Security 1. Histories section is gained through a keypad codification. This provides safety for the employees working within this section. This improves the overall outlook of the employees within this section. Archivess and other of import paperss within this system are protected from other employees outside this section every bit good as from foreign visitants. 2. Alarm codification for the edifice. Increases the overall protection of the administration against the possibility of larcenies. 3. The computing machine system is set up with a watchword to protect the work. Disables entree to unauthorized forces or outer cyberspace users from the World Wide Web to derive of import information. paperss. costumers’ profiles etc. 4. The company check book is kept locked in Marion’s desk in the histories office. Even pay packages are stored in the office safe. Disables entree to unauthorized forces to derive of import information and paperss. 5. The checks and hard currency received from recognition clients are placed in the office safe. This process provides safety of anti larcenies over the loose money and checks. This decreases the opportunity of any recognition notes and checks of acquiring lost. It besides enhances the dependability and safety factors of the company with its clients.

Appendix B

Strengths Well Treated 1. 2. 3. 4. Small histories sections. therefore more teamwork & A ; co ordination. Jo Doyle is willing to work some excess hours if needed. John has provided a computing machine for every member of the histories squad. The office staff and shop director are paid monthly by check on the last on the job twenty-four hours of each month. 5. John has ever trusted his work force wholly. Therefore good control environment. 6. Normally Gary work during his tiffin interruption ( Well motivated ) . 7. Computers running with the good operation system windows views and they are besides loaded with Microsoft Office 2007 version with 3 user licence. A new personal computer is besides loaded with sage Payroll Software to enable the paysheet to be run in house. Qualified 1. Jo gained her AAT NVQ Level 2 in paysheet. 2. Gary expressed an involvement in larning and wants to increase his accounting accomplishments. 3. Marion has several old ages experience in operating accounting systems such as Excel. Security 1. 2. 3. 4. Histories section is gained through a keypad codification. Alarm codification for the edifice. The computing machine system is set up with a watchword to protect the work.

The company check book is kept locked in Marion’s desk in the histories office. Even pay packages are stored in the office safe. 5. The checks and hard currency received from recognition clients are placed in the office safe. Internal Control System 1. Inventory is purchased on recognition footings from a broad scope of providers. John besides spends clip researching new stock lines. He besides meets the gross revenues staff from different providers. ( Good for stock obsolesce & A ; good relationship with providers ) 2. All stock list degrees are recorded to demo providers ; cost monetary values ; selling monetary values ; net income borders and re-order degrees & A ; measures. ( Stock control ) 3. Suppliers are paid by check at the terminal of the month that their bill is received. ( Good payments control ) 4. Gary uses a recognition mention bureau to guarantee that possible new recognition clients have no history of hapless payments.

Bayou Stores offers sixty yearss recognition to all their

clients and Gary is responsible for guaranting payment occurs. There is besides a good recognition control policy. 5. All checks and hard currency are removed from the boulder claies go forthing a float of ?100 hard currency in each boulder clay for the start of the following twenty-four hours. The rule is that the boulder clay should be balanced to guarantee that the hard currency content is right. Then they will be stored in the histories section in the office safe. ( Good physical control of hard currency ) Authorization & A ; Segregation of responsibilities 1. Pay packages of the shop staff are available from the shop director. ( Authorization ) 2. The supervisors are responsible for fixing staff Rotas for their ain sections to guarantee that there is equal staff coverage for all of the gap hours. ( Segregation of responsibilities ) 3. The completed Rotas are given to Jo who uses them to cipher the sum of hours that the single shop staffs has worked. ( Segregation of responsibilities ) 4. Checks are signed from John. ( Authorization )

Weaknesses No Security 1. Entree to the histories office is frequently used by the populace. 2. The codification is easy is UOYAB ( Bayou read backwards ) . It is comparatively common cognition throughout the company. 3. The working country of the histories office is unfastened program and anyone interior has full entree to all the working countries. 4. John uses the same security codification for everything throughout the company because he feels this makes life easier. Not Qualified 1. Jo has ne’er progressed her CPD since 4 old ages ago. 2. Marion has non worked in this country for over 10 old ages. 3. Marion sometimes struggles with anything beyond inputting informations. Not committed to career/ occupation 1. Jo does non desire to perpetrate herself to any more lasting hours. ( Not committed to career ) 2. Gary has chosen non to work on every Friday. ( Not committed to career )

3. Marion decided to return to work to supplement her income. ( Not committed to career ) 4. The shop supervisor knew an employee’s married woman from last year’s Christmas party ( but now the employee left this married woman ) & A ; she came in and asked for her antique hubby wage package. He handed her the employee’s wage package without inquiry and go forthing Matthew with no money for the hebdomad! ( Negligence & A ; Not committed to occupation ) 5. The supervisors feel that they should non be asked to make an excess occupation at the 10pm clip of flushing. ( Not committed to occupation ) 6. John discovered that Marion’s desk shortss unlocked which in this drawer the check book is being kept. ( No duty to occupation ) 7. Most of the Warehouse Staff are willing to work overtime. Therefore employees may slack during normal hours in order to work overtime. ( No duty to occupation ) Confusion in Work Environment 1. The 3 computing machines are all linked to the same pressman. ( Confusion ) 2. The shop director should roll up the wage packages but frequently it is the supervisors who really do this. ( Confusion ) 3. The wage packages could non be found. ( Confusion )

Authorization & A ; Segregation of responsibilities 1. Jo prepares the rewards & A ; wages for all staff. ( Segregation of responsibilities ) 2. Gary’s responsibilities include running all the trade recognition histories for the company. ( Segregation of responsibilities ) 3. Checks are completed by merely one individual ( i. e. Marion ) and are merely authorised signer by toilet. ( Segregation of responsibilities ) 4. Gary ( non the rewards clerk ) gave an employee his wage an exaggerated sum of hard currency from the safe. ( No mandate ) 5. Marion helped herself to pick up her salary check from Jo’s desk drawer. ( Authorization ) 6. Gary completed a check & A ; mailed it to the provider to guarantee they are satisfied. Besides he did non update the histories collectible system. ( Segregation of responsibilities & A ; mandate ) Not Well Treated 1. Shop staff work on Sunday. ( No good treated ) 2. Merely Statutory Sick Pay ( SSP ) is paid to the warehouse shop staff. ( Not good treated )

Poor Internal Controls 1. All shop staff are paid in hard currency. ( Poor hard currency control ) 2. Suppliers are paid every bit long as financess are available. ( Poor working capital – hard currency rhythm ) 3. Checks and hard currency are placed in the office safe until a banking twenty-four hours. Banking is carried out on a Monday & A ; Thursday. Hence this means that non every twenty-four hours the hard currency is banked. ( Poor hard currency controls ) 4. The hard currency in the boulder clay is non being balanced ( to guarantee that the hard currency content is right ) during the hebdomad. ( Poor hard currency controls ) 5. There is no junior-grade hard currency system. ( Poor hard currency controls ) 6. There is no demand or system in topographic point for either shop or office employees to subscribe in when they arrive or leave work. ( Poor internal controls & A ; confusion )

7. John signed a check book full of clean checks. ( Confusion & A ; hapless internal controls ) 8. Any clients who applied for a recognition history was accepted. ( Poor recognition control policy ) 9. Any new client who applied is automatically granted an limitless line of recognition. ( Poor recognition control policy ) 10. Very good clients take advantage of the full 60 twenty-four hours recognition footings. ( Poor recognition control policy ) 11. 5 warehouse staff complained to Jo that their rewards were incorrect. ( Not accurate ) 12. Staff illness had non been marked on the rota sheets. ( Completeness & A ; truth ) 13. Two staff who were away ill. had been overpaid for these hours. ( Not accurate )

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