros of having multiple batteries:When one of the batteries have died, it’s more convenient to just insert a new one than having to wait 3 hours when it’s recharging. You can have one full battery inserted into the machine, and then have the other one on the charger. Each of the batteries take 3 hours to charge.

This means that recharging a complely empty battery will take longer time than it takes to get empty. Sure, you can charge charge the other battery while you’re vacuuming but it won’t give you much more time to continue cleaning if it’s not fully recharged. Best is to make sure both batteries is fully charged before you begin cleaning. To charge the batteries are an easy process and is similar to when you connect a phone on a portable music player. Just put it in with a click and done.

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