We are ever looking frontward to their holiday period. There are many options where to take in the State of California. I think that the two most common topographic points people choose for taking a holiday are the beaches and the mountains. Both topographic points offer a assortment of activities and a quiet topographic point to loosen up. The beach has points that the mountain can non offer and frailty versa. The mountains and the beaches are wholly different environments to hold your holiday. The intent of this essay is to contrast the clime. types of activities and locations of beaches and mountains. I’m traveling to discourse mountains foremost. The three facets I’m traveling to discourse are clime. types of activities and location. Climate is ever of import in order to bask holidaies. If a individual dislikes cold conditions. he or she might hold a difficult clip in the mountains. The cold clime in the mountains is the first barrier to basking them. but the clime and the temperature of these zones besides determine the types of activities they offer. Snowboarding. mountain mounting. mountain biking. hike. and skiing are some activities people can bask when traveling to the mountains.

There are many parts that have mountains where people can travel and hold a great holiday. Canada is a state located in North America and contains many mountain holiday sites where people can travel and hold merriment. I’m traveling to discourse the beach 2nd. The three facets I’m traveling to discourse are clime. types of activities and location. Warm clime is one of the most of import characteristics of the beach. Sun and merriment are two words that describe the beach. The temperature in those topographic points is ever hot. The sea and the warm clime find the activities that are available at the beach. Peoples can swim. play volleyball. drama association football. and ride H2O motorcycles. In most coastal sites. there are province Parkss and eating houses where people can party throughout the dark. Mexico offers many astonishing coastal sites to see. Acapulco and Cancun are two of the most beautiful and celebrated beaches in the word. It doesn’t matter what place a individual decides to take. The merriment is 100 % guaranteed. Peoples frequently choose one of these two options to pass their holidaies. Depending on what the individual likes is what he or she will take. The great thing about California is you’re a 2-3 hours’ thrust from the beaches to the mountains and you can bask both in the same twenty-four hours. I like the beach better than the mountains. but sometimes it is better to take a hazard and seek a different topographic point to bask.

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